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Welcome to HighTech and Photography your One-Stop shopping for computer graphic design and photography work. Our work is based on a project basis and no hidden hourly fees no hidden fees of any type just quality work at a great price. never had a customer problem never had it unsatisfied customer since doing business with high-tech and photography we strive for customer excellence all the time.


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Antonio Edward

24 April 2019

Daniel has done great work for a movie project where I needed graphics for our social media sites. He was prompt and understood what we are looking for. I appreciate his help.


Rick Bowen

24 April 2019

Daniel has been extremely useful, helpful, economical, and professional with photography, website design and maintenance, and poster design work for the San Marcos Performing Arts Association for the past 10+ years. His Photoshop skills are remarkable as well as his eye for photography! More...


Joe Mattingly

1 April 2019

Daniel Burge has been remotely cleaning and diagnosing my laptops and desktops since 2004 . High Tech and Photography has always been friendly , very prompt and more than anything affordable and I probably Would not had succeeded earlier on in my business without it. He helped build my logo and website as well as proper advertising platforms. More...


What makes a great website of four basic functions of the website. Number one ease-of-use how easy is it to navigate the website. Number two color spectrum how easy is it to see the colors of a website that are harmonious with the design. Number three how easy is it to go and jump from one page to another seamlessly to find the information you're looking for. Number for how easy is it to maintain yourself or have someone else jump on your website to do changes or modifications.

Some of the questions I asked to clients is by listening to them what exactly are you looking to have done. Whether it be photography, graphics arts, a logo, or even T-shirt design it's very important to listen to what your client wants and needs for their projects. I take a hands-on approach was all my clients by listening to them and finding out exactly what is it that they need done and making sure they get those results by listening to them.W

The secret to taking great photographs is lighting composition subject matter depth of field. By listening to clients of what they want and asking questions do they want black-and-white today want color do they want the background info goes out of focus simple questions the go a long way making a great photograph by listening to your clients and listening to what they want you . But the key point is listening to what the client wants they want bridal portraits or they want portraits of their baby or portraits of their family the key to a great photograph is listening

When starting a new product, I always listen to my clients to find out what exactly are they asking for. It's very important to know what your client is wanting and can you produce what they're asking to have made whether it be a photographer you assignment or graphics design or computer repair. I always listen to my client and make sure there's 100% happy with the final product.

My creative process is simple the first I contact the client and I get a feel of what exactly are they asking for by asking them questions pertaining to their project by asking them specific questions steers me in the right direction so that their 100% satisfied. I've never had an unhappy customer ever would doing business I've always had customer satisfaction at 100%. And I strive to keep it that way.

Some of the information that is needed before I can start a job is when do they want to job done what are they asking to have done and also is it going to be a photo on location to they want this done in the studio simple questions go a long way with making a client happy by asking them many questions about what they are asking to have made.

What I love about my job mouse is meeting all types of people from all walks of life it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman or even gay all my customers are treated equally.

When inspired for me to start my business is a long time ago I had to have someone repair a computer and it was ungodly expensive and then I got to think and pay I could offer a better quality product at a lower price and have a lot happier customers them what they're getting. When it comes to photography I been a photographer since I was five years old I know how to shoot photos and how to make people look good it comes to me naturally.

My chart my client should choose my company for the very simple reason that I treat my customer with 100% dignity respect and professionalism and I listen to my clients all the time. I've never had an unhappy customer I've never had a customer that wasn't satisfied with their photography or service in general. I'm spent many years perfecting my craftsmanship in all areas from photography to graphics art and design. I listen to my customers and I listen to what they want I don't tell them what they're going to get like other companies do I make sure their 100% happy.