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Lab L.

26 June 2019

Great food. I usually don't go for beans, but I had seconds on these.Our group needed food for 50 people last minute - and HHB had no trouble taking care of a big order within a hour!!! You've made a fan for life for providing awesome food & an awesome attitude! More...


Leah B.

11 June 2019

Excellent pork barbecue with lightly spicy sauce - great value for daily special at )10 with a side included


John T.

30 April 2019

The most important thing I look for in a BBQ place is how many doors they have. Here, I was not disappointed. First there was the front door; okay, yeah every place has that. But then the secondary front door was there; okay still about the average number of doors. But then you walk inside and are like "wow, look at all these doors!" Doors over head like a twister just hit a door depot! They have rustic wood doors, some with busted through panels, and even a green one! Wow! I just about flew off the (door) handle! Seriously, the amount left me un(door)hinged. Knocked it out of the park (but didn't knock the doors)!Other than that, the brisket was a lil dry, the buns were very flat on the sliders and the Mac and cheese noodles were overcooked. Overall, door game on point. More...


Justin T.

20 April 2019

Excellent no frills BBQ. They have meat and they have sides and they do both perfectly. It's located underneath a business, so it doesn't look legit from the outside, but don't let that dissuade you.We had the ribs, pulled pork and wings.  They were all savory, tender, and tasty. Best part? 90% of everything offered is gluten free!  They have a side bar with various toppings and a decent selection of sauces. They also seem to have a full alcohol bar, but we didn't partake for lunch. The space is large, the bathrooms were clean, and the service was friendly. Price? Everything was $9-15 for very respectable servings. Check it out! More...


Shannon L.

15 April 2019

Great food, super sized portions. We had fall off the bone ribs. Excellent. If you are in town be sure to stop


Cyrus C.

10 April 2019

The food is great. I think I just entered a meat coma. The brisket melts in your mouth and the sauce go's great with it. I got a side of Mac and cheese and it was amazing! I definitely recommend HHB BBQ! More...


Gary K.

3 March 2019

If you're looking for great BBQ then look no further than this place! From the BBQ to the tasty sides, I was not disappointed. The employees are super friendly and really like to give you way more food than one person should eat. The next time I'm in downtown Topeka I'm definitely going back here! Check it out! More...


Dean B.

31 October 2018

I'm in town on a business trip and this place was recommended by the bartender at Capital Plaza hotel I'm staying. My cohorts and I decided to get barbecue for dinner. We got the best service. My server was dressed up as Spider-Man and gave me a big serving of pulled pork that was delicious and the best Mac-n-cheese that I've tasted in a long time. Eddie and Julia, the owners made us feel welcome and even told us the history of the restaurant that use to be a bank at one time. So, if your in Topeka, Kansas and your looking for great service, good tasting pulled pork and really delicious Mac n Cheese, this is the place to go! More...


Dhananjay M.

25 October 2018

The '1/2 chicken' lunch special on Wednesdays are the best grilled chicken quarters I've ever had. They are so flavorful, and complimented by a good set of sides. They really fill you up for an economical price. More...


M P.

30 August 2018

YUMMMMMMMMMY. We rented their room out for a meeting and had about 20ish people. It was also during the lunch hour and they had a pretty long line. But I was impressed by how quickly they got through all of the people. I got a pulled pork sandwich with the cheesy potatoes and corn. It was so good! It was alot to eat and I definitely got full. I like how the price includes a drink and tax. The only negative thing I would say is the price. Pretty expensive, especially if you are a water drinker, the cost could go down a little. Wouldn't be able to afford to eat here regularly or bring my family in but definitely worth coming once a week when i'm on lunch! More...


Senor G.

28 August 2018

Yo, this place aight. No taxes either,  that's pretty pimp. Dont get the pork nachos fr fr


Kandi H.

1 August 2018

I always enjoy coming here. I love the brisket. I haven't tried any other meat due to my brisket obsession. My family raves about the ribs. The sides are great especially the cheesy taters! I have also ordered meat by the pound for the holidays. Usually brisket lol More...


Doug V.

16 May 2018

I don't get to downtown Topeka very often (actually never) but was there for work and we decided to give it a try.  You walk up to the counter and order before sitting down.  I had the sliders along with a couple of the sides.  The BBQ was moist and had lots of flavor.  I think this is a great addition to downtown and glad it is there. More...


Kurt H.

6 February 2018

Good BBQ, smallish lunch menu otherwise Great experience. Had the hot link which was spicy but not overwhelming. Place was clean and staff was friendly. They have a bar but we didn't use it so not sure how that is. More...


Ashlee S.

24 October 2017

Fast, friendly service and the food taste great! I love that they do tax included prices, it's makes the line go faster since you're not dealing with coins. The prices are a little on the high side, but it's worth it to a lot of the downtown workers who don't have many other fast restaurant options. More...


Craig S.

24 October 2017

Went for lunch and very impressed. Service was fast tho not real friendly. Had sliders to sample different meats. Menu says '6' but really three meats on double buns. Probably couldn't have eaten more! Pork, beef, and turkey. Meat very moist and tender. Used basic sauce and loved it. The coleslaw was outstanding. With small drink $11, a bit high but BBQ has a lot of waste - hard to hold meat without it drying out. Will happily go back. 4 stars for no smiles from help. Oh, I just beat the rush: got there about 11:50 and was served immediately. Huge line when I left. More...


Jordan B.

9 October 2017

What a cute place, and the food is delicious! We had the chili, cheesy potatoes, potato salad, brisket/pulled pork/sausage slider combo. Will definitely recommend !!!!


Ali B.

