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Hidden Heights is a Digital Marketing Company that is driven by client satisfaction and, more importantly, results.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:
- Online Listing Claiming, Creation, and Management
- Social Media Posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Houzz;


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8 November 2018

They handled everything I needed for my business. Thanks Guys

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The website must be fully optimized for mobile and designed around consumer experience. You need to ask yourself, "what EXACTLY are my customers looking for on my website?". Once you know exactly what they're looking for, you must place "Call to Actions" very obviously somewhere above the fold; near the top or middle of the screen without scrolling (Phone). There must also be a video or even a carousel of interesting related photos, within the very top center of the page. The average attention span of humans is between 5-7 seconds. This will capture the attention of the customer and then provide them with an obvious call to action to take them deeper into the website and buying process.

- What is the Objective of this Project?
- Increase Traffic to Website?
- Decrease Bounce Rates?
- Generate Organic Social Media Following?
- Gather Consumer Information?
- Sell product/service?
- Build positive rapport within your follower base?
- Promote event?
- Build Email List?
- What do your customers want?
- What was successful about the last project and how can we apply similar tactics to this new project?
- What was NOT successful about the last project and where can we make adjustments in order to improve the relative results for this new project?

What I love most about my job are the improvements and progression our clients experience within their business and personal lives.

I want to make the largest positive impact possible as to benefit both local and global communities as well as provide large personal investments into clean energy and waste management businesses.

At Hidden Heights, we have instilled a Client-First culture within our committed account based teams that deliver Done-For-You, Done-With-You, and personal consultation services.