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Michael Forsythe

5 July 2019

So I am changing my review of Hiremyteam team. I have 2 projects after my visit to LA a Global and a Platinum. They started out strong but it’s been a nightmare. I am leaving a negative review hoping to save anyone thinking about going with them. I am also urging anyone who is also currently a client to contact me ASAP who is Experiencing any problems.

Where to start first my projects aren’t even close to being done it’s been over 4 months reaching 5 month mark. You have a lot of fees associated with going down this road with eBay, Amazon, Shopify which hiremyteam doesn’t tell you. It would be fine if sales were coming in but because they can’t complete things in a timely manner your stuck paying fees month after month. My Platinum store they priced my products for what I get them for so with shipping and drop shipping fee I was in the negative. Despite the spreadsheets I sent them with products and prices. That was the recent thing that happened. Who is in the business to lose money raise your hands?

The next thing is EBay and amazon put limits on your accounts when you sign up. Again hiremyteam should be transparent with information. These restrictions only keeps delaying the process something they don’t tell you. so you can have 6000 products but you can only post 800 of them without fighting EBay or Amazon to increase your limits.

Communication is so bad you go weeks without updates. You inquire and promises get made but then that date roles around only to be disappointed. They implemented a new communication software but I’ve seen no improvements. I’ve complained to Tom the Directer now 3 times in 3 months he is so good at telling you what you want to hear making promises his team can’t deliver. He even went the extra mile to blame me for the delays when any request by them was given within 15 mins of the request. Tom has no clue what goes on in his own dept even when all the info is right there in the project notes in the Monday Project software. The logos are a joke they obviously do not have a very good creative team. The websites are generic but do serve their function. Who wants a nice website with a crappy logo raise your hand?

I’ve tried to be patient because they are a fairly new company that needs to work out their internal problems but their core business values about customer service needs to be improved. They took on to much and they can’t seem to keep up which only delays things more. So disappointing.

Santos one of the owners is great talking to you when he’s getting you to sign up but once things go south with your projects he is no where to be found VM and emails don’t get responded too.

I have given Hiremyteam until July 18 to finish my projects if they can’t get them done I hired a lawyer to file breach of contract. They changed the wording of their website. Luck enough I was smart enough to take screen shots shortly after I started.

My advice to anyone thinking about do this DONT ,not with Hiremyteam they make big promises no follow through and broken promises. I had such high hopes for them their business model makes sense they just aren’t ready to early for them.

I can give so many examples and give more detail to every single hurtle I’ve had to jump through just to get to this point but I think you all get the point. For me the money I paid just shy of $18k it’s just not worth it hire someone who can give you individual attention and service. I have to fight them now in court to get my money back. That my advice and run from this company as fast as you can.

Im also adding Tom Parker is not his real name and he is now refusing to work on my projects. Santos Gonzales was a front man claiming to be the owner for this company and he is not the owner. Any of the pics you see on their website or on this google review are fake. Gino distance himself from the company and closed the Long Branch office in Cali


