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Eric Koenig

4 August 2019

I attended the Police Handler Course in 2008. After almost 7 years with my K9 partner we netted hundreds of arrests and the outstanding service and knowledge of this company is beyond unbelievable.


Brandi Ebersole Spoor

18 May 2019

They not only provide you with an amazing service dog, they become a part of your support team. The trainers are so passionate about what they do and not only take the time to make sure you feel absolutely comfortable, they become a part of your family! Amazing Experience!


Debbie Wooten Bunton

27 April 2019

I don’t even know where to start. Absolutely amazing experience and ongoing relationship. We had a terrible tragedy with one of our large dogs. Carlos and Highland have changed our family dynamics through new ways to experience what our dogs have to offer with the right training. Things are calming down in our home and business now. Highland showed us the answer to keep our family together without having to find a different place for one of our dogs. Highly recommend, can’t say enough good. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Carlos and the Highland team. More...


TN Kate

18 March 2019

We had a great experience with Highland K9. We were very pleased with the work Kress did with our 2 rescues, Roxy and Raider. We chose the 6 week boot camp board and train and while it was difficult to be away from them it was so worth it - the transformation was phenomenal. He really understands the dogs and he is very passionate about what he does. He also posted daily photo updates and provided us with a training video that we can refer to whenever we need to. More...


Nancy Trumble Barden

24 February 2019

Scout and her family had a great experience with Highland Canine in NC! Our daughter trained her pup 9 years ago, and after trying to find a trainer we felt good about, we decided to make the call. It was an easy decision. In fact, we drove from Sarasota to Charlotte after our intro phone call with Kress, her trainer. We knew in an instant - he had us all pegged! At 6yo, Scout was overweight and aggressive. She was a car chaser, bike chaser, and kid chaser among many other bad behaviors. She was scared of so many things!! After her training, she is so much more manageable, confident, so much happier, and in much better physical shape - she lost all the excess nightly chewy weight! She walks fab on a leash with confidence, knows basic commands, climbs her favorite tree daily, fun things to do together. Playing ball is fun again. If only I had a one-wheel, Sully her bestie, Pete the Pony, and Mattress for daily refresher courses! And don’t forget the hay rolls!! Haha! Thank you Kress, it was worth every penny. And all my “next dogs” will meet Kress first to build their confidence and happiness. Besides retraining Scout, check out all the good stuff they do within their community and with the misfit pups! Whoever says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks doesn’t know Kress and Highland Canine Training, Llc., of NC! They’re not all the same...make the trip to NC! More...


Nancy B.

23 February 2019

Scout and her family had a great experience with Highland Canine in NC!  Our daughter trained her pup 9 years ago, and after trying to find a trainer we felt good about, we decided to make the call. It was an easy decision. In fact, we drove from Sarasota to Charlotte after our intro phone call with Kress, her trainer. We knew in an instant - he had us all pegged!  At 6yo, Scout was overweight and aggressive. She was a car chaser, bike chaser, and kid chaser among many other  bad behaviors.  She was scared of so many things!! After her training, she is so much more manageable, confident, so much happier, and in much better physical shape - she lost all the excess nightly chewy weight! She walks fab on a leash with confidence, knows basic commands, climbs her favorite tree daily, fun things to do together. Playing ball is fun again. If only I had a one-wheel, Sully her bestie, Pete the Pony, and Mattress  for daily refresher courses! And don't forget the hay rolls!! Haha! Thank you Kress, it was worth every penny. And all my "next dogs" will meet Kress first to build their confidence and happiness.  Besides retraining Scout, check out all the good stuff they do within their community and with the misfit pups!Whoever says you can't teach an old dog new tricks doesn't know Kress and Highland Canine Training, Llc., of NC! They're not all the same...make the trip to NC! More...


Lisa Clontz

21 February 2019

From the very beginning Brandi with Highland Canine began the search for our PERFECT Therapy Dog. She was always quick to respond to our many questions and taught us so much along the way. Highland Canine created many opportunities for us to engage with Solace during his training process to ensure he was "THE one.". Their attentiveness and helpful responses to your questions and/or concerns continue long after delivery. Amber is an amazing trainer and takes pride in each and every encounter. More...