21 September 2017

Great place for a quick bite to eat. I've only been here on lunch hours. Always fast and good. the place is always clean. very yummy


Jay P.

8 April 2017

Wow! So glad Yelpers helped me pick this restaurant as a quick drop-in while passing through Topeka. First, the staff behind the counter were hilarious and super friendly, offering lots of recommendations. The food itself (ribs and brisket) was out of this world! Locals may have lots of other BBQ places to compare HHB to, but I really enjoyed the great flavors of the food. Some of the best BBQ I've had. The way I see it, if you don't need to add sauce to make it taste great, that's a home run. The large portions and affordable prices didn't hurt either. More...


Kaelon E.

4 April 2017

Quality BBQ, selection, and good beers. Stopped here on the way back to the airport and was very impressed.


Curtis H.

9 February 2017

Good straight up bbq. Brisket was tender and the spicy sauce hit the spot. Restaurant Full at lunch.


John B.

19 September 2016

One of the best places to eat in downtown Topeka. They have standard lunch deals (pulled pork nachos, sandwiches, and chicken specials). They also have daily specials (chicken, sausage, etc...). The quality is wonderful. Everything is smoked and cooked in the house. They have a nice selection of side dishes including baked potatoes, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, potato salad, mac & cheese, Etc.They also have a bar. And a nice relaxed clean environment. All of the staff behind the counter are always very friendly and very helpful. Again, it is one of my favorite places to have lunch during the workweek. More...


Robert M.

11 August 2016

Another good choice for BBQ in Topeka. Popular for the lunch crowd downtown. Also has a full bar with good beers on tap.


Daniel C.

9 June 2016

Phenomenal. I love the BBQ nachos -- not traditional perhaps, but delicious. The new location is excellent. I also love that they give you the flat meal price. Helps when paying cash.


Amber L.

3 February 2016

I love their new location. Cute decor. Great service. Quick and easy at lunch time. Wednesday 1/2 chicken special is one of my favorites. You must try the cheesy taters. Add raw diced japleno to the taters and double yum!Tips:Looking for a bit smaller meal? You can order 1/2 sliders. (So three instead of six.)Want to try more than one side, as for two half orders. More...


Donnaka M.

11 October 2015

Awesome pulled pork BBQ Nachos at tonight's jazz, art and food truck festival in downtown Topeka! With all the BBQ joints closing here, it's nice to see one that has the chance to rebuild & comeback! The best part of it all is that it is Downtown! Close to home & work! More...


Pete K.

18 September 2015

Awesome place! Came here from LA visiting family and stopped in. Staff is very cool and friendly, pricing amazing and food is awesome. Great BBQ!! Come here! You won't regret it! More...


Sally W.

15 September 2015

Stopped here on a road trip -  SO GOOD! Cheap, homestyle BBQ. Friendly staff. GET THE BRISKET and cheesy potatoes Scrumptious!


Kevin D.

4 September 2015

Probably best of Topeka in terms of local bbq fare. Nice gluten free options. A bit pricey for a downtown lunch option but it's great food. There's a large room for private parties too. I always get pulled pork so I can't say anything about any of their other items. I wish they were open Sundays. More...


Megan S.

9 August 2015

The new place is so nice! They have downtown lunch to an art form. They get you in and out! It was so delicious!


Brandon N.

21 July 2015

I am thoroughly impressed with the variety and quality of food at HHB. I tried the pulled pork nachos, brisket, turkey, mac & cheese, cheesy taters, and beans. The nachos were nothing to write home about as they were simply tortilla chips with cheese sauce and pulled pork, but adding some extras from the relish bar helped to modify this dish to taste. The turkey was pretty run-of-the-mill, but perfectly serviceable and made better with the application of the house sauce. The potatoes in the cheesy taters were a little crunchy but not so much as to distract from the good flavor. All of that having been said, this was among the best, if not the best, brisket I have ever had. It was flavorful, perfectly moist, and melt in your mouth tender. I love seeing business thrive in downtown and if HHB keeps up with the same quality of food, it will be no small wonder that they're a reason why. More...


Bobby D.

19 July 2015

Okay! This place is off the charts for Topeka!  I've taken several customers here from out of town & they too loved it. You don't know you are in downtown Topeka when you go inside.  Food has been fantastic.  I really enjoy their sliders.The atmosphere is great!  Need to try happy hour here. More...


Robert H.

23 June 2015

A quality Topeka BBQ place rises from the ashes, literally. So I'd never been to HHB before. I will admit as much. They were devastated by a fire over the winter and had to move into another building. The old one was a total loss and torn down. Judging from the inside, they have rebuilt bigger and better.  The place looks super classy. The menu boards are televisions, they have a small bar, tv's around it and a great looking place.The food is good, but honestly not as good as the place says it is. It hurts to admit this. I wanted better, but if you look at my other reviews, what I really wanted was SLAPS. This is not a Kansas City BBQ joint and it shows. This close to Kansas City I feel there should be more signature to it. Everything is slightly better than you can get anywhere else. THAT'S NOT BAD AROUND HERE! The thing is with such strong competition an hour away... I will name it the best barbeque in Topeka, especially now that Grovers is quitting. I admit, I got here on the tail end of their opening day. They were talking about a solid line through the door for FIVE HOURS. So this place can be much better and I would have no idea. What I DO LOVE about this place is they have the guts to open up downtown Topeka. This is not a thriving market and has been a kiss of death for Topeka eateries. There is a handful of places downtown to eat, and only a couple open at night. Personally, I love coming downtown to eat later in the day. No one is ever here, so you can get in and out. I wish HHB the best and I'll be coming back to try again once they get back into the swing of things again. More...