Hiremyteam takes our reputation extremely serious and we will NOT be blackmailed by any client who makes false accusations in attempts to coerce us for a refund after services has been rendered. There is a huge difference in not being satisfied with the level of service and claiming to be defrauded. We value feedback from any client whether it's a 1 star or 5 star rating as long as it is accurate and clearly depicts your experience with HMT. It is our primary goal to speak with any disgruntled client and attempt to work through any issues our clients may have. We are more than happy to have these discussions in a private or public forum and let the results of our work speak for themselves. 1. Timeframes When you purchase a platinum package, we work with you for 6 months. Carrying a project for 6 months is actually not beneficial to us as a company but more so to the client.The reason we work with the client for that time frame is that we take time to build, develop, and audit each store prior to the launch. Once this process is completed, we then enter the data collection phase, which we use to craft your marketing. This process can't be achieved in weeks, or even a few months. If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme then HMT may not be the right partner for you. 2. Fees Anyone selling online should clearly expect to pay fees to Amazon, eBay, Shopify etc. That is clearly the cost of doing business. Not only are we clear about this prior to signing up, it is also inside your contract. So being unclear about the fees associated with any online venture is pure negligence on your part. 3. Marketplace Limitations Each marketplace may or may not have limitations on each seller account. This is totally out of HMT's control since Amazon and eBay have their own method in which they use to judge if a client has a seller limit on their account. Each case is different and we handle each case differently since we have strategies to work around such limits. In Michael's case we had numerous conversations to explain this to him but he refused to hear or understand the process when dealing with each individual marketplace. It's impossible to tell a client what their listing limitation is prior to listing their products on Amazon or eBay. 4.Communication As any successful startup, we experience extremely fast growth and our entire team has been working extremely hard to streamline communication to make it more effective and efficient for our clients. Our solution to this was to custom build a ticketing system (TROY) that serves as a client dashboard and communication tool. We have taken great lengths to make communication more fluid with our clients so that not any one client feels like they are in the dark. We are in no means perfect, and we take ownership for any mistakes we have made in this department. Since the launch of TROY, we have increased communication with all clients and have taken a proactive measure with clients and even over communicating in certain aspects. 5. Threats and Legal Recourse When you sign up for any of our packages, you are agreeing to allow us to work on your project for the time frame provided on the contract in which you signed. Giving us an arbitrary date to finish the project is not only ludicrous but baseless since our agreement allows us for a certain timeframe to finish the scope of the project. Having buyers remorse, or not having a clear understanding of the domain you are entering does not give your claims any validity. Furthermore, we keep all communication and records of our work, emails, and phone calls with each client and we are more than eager to defend our reputation in any private or public forum including court! So to be 100% transparent we have a created an open document to view the work we have done for the client so that any potential or current client can judge HMT on its own merits as opposed to baseless claims of fraud. Click Below to view more information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xEbfbOxAc3ZKx94NT2VtACJexRuzHlZWdnZ3oIZfra8/edit


