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HHI (Houston House of Imagery) has spent over 5 years pushing the boundaries of fine photographic art. A pair (Xavier & Denise Moore) of self-taught artists in the field of photography have always been driven and motivated by the Art of capturing moments that will last a lifetime.



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Having love for what your profession is and to think of yourself as an artist that specializes in perfect timing.

What are their favorite hobbies? Do they have a favorite side that they liked to be photographed on? what are they uncomfortable with? How many people are going to be included on the day services are rendered? How much time would they prefer to have for the event? Do they have an ideal location for the session? If they had a choice on one perfect picture how would it showcase them in the photo?

The fact that a perfect moment comes and goes. If I am able to capture that moment when it happens along with capturing the essence of that moment and make my clients remember how they felt on that day in that moment I feel as if I am answering my calling.

My son and my wife. When my son was two years old ( he now is soon to be a nine year old) like many kids he could not stay sill. I would find myself getting frustrated because my camera phone was not capturing him in the moment of when he was doing something that was either cute or amazing. I had no other choice but to get a camera that would capture him in the moment. When I did get my camera I started taking pictures of him and the more pictures I took of him the more I fell in love with this craft. Later on my wife told me that this is what I should seriously think about doing as a profession and she was right for saying it. I love doing what I do.

If they want to have some one that does not crack under pressure no matter the occasion, that can overcome any challenge with absolute confidence, that is focused on perfection, that is highly ambitious when it comes to greatness, that always has a back up plan for his back up plan, that has an extremely fast turnaround time when it comes to getting the photos back to the clients (seven days or less), that believes in excellent customer/client service, that truly loves what he does, I am without a doubt the perfect match for that client.