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Hickman Health and Wellness we take pride in the one on one attention that we give our clients. We provide avenues to becoming a healthy well balanced person. Hickman Health and Wellness we focus on a healthy lifestlye. We believe that peace starts in the mind.



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I dont work. I was born to fill my life with information and help others. I love what i do, helping others is forfilling to me. I have come to realize that people need an environment where they are not jugded or criticized, some people may need a extra push to get over the hurdle they are faced with at the time. I am that person

My love for senior citizens really insired me. I teach a exercise class in the community for free twice a week were we focuse on balance, flexibility, memory, mobility as well as relieve stress. That is where my love started. Since then i have taught class at three recreation centers and a church and i loved every moment of it. I then made up my mind, this is what i am surpose to do help others. Once i excepted my purpose i received phone calls from friends and family about relationship problems. My advice worked with girlfriends wives and finances. That was when i said i can make this into a business.

You will never meet anybody like me. I spear head all obsticles. I tell you the ugly truth so we can get to the beautiful outcome you want. I maybe a hard pill to swallow sometime but you will love the results and be equipped to handle the same or different issues that may come back around. Here at Hickman Health and Wellness we help you become a better person today so that you can be great tomorrow.