Favors. D

5 July 2019

Hire my team is not a good company. About a week or two ago I posted a real experience that was a negative review on this company. Long story short Tom Parker called me and completely agreed with me on what my complaint was with the $5,000 package I bought from them. HE OFFERED ME A $2,500 REFUND SPREAD OUT IN $250 PAYMENTS WHICH WOULD TAKE ABOUT 3 MONTHS. I DON'T KNOW WHY HE NEEDED TO DO PAYMENTS. HE STATED BECAUSE HE HAD TO BUDGET FOR IT. ANYWAYS, THE FIRST PAYMENT WAS SCHEDULED FOR JULY 1ST WHICH WE SIGNED A CONTRACT ON. ITS NOW JULY 3 THIS GUY LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH. I GOT NOTHING, AND WE HAD A CONTRACT. PEOPLE I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH, DON'T BELIEVE A WORD THERE SALES PEOPLE OR THE COMPANY ITSELF SAYS. THESE GUYS ARE SCAM ARTISTS. SAVE YOUR MONEY. I AM HAVING TO GO THROUGH ARBITRATION TO GET MY MONEY BACK. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW ON HERE PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT DOWN! I MADE THAT MISTAKE A FEW WEEKS AGO AFTER I GOT A CALL FROM TOM PARKER. HE ASKED ME TO TAKE DOWN ALL MY NEGATIVE REVIEWS AND THAT HE WOULD GRANT ME A REFUND WHICH HE NEVER GAVE. This company did not finish or complete any work that was promised! My website had tons of errors which I pointed out to my project manager Rick.m who was a smart mouth. He didn't even know how to set up Google ad words which the company states in there package that they set you up with. They will also charge you a fee to correct product alt tags , description etc on products that they provide through Ali Express. They will also claim to put your products on AMAZON. They put products on there that took 2 months and on top of that Amazon rejected the products because there were some kind of policy violations or set up discrepancy. They also promised me a refund on some market place fees because they made me sign up with them and during that time I'm getting charged fees and there's nothing set up. They want you to pay these fees and they have nothing set up. I picked the second to highest package for $4,999 WOW! And to also point out, these people have fake accents. If you speak to someone who sounds like there from Australia or England RUN!!!!! IF YOU VISIT THERE CHAT AND THE PERSON DOESN'T GREET YOU WITH POLITENESS RUN!!!!! IF THERE SALES REP DOESN'T KNOW AND CAN'T PROVE IN WRITING THAT YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH THERE PRODUCTS RUN!!!! IF YOU GET A PROMISE FROM TOM OR ANY OF THERE OTHER ASSOCIATES, I SUGGEST TAKING YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE. I EVEN HAVE TRIED BEING NICE AND POLITE TO THIS COMPANY AND THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR PATIENCE AND KIDNESS. THEY WILL SEND YOU A DOCUSIGN CONTRACT AFTER GETTING YOUR MONEY AND THEN IN RETURN DO A POORLY JOB. THEN WHEN YOU ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK. THEY WILL SAY "YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT ". THEY ARE A TERRIBLE ORGANIZATION, AND IF THEY HAVE AN HONEST BONE IN THERE BODIES THEY WOULD REFUND PEOPLE IN FULL. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY KNOW THE WORK IS NOT PROFESSIONAL OR QUALITY. THEY WILL NOT TAKE A PERSONAL INTEREST IN MAKING SURE YOUR BUSINESS EXCELLS. THEY DO NOT CARE. THEY LITERALLY GIVE YOU A PACKET AND SAY GOOD LUCK. THEY ALSO MAKE YOU PAY ADDITIONAL IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THE OPERATIONS OF YOUR SITE THAT THEY BUILD. WELL ACTUALLY THEY DON'T BUILD THE WEBSITE, THEY USE A SHOPIFY TEMPLATE AND EDIT IT AND AD PICTURES. COMPLETELY NOT WORTH THE $5,0000 THAT THEY WANT IN MY OPINION. Up date 7/4/2019 Me and Tom Parker get into it on the phone. This guy is unprofessional, he called me a F_king** child and all kinds of other stuff. I told him to stop calling and texting my phone. He tells me "why did you respond" then gets smart saying he's going to post my messages to his response. PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY OR TOM PARKER.

Hello Dawan Fisher, We did offer the client a partial refund since he was under contract and we did complete a good portion the project scope as per the agreement. The client agreed to the terms of the account closure agreement and we parted ways on good terms. 2 days after our call, we received a dispute from the clients bank and we are now in the process of providing information to his bank regarding the dispute. Once a dispute is filed with the clients bank, a refund is no longer an option and we have no other choice but to deal directly with the bank and provide the necessary information.


Joeph C

30 June 2019

Engaged in a written agreement. It was committed for a full turnkey package. The deadline was June 14th, 2019. They failed to deliver on the commitments and agreements. We highly recommend NOT to engage with this company for this reason we experienced. More...

Since you continue to leave false reviews under fake names and we continue to dispute them and get them removed, I thought I'd try a different approach today. Instead of discussing our phone call last Friday where I offered a full refund before you repeatedly called me the "N" word after you accused us of being a fake company with fake people, I thought I'd just disclose the conversations between you and our team as we built out your project. Since your review states "we have done no work" lets review the conversation between yourself and HMT and lets present that discourse to the public since that clearly contradicts your review. Click below to view the details for John Wilchecks project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lpanP4sa87YLZR0nd-1qWZlPjTba45kJb4UKgY5X60U/edit


Isaiah Williams

9 February 2019

I’ve been working with hiremyteam for a couple months now, and they have been nothing but helpful. The service is great and the team is extremely helpful. They are patient, and understanding. I highly recommend using their service. More...

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