Shelley Beaumont

11 February 2019

The process to get a properly trained service dog is long and daunting, but Autism Assistance Dogs helped make it very easy to navigate. The process if identifying and matching the breed and puppy to my son was surprisingly fun! We had an idea that a Retriever would be the dog, but after meeting different breeds, we settled on a poodle (we did end up with a doodle) because of the curly hair and sensory relief that gave to my son. Merlin has been with us for us for 6 months now and is well loved by my son, our family, and the school staff. Our biggest benefit, which was a bit of a surprise, was how wonderful a warm weighted blanket (a.k.a. Merlin) is for relaxing, sleeping, and recovering after a meltdown. The delivery and handoff was superb. We had Carlos and Greg with us for 4 days and we love them like family. The agency remains open to help, questions, and is as supportive now, as they were during the process of obtaining our dog. Wonderful agency, staff, and most importantly, their dogs are awesome. More...


Amanda Furr

8 February 2019

Choosing Highland for my daughter’s service dog was one of the best decisions I have made. Radar is amazing. He was chosen specifically for her and then trained specifically for her needs. He was well trained and the trainers are now like family to us. They are always available and check in often. More...


Ryan Clay

30 November 2018

Outstanding and professional! Building confidence of the handler within their K9 is what has made me feel completely competent during this course. A++


Debra Livingood-McKee

18 November 2018

I attended the service dog program over a year ago now, and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life! The quality of the instructors and the curriculum for the entire program exceeded all my expectations. If you want to learn how to properly train dogs head to this school! More...


Nathan-Wendy Turner

8 November 2018

Danielle is wonderful to work with. My dogs absolutely love her!


Susan Smith

7 November 2018

We have used Danielle for 3 years now. She boards our dogs when we go on vacation. She is awesome. Our fur babies are very happy and loved on while we are away and she sends us updates and photos. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Randy Duncan

2 November 2018

I took my obedient's training class at Highland canine and enjoyed every minute of it was the most fun I've had in my life thank you Jason and Highland canine staff


Christopher G.

5 July 2018

I took the 12 week Police/Military Instructors course at Highland K9 and all I can say is that it was worth every penny. After the intensive training I received at Highland, I know have 2 fully trained working dogs that has allowed me to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend Highland and I look forward to working with them in the future as I grow. Thanks to you and all of your staff for all that you do for the industry! More...


Queenie Hunter

29 June 2018

Highland Canine Training, and specifically Kress Walters, helped my rescue with a dog named Gunny. Gunny was extremely reactive to everything and everyone outside his tiny circle of trust. We worked within the rescue for almost a year to try to correct this behavior but did not have much success. Gunny was unadoptable and a liability. Kress Walters with Highland Canine Training was Gunny and our last hope. We sent Gunny to board and train for 6 weeks with Kress. At the end of that time Gunny came back to us a MUCH happier and more relaxed dog. Kress spent a lot of time with Gunny's foster teaching her the skills needed to continue Gunny's progress. I cannot recommend Kress and Highland enough. They train the dog AND the owners. Their follow up care is awesome. If you have a dog with behavioral issues contact Highland! More...


Frank Magee

22 June 2018

I emailed Highland Canine about how much the cost would be for me to do their courses and they got back to me the next day I told them where I lived and asked would I have to travel to the USA on a work visa or study visa and the got back to me the next day about that as well so hopefully very soon I can save up and go over to do their courses


Stephanie Parker

8 May 2018

The obedience class taught by Shanna and the Highland Canine Training staff was the perfect socialization for my 8-month-old German Shepherd. The environment changed weekly and the teachers took advantage of the town to introduce new stimuli to our group. All trainers were patient, gave excellent background to the methods used, and provided great feedback to each individual. I hope they offer more advanced or off leash class in the future! More...


Austin Bowen

4 March 2018

As like most dog owners I’m very picky about leaving my dog or being away from it for a long period of time but I’m glad I gave these guys a chance. Highland did an excellent job in training and kept me updated along the way. I highly recommend these guys you won’t be disappointed. More...


Mythreyi Mika

4 March 2018

I would recommend Highland Canine to all of my family and friends! I opted for the 6 week at-home training and absolutely loved the experience. When I adopted my black German Shepherd, he was terrible on walks and was scared of strangers/kids/bikes/literally anything. Now he walks next to me on leash, loves to meet new people, and is much more outgoing and confident More...


