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joe santi

1 August 2019

Talking to Erez is like taking a Xanax


K eyedoc

27 April 2019

Erez is a master of web design and SEO optimization. He took my company from being virtually nonexistent on the internet to ranking within the top 5 websites for my search areas at all times. If you need a new website, he’s your guy!! More...


Make Your Sex Life Great Again

27 April 2019

I cannot completely convey how satisfied I am with the service from this company. FAR EXCEEDED my expectations, and continues to surprise me. Medical Health Institute, has probably spent over $40,000 in marketing and seo, and the results we've gotten for all these investments were slim to none. I've hired the best in our medical industries, and the promises they made were totally just "all talk". Now, here comes this company called HipeDigital, and made no promises other than asked us for an opportunity to show us otherwise. After spending 40K, you can imagine I had a really sour taste in my mouth about marketing and seo agencies. However, Erez, from HipeDigital, was so transparent with me about his service, that I decided to give this another chance. BOY, AM I SO GRATEFUL I DID! I hit the Holy grail with this one. In less than 3 months, this man and company, has placed/ranked MHI (in the field of medicine) on the 1st page of Google IN LESS THAN 2.5 MONTHS!! Not only that, his follow up and customer care service is relentless, and trust me that when I say that, is b/c it is truly an exceptional service and follow up. MHI prides itself in customer care service, and what we've gotten so far from this company is A++++++++ rating. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH STAR HERE TO GIVE THIS COMPANY. SIMPLE, If you want the best results, then this is the company you must contact. More...


Mary Hinton

25 October 2017

Total Front Page is the only digital marketing company you'll need. Beyond being very knowledgeable, it is such a pleasure, and a relief, to work with a company whose strong ethics and integrity are spot-on. They are a pleasure to work with, and have helped my business grow. More...


Riff Raff

26 July 2017

Everyone has access to Adwords, everyone has access to SEO - This is the ONE way to get a leg up on your competition, because this is the ONE thing your competition cannot do!

Total FrontPage and their team are absolute Magicians! If you want to start Dominating your sector and stop competing, I highly encourage you to give these guys a call!

Without reservations I highly recommend Total FrontPage to ANY business that wants to set themselves apart from the competition.

Well Done!!


Nathaniel Fraley

12 July 2017

This has been an amazing service! Justin has been great to work with and we continue to climb in organic rank! Thank you!


JJ's DIY & Slime

12 July 2017

Awesome company! Never seen anything like it! great product!


Justin Decknick

11 July 2017

Total FrontPage has been a real game changer for my business. Their unique approach is something I have never seen before and I was highly skeptical as to what they were doing. My goodness, this is amazing!