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Holbrook Multi Media is a unique blend of the utilization of marketing science, communication strategies and advanced Beyond HD+ video, VR, and audio production services, for Digital Media, TV, Web, Screen, and B to B presentations, Marketing, and Advertising.

In-house we create and produce results-targeted strategies and productions for all media. This is achieved within one of the South's most advanced and complete 4K+, HD, audio, animation, graphics and web production facilities - which is further supported with field HD camera services, 1,3 & 5-ton grip, and lighting, live sound, stage & lighting plus too many gadgets to mention.

Most of our productions begin with a Brand positioning package that creates a strategic roadmap to success.

Our Marketing division delivers all traditional Ad Agency services, with all marketing vehicles needed, produced in the best possible quality, in-house.

We offer free initial consultation services and quotations. So if you have a Production, a Problem or Simply need a quote, write or give us a call.

We're highly experienced and ready to increase your business.

Thank you,
Bob Holbrook

Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. Reviews


Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Betty Legnon
5 Betty Legnon

Awesome!! Wishing them the very best.

Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Jackson Harris
5 Jackson Harris

The best of the best. Forget the rest.

Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Bret Lovetro
5 Bret Lovetro

Great crew. Highly professional and very personable. Expect to see great things from Holbrook Multi Media!

Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Ronald Gaspard
5 Ronald Gaspard

First class. Very proud of the accomplishment y'all have brought to Louisiana filming industry. Keep up the hard and rewarding work.

Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Toni Norris
5 Toni Norris

Highly skilled and creative staff that will exceed your expectations. You can trust these professionals to take your project to the next level.

Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Robin Boudreaux Sr.
5 Robin Boudreaux Sr.

Bob and his family have been at this for over 3 decades. Professional work has been going through his company since they moved to Lafayette. Great family and crew.

Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Lauren Michele
5 Lauren Michele

Wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with this team. I have worked as both an actress and a producer in many capacities for years. I found their team to be both professional and friendly and would highly recommend their services. If you need a creative, efficient and professional team; definitely check them out!

Review of Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. by Kelly M Wilson
5 Kelly M Wilson

They do it all! For over 40 years, they have been doing it all. They have the experience and it showed when I worked with them. Great copy! Great direction! They made it easy, made me comfortable so I could give the read they wanted. They were so easy to work with, I cannot wait to work with them again!

Holbrook Multi Media, Inc.

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7 Flagg Pl, Lafayette, LA 70508, USA

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Holbrook Multi Media, Inc. Q&A

Company Q&A

Describe your creative process.

In a nutshell
Holbrook Multi Media's Approach to the creation of a Positioning Strategy and related Marketing vehicles.
Creative Brief - reviewed
Research, in general, of the business category
Research within client's specific market.
Study competition
Create Position available within the market for the client.
Conceive and write Brand Positioning vision, strategy, creative rationale and sample creative (TV, Radio, Print, Web, Social) to serve as an example of our intended direction.
Deliver to the client and discuss
If approved, proceed with a timeline on creative production and implementation of marketing ideas.
Place media or campaign vehicles, track and use PR if relative.
Enjoy Success!

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

Holbrook - Basic Project (Note, some projects require additional questions and information specific to the project.)
Creative Brief Q & A.
Project name and brief description:

) Project Goal:
- What do you hope to achieve with this effort?

) History and Recent Trends in this business category.
- What is the history based on use and acceptance of the business?
- What does the future look like for the business?
- Are there any changes of any aspect that change the potential
of the business?

) What is it? Product / Service / Company Features.
- Describe the company, product or service.
- What does it look like, smell like, feel like?
- What is the size, weight, color design?
- What does the buyer see or experience?
- What is the address, the URL, and contact information?
- Who makes or delivers the product or service?

) Who buys it? Target Audience aka Core Customer profile.
- Who are they?
- Where are they?
- How would you describe a typical member of the audience?
- How do they behave in relation to the purchase?
- What really matters to them - any strong beliefs?
- Where can we interact with them?
- What are the three best ways to meet them or communicate with them?
- What media do they consume?

) Why should people buy? Product / Service / Company Benefits.
- Answer the question; “What’s in it this for me, as the buyer?”
- What are the rational or practical reasons for people to buy or try?
- What are the emotional or whimsical reasons to buy or try?
- What are the overall top three reasons to buy?
) What to say and show:
- What's the single most important thing to say or show
to achieve the objective?
) Reasons. What are the supporting rational and emotional reasons to believe,
to try, to buy? What are the 3 to 6 most persuasive things we should say or show?
) Seasonal Trends?
- What are the sales/service trends of the business?

) What are the reasons people don’t buy? Purchase Inhibitors.
- What reservations, worries or concerns do prospects have?
- Does the audience have issues with price? Performance? Value for money?
- Could it be that prospects don’t know the company?
- How can any inhibiting issues be overcome?

) Marketing and Advertising vehicles in place
- Electronic Media in place, Radio, TV, Print, Magazines – anything else?
- Social Media, Digital Media – including Ad Words, Remarketing and Pre-rolls?
- Direct marketing – Direct mail, Door hangers?
- What does it look like, smell like, feel like?

) Of all Ads and Marketing Vehicles in place what has the highest and lowest ROI.
- What worked? Results?
- What didn’t work? Why?

) Future Plans/Growth Opportunities
- Anything possible that might change projects up or down.

) Is there anything else important to this project?
- Is there anything else that’s important to the client or to the target audience?
- Anything else about the product or service?
- Anything else about the market, trends or the future?
- Anything else we need for the creative team, for creative development?
- Any insights into the audience, the company or the competition?

) Comments: Notes:

What do you love most about your job?

Making Clients more money and/or go beyond their goals and watching them smile!

What inspired you to start your own business?

Since I was in high school, I wanted a business where I could use my Love for Marketing Psychology and Advertising Production together. I was 19 years old when I opened the business and have not looked back. I simply LOVE what I do, and LOVE, even more, making clients smile.

Why should our clients choose you?

Myself as a Consultant and my company, Holbrook Multi Media, Inc, have proven ourselves over and over by reaching and going beyond goals. For 41 years, our success rate and results for clients is in the Upper 90%.
The Bottom line is that at Holbrook, we help make our clients achieve greater success and make more money.

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