Ryan Goldberg

4 March 2018

We purchased an Executive Protection Dog from Highland Canine. From the canine selection process to the delivery, the company handled everything with a high degree of professionalism. A special mention of appreciation for Andy Anderson, Corey Archer, Eddie Quinn and Matt McKeown who all played a key role throughout our satisfying experience. It should also be noted that the true test of a quality company is their customer engagement following the “sale”. Highland Canine has been extremely responsive to our questions and any ongoing training needs we have had. We happily recommend this organization and plan to do additional business with them in the future. More...


Luke Hiatt

3 March 2018

We had a good experience with Corey Archer training our Australian Shepherd. She seemed well taken care of and healthy. After the training, walking her has been much more comfortable as she now obeys basic commands and is much better at heeling during walks.


Gena Jonas

3 March 2018

I think that this company is phenomenal. My baby, Sasha, arrived for basic obedience training and to begin her training as an autism assistance dog. She was a wild, young, headstrong dog who was eager and willing to learn. Jason Purgason Christine Anderson Brandi Wallwork and Jaimie Stuart, to name a few of the trainers, put in the time it took to turn her around. She now responds to verbal and physical cues. She is now a happy, well behaved furbaby whom achieved her goal and is a great fit for her person. More...


Euvunka Paul

28 February 2018

Highland Canine is amazing I’ll go further and call it phenomenal. It’s dog training at a college level. The staff are knowledgeable and willing to assist you where they can to increase your knowledge in understanding the dogs mind. This school covers almost every aspect of the dog. No matter you level or experience they lay the perfect foundation in setting you in the right direction. My mind has been blown everyday since enlisting in my program More...


Amanda Furr

27 February 2018

Love this organization. Currently working with my daughter’s autism service dog. #radarandemily


Tina Cagle Herfurth

30 November 2017

Top-notch training program, Instructors willing to share years of research, training methods, and experience. Countless opportunities to learn and apply training methods and theory with classroom and hands on dog training.


Paige Perry

18 August 2017

Amazing awesome people, so great at what they do!


Amanda Lowe

11 August 2017

The knowledge of the trainer was great !! The friendliness of the trainer and the atmosphere was great !! I can tell you how much I appreciated the things they've done for my dog . Kress it was great having you and the fact that you kept me informed the whole 6 weeks . Thanks again so much !!!!!! Money well spend ... experience priceless!!!!!! More...


Natalie S.

8 August 2017

We just got our sons service dog through this company. Can say enough great things about the whole experience. We love that they were able to deliver the dog to our home and custom training to our environment!


Paula Sheynerman

8 July 2017

The trainers at Highland Canine took the time they needed to help rehabilitate my dog Captain Mischief. After 2 weeks of having him home, it's really clear that he's a changed dog. He not only listens to commands, he also seems much calmer. He's been loving being able to spend more time out with the family off-leash and getting to meet new people. More...


Rachel Nelson

1 July 2017

I received my service dog, Barnabas, a month ago and cannot adequately express what a blessing he is. I needed a dog who could perform a wide variety of tasks (stability assistance, signal alert, mobility, and psychiatric support). From the very beginning of the application process, I was impressed by Highland's thoughtfulness and care in helping to formulate what skills I needed and in choosing the ideal dog for me. Brandi and Jackie were both wonderful about sending regular updates on Barney's progress during his training and in answering my questions/responding to concerns. Erin and Jackie both did a phenominal job during his delivery in training me on all of Barney's commands and teaching me how to maintain and continue his training. As Barnabas is my first dog, everything was new to me. Hence, I am particularly grateful for their help in learning how best to utilize Barney's skills in my home and while carrying out daily tasks. Erin has been wonderful about promptly responding to ongoing questions and concerns, both about his ongoing training and about basic issues related to his care. I get constant complements from both friends and strangers about how well trained Barnabas is. What I notice most though are the ways he has transformed my life: the ability to go for a walk without having to worry about falling; being able to sit on the floor knowing that Barney will be there to help me get up again; the way snuggling up to him with his head in my lap allows me to focus away from my joint pain, making it more tolerable; the security of having him there to help me up from a fall or to fetch the phone for me if I need to call for help. I want to thank Jackie in particular for all of her work training him (and socializing him to small animals), as well as Erin and Brandi and all the other trainers who worked with him. You have given me safety, independence, and a wonderful friend and companion. More...


