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Ed Jueschke

22 August 2018

Whenever I have a business question or simply need a bit of guidance HMD Consulting always has the answer I need.


Michael Hume

22 August 2018

Nobody knows more about water than Skip Dinges and HMD Consulting! Skip recently "bailed us out" when we faced push-back from buyers to whom we were selling property... the buyers asserted there were all kinds of drainage and water problems on the property, and wanted thousands of dollars off the sales price... we engaged HMD Consulting to investigate and write a report to refute the buyers' assertions. Skip's report was instrumental in finally closing the sale - he's a "real" water engineer, while the buyers had consulted with unqualified firms whose "advice" was just wrong. And Skip proved it. Thanks, HMD Consulting!If you're in "deep water," you can't do better for water advice than HMD. More...