Maria J.

3 June 2017

We were referred to Highland Canine Training to help us train our golden retriever. His main behavioral issues were always pulling on walks and controlling his emotions when meeting others. We were given solid tips by Rachelle and now clearly understand how to change our dog's behavior. We have gotten a lot out of the training, it has been well worth the money and we have already referred others to Rachelle. More...


Teresa Luis

11 May 2017

Me encanta..Quiero en Paraguay..este servicio.Capacitar y servir!! EXITOS!!


Paige Cary Drew

20 April 2017

My son got his service dog Amidala in February. She is an amazing addition to our family. Very smart and super well trained. Sleeps with my son every night and stays by his side during the day. Can't recommend them enough!!! More...


Karen Chicas

19 March 2017

I have no words to describe how thankful I am. Christine Anderson was always on time, dedicated and only wanted what's best for our dogs. My 10 year old golden retriever is now different in a much better way. He is no longer fearful of going into stores, being around other people and dogs. His personality has changed so much and I would like to thank Christine for all her help. Shiloh is so obedient at home; however, he was always shy in front of her. He's learned so much and I can't wait for him to continue more training here. More...


Dasha Labradoodle

23 February 2017

Excellent training and the best dogs ever! Great personal service.


Suzee Fox

21 October 2016

Highland Canine Training was exactly what my new adopted rescue Dobermans needed. They had little training but Working with Erin they became more obedient, and I bonded More closely with my 2 Dobermans. Erin who taught the class was wonderful. She was patient, And she helped each of us with whatever difficulties we were having with our dogs at that time. Highly recommend training with Highland Canine training. More...


Linda Webster

17 October 2016

Can't say enough ! They have helped me with a fearful rescue ! Basic and advanced obedience pointing me in the right direction for agility, parkour, and dock diving all to gain confidence and broaden our horizons! I thank you ! I thank you and Libby and Brodie thank you !. More...


Bonnie Rodger

8 October 2016

I could not imagine learning anywhere else. Honored to be a part of Highland K9.


K. J.

16 September 2016

I received a service dog from Highland Canine for my son. While the wait to match and train the dog was a year and half, the trainers communicated with me throughout the year and gave me status of the dogs training. The trainers brought the dog to us and trained the whole family in our home about how to control and take care of him. We are so happy with the dog. He was so well trained to deal with my son's issues and easy to care for. The company's excellent customer service had made many people happy while changing the lives of many disabled people. Even if I had questions or concerns after I received the service dog, I was able to call the company for advice. The company became like family to us. More...


Heidi Owens

11 August 2016

I cannot express enough just how much I love Highland Canine Training, LLC. I attended the School for Dog Trainers 18 week service dog trainer course. I received the best and most thorough instruction in a family like environment. All the staff were brilliant and helpful. They were always there to answer questions; day, night, weekday, weekend, and even after I graduated. I hope to return one day to finish out the master dog trainer course and get certified as a master dog trainer! The facility was large, clean, orderly, and very functional. With attention to detail given to give the dogs the best care, socialization, and training possible. So much work, love, and dedication is put into the dogs trained there. The working and service dogs are working rock stars that are always on point. I even left with a dog! Max says Hi! More...


Maura Swarm

29 July 2016

It is difficult for me to be brief when describing what working with Autism Assistance Dogs has meant to my daughter...and therefore my family. This group understands how important honesty is. They understand how to listen. They know how to look and then see. They know the value of their service and hold themselves to an exemplary level of professionalism. Add to this mix is the perfect balance of compassion and acceptance to all individuals. Brandi Wallwork trained my grandpup!! Don't let her youthful appearance fool you! She is 100% professional. Jackie Pardue came into our lives later in the journey...this team in unbeatable. I will forever be greatful to them for the gift of Gabe...he is truly remarkable. After he had been with us a few months his house manners were less than stellar. At that point we got to know Erin Purgason. She came to see what was going on and gave very concrete directions to change Gabe's behavior. (He responded almost immediately.) They told us they would always be available to us...true to their word. More...


Kim Clark Souza

24 June 2016

Brittany Horbert helped our family choose the perfect dog. Initially, we thought we wanted a certain type of dog, but after interviewing our family, she suggested that we get a black lab instead. She helped us every step of the way. Not only did she go with us and pick out the perfect one with the perfect personality, she also trained her. I was so apprehensive about the process, but Brittany made it fun. Our lab is so well behaved and loves everyone. Thank, Brittany!❤️ More...


Katie Weibel

17 June 2016

Credible, honest and reliable business that truly does what is in the best interest of the dog.


Lynn Hegwood McCurdy

27 December 2015

Our Giant Schnauzer, Oakley, was in training to be a medical service dog and completed Highland Canine's In Kennel Training Program to obtain the impeccable discipline standard necessary for public access. Thanks to Highland for exceeding our expectations and for paving the road toward Oakley 's success. More...


Annie Barton Trotter

9 November 2015

We can't say enough about how wonderful Kress was with our pup, Buddy. Buddy learned so much from Kress and absolutely loved his time with him. Kress went the extra mile for Buddy and we are so thankful for all of Kress's hard work. I would definitely recommend Kress again!! Too bad there aren't more than 5 stars. More...


Sandra Watson

4 November 2015

Kress did an awesome job training my dog and showing me the commands. Highly recommend


Amanda Furr

4 August 2015

Super people. Awesome dogs as well! In April 2 dogs and trainers came to Averett university for an autism awareness expo. They were wonderful and so sweet to my daughter, Emily, who is raising money for one of your service dogs. Thank you.


Jessica Baldwin

22 June 2015

Absolutely recommend Highland Canine for dog training. My boxer is my child and it was hard not having him home for 3 weeks, but I never had to go a day without a picture update or text message. Kress is an amazing trainer -- Even at nearly 4years old, Hemi has learned so much and is a better dog after all of his help. More...


Pam Fox

7 April 2015

Top notch facility and trainers. Very obvious that Jason cares deeply for what he does.


Debbie Smith Jordan

6 April 2015

Outstanding training facility. Friendly and knowledgable staff. Can't wait to go back!


Vivian Black Cloud

19 February 2015

Love this. Looking into getting an assist dog my daughter Gracie.


Minal Bhagat Patel

24 August 2014

First rate training for Autism Service dogs. Bethany and Erin were so kind and patient with us as we were learning about Karma our new service dog for our son Veer. Thank you, we love her and the work you do! More...


Jayme Kathleen Francis

20 August 2014

I love the fact that autism and service dogs are gaining more awareness


Nicole Hague

9 July 2014

After googling and looking for places for a few weeks we decided on Highland Canine.We just got our German Shepherd "Chloe" back a week ago. We are very much so pleased with our experience. The only thing I would change at all is being in contact with them. When we called to check on her. It took awhile to get a phone call/email back. Which I'm sure they are very busy all the time. We look at Chloe's as our 4th child so I'm sure I was over worried and called to much. :-) when we got there to pick her up...Bethany, her trainer answered all of our questions and spent a good hour talking to us ect. We are so thankful we chose Highland Canine for our sweet baby's obedience training! More...


Tammy Wheeler

23 June 2014

Erin , you guys keep up the good work .. Vic and I spent many years training several diff breeds of dogs .. It's hard work , you guys seem to have what it takes ..


Greg Bacot

17 June 2014

What sets Highland apart from the competition is that they genuinely care about the dogs and their extensive training background speaks volumes with the work they do.. They did not just buy this business or were thinking how to start a business overnight..... it is their passion...I would recommend them to Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer... Cheers ! More...


Eric Matthews

9 June 2014

My wife and I purchased a Redbone Hound for our three year old son in December. We were having problems with obedience, and the dog nipping at us and objects. We decided to get some help as we wanted the dog to be part of the family and it was getting to the point we may have to get rid of him. After talking with Highland k9 about issues, we took him in for the three week obedience training. The staff was friendly to my family and even let the three year old boy tour their property and see the many animals there. After picking up the dog, I could see immediate results and was somewhat amazed to see the dog healing on command! They definitely laid down a good foundation for the future and gave us a good set of guidelines to follow. After getting dog home, we are not having the issues we did before and are enjoying continuing with the training established. I highly recommend this facility! Nice , courteous, and effective. More...


Carrie Erickson

7 May 2014

Ok, so I rated Highland a while back with my five stars after just our consultation with our Rooney girl.. I was wayyyy impressed at this point, but little did I know how wonderfully successful Rooney's training would be. We had contacted several trainers before learning of Highland, and many turned us down upon learning she is an Am Staff or didn't even return our phone calls. Not only have they given Rooney a second chance to find a family, they are big supporters of the rescue world and are constantly cross-posting and sharing our rescue dogs. We will be forever grateful for Rooney's new "leash on life" and strongly recommend Highland Canine for any and all training needs. I simply cannot say enough good about this facility and the trainers. More...


Melanie Wylie Pullen

3 May 2014

We took our 1 year old Aussie, Brody, to Highland at the end of march for in kennel training. He was there for 6 weeks and we just picked him up yesterday. I think me and my husband can both agree that this was the best investment we could have made for our boy! When we took him there we couldn't walk him on a leash, he had a history of biting, we were really almost afraid of him, he had taken over the whole house, and he did not do well with strangers or strange dogs. He was not socialized at all. And now this dog is so well mannered and he listens so well now, we are both still in shock! He's like a different dog! We are more than pleased with the progress he has made. We are so appreciative of the time and work they put into Brody. I know that a lot of people up there worked with him and we appreciate everything that everyone done for him and with him. In particular Bethany, I could tell just from seeing those 2 together that they really bonded. We were very impressed by how well she handled Brody! And we are so excited for the life that we know Brody will have now! George, Brody, and myself all highly recommend Highland! They really did work wonders for Brody and for us! More...


Tara Malone Haddon

11 December 2013

In February we made a 10 hour trip to Highland canine training to meet my son's potential service dog "Bluey" ! The trainers were amazing and spent lots of time answering our questions and letting my son and Bluey meet, it was love at first sight! We then patiently waited on Bluey's big trip to our home! Since then my non- verbal, bolting/wandering very anxious little boy has made a HUGE improvement. He is beginning to SPEAK , sleeping all night "never happened before bluey" ,school work and behavior is outstanding we even sat through our very first complete haircut ever, he and Bluey have since graduated kindergarten together been in 2 programs and school potraits together they are an amazing Team!! the trainers that delivered her and spent time training us in my home were outstanding! They still are only a phone call away and always answer every question! So thank you highland canine training for changing my little boy's life! More...


Heather Ray

6 December 2013

I had been searching for the right place to send my 4 year old pit/lab mix for behavior modification for several months when I finally found Highland Canine Training. Knowing that Bella was already 4 years old I thought there was no hope for teaching her new behaviors, but after talking with Kress I knew I had found the right place. Bella was hyperactive, uncontrollable, and extremely hard to handle. After the six week class was over I was blown away by just how amazing my Bella was acting. I could never thank Kress and the rest of the Highland staff for everything they did for my precious fur baby. She was in great spirits the day I picked her up, and I could tell just how much love she received throughout her schooling. It has been a couple months since I brought Bella back home, and she continues to amaze me everyday with her obedience skills. I no longer have that annoying dog that just doesn't listen, I have an obedient dog that does exactly what I want her to do! Thank you again to everyone that helped with Bella, and a special thanks to Kress!! This training school changed our lives together and I would recommend this school to everyone!! More...


Neil Hayes

3 December 2013

These are good people and know their stuff. Honest and far priced. Give them a shot at helping with your K9 needs.


Stacey Harris Warner

3 December 2013

We can't thank Jason, Erin and the entire Highland staff (especially Kress) for everything they did with our Great Dane, Carolina. The difference in her from the day we dropped her off for in-kennel training is amazingly unbelievable! She misses everyone there already! We HIGHLY recommend Highland Canine Training! ~ The Warners More...


Rodrigo Mora

2 November 2013

Best place to train your pet!


Wendy Powell

17 September 2013

I think a truly gifted team of caring, loving people that have many talents in training and truly care about what they do.


Julia Meek-Higgs

5 May 2013

We are very happy with the training and attention that Kress gave to our dog!! Thank you to Kress and Highland Canine Training!

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