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All our staff are highly experienced clinicians within their respective professions, with both NHS and private practice experience, who are dedicated to offering you the highest standards of care at all times in a professional and compassionate way.
We Specialise in Podiatry and Chiropody treatments, Biomechanics, Osteopathy,Sports massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Custom made insoles and orthotics

If you wish to talk to a member of the team, a telephone consultation can be arranged prior to booking your appointment

Herts Wellness Centre Reviews

Herts Wellness Centre Reviews

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Grace Lily Kellam
5 07/03/2018 Grace Lily Kellam

I just had a appointment with Ashley the podiatrist at the Herts Wellness Centre, she was brilliant. Put me immediately at ease and was more then happy to keep going over the information she was giving me more then once. She was professional, efficient, thorough, and careful in her work which made me feel very well looked after. Thank you for looking after me so well, Ashley.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Tom Craddock
5 05/03/2018 Tom Craddock

I was so worried about going to see a chiropodist.
I have neglected my feet for years and I thought the only way I was going to save them was to amputate.
Then Ashleigh came to the rescue. Not only did she put me completely at ease, she is also a miracle worker and a fabulous person to boot. She didn’t even flinch at the sight of my hideous plates of meat.

I now have Beautiful nails, and feet I’m proud to take on holiday.

Thank you Ashleigh, you are a star.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Rachael Polowyj
5 28/02/2018 Rachael Polowyj

Ashleigh made me feel so comfortable throughout the treatment and managed to solve a problem quickly and efficiently that I had had for years. Not only is Ash super skilled at what she does, she is also so lovely and personable and made the whole experience a delight. Thank you!!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by anna larke
5 23/02/2018 anna larke

Ashleigh did an amazing job on my feet and i would not trust anyone else apart from her. The premises are immaculate. She explains everything thoroughly. She is a magician of feet :) She's a really lovely knowledgeable person and I will always come here from now on. So happy xxx

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Mark Walker
5 18/01/2018 Mark Walker

Just had bilateral partial nail avulsions performed by Ashleigh. Wasn't particularly looking forward to the procedure but her professionalism and care before during and after was superb. Made the whole experience very bearable and would and will highly recommend her services.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Josh Adamson
5 10/11/2017 Josh Adamson

Fantastic service. Ashleigh is incredibly kind and professional, she thoroughly explains all aspects of the care/procedure and is very personable. As an A&E nurse it was lovely to meet another professional who puts the patient first and provides very high quality care. 5/5, would definitely recommend!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by N Edwards
5 30/10/2017 N Edwards

Ashleigh is one lovely lady, very polite, friendly and approachable. I went to see her after a friend recommended her but unfortunately she was unable to help due to it being a long standing knee injury and referred me to her colleague a physio. She did not charge me and said she did not feel comfortable to charge simply to tell me she can not help. very honest and trustworthy business ethics. i said i did not mind paying for her time and she said if i wanted to pay i could make a donation to one of her chosen chariest, which i have done. I will definitely go and see her if i have specific foot issues.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Amanda Alexander
5 12/10/2017 Amanda Alexander

Ashleigh is a compassionate and understanding lady, who genuinely cares about your whole wellbeing. Her embracing nature and infectious joy has you at ease in her presence. She also has a way of not making you feel embarrassed about your situation. I highly recommend this warm natured lady and her excellent services.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by belinda Gray
5 12/10/2017 belinda Gray

I am qualified GP who confidently recommends and endorses Ashleigh. I booked an appointment for my 17 year old son, to have his infected and painful ingrowing toe nail surgically removed, i chose the Herts Wellness Centre based on excellent reviews i read online and hearing very positive feed back from my patients. I could not be happier, Ashleigh made my son feel so comfortable while giving him his LA and the procedure was carried out flawlessly, Ashleigh was not aware i am a qualified Doctor of 22 years and she demonstrated to me the highest possible care and her knowledge was impressive. I was further impressed that she uses top end equipment and instruments too. It is a breath of fresh air to experience good practice an deal with a health care professional that takes pride in her work and in my opinion a perfectionist at what she does. I personally have never seen such a great result, my son was healed up in 2 weeks and the toe looks like nothing was ever done to it! well done Ashleigh and keep up the good work. we need your service in Herts and i will confidently refer and recommend you.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Angela Anderson
5 03/10/2017 Angela Anderson

Wonderful service provided by Ashleigh. A completely pain free, comfortable visit after years of problems at the hands of others. Ashleigh was completely professional and put me at ease quickly and easily with a full, through explanation of the procedure she would carry out. Would highly recommend.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Yvonne Orford
5 03/10/2017 Yvonne Orford

I have no hesitation in recommending Ashleigh O'Connell at the Herts Wellness Centre. I received Podiatry treatments and have seen significant improvements. Great service, very professional, friendly and cost effective treatment and what a lovely lady.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Nathan Green
5 27/09/2017 Nathan Green

such a lovely lady, and my feet have never felt or looked so great! She took her time, explained every step and I'm now walking on air! thank you Ash and good luck with the awards you are truly deserving! I will see u in 4 weeks for my maintenance foot care

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Pippy Longstocking
5 15/09/2017 Pippy Longstocking

I visited Ashleigh yesterday for routine check up for my feet. I have been really happy that I have chosen Ashleigh for my visit as she turned out to be really personable and very professional doing a great job with my feet. I asked Ashleigh for advice on how to maintain the feet between the visits and got step by step procedure written for me as well. I am so happy that I have researched the web for the place to visit in my area and was really pleased with the results. Many thanks, Ashleigh!)))

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Tarak Mekni
5 02/08/2017 Tarak Mekni

Ashleigh you are a star I walked in this morning expecting my feet to be cut off because they were in such bad shape!! You have done an amazing job and at a very reasonable price thank you!! Highly recommended!!!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by William Tobaruela
5 01/05/2017 William Tobaruela

Ashleigh did a great job both helping me with my plantar fascitis and making my feet look/feel good again. Will see her again for sure

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Mark Leslie
5 08/04/2017 Mark Leslie

Ashleigh achieved more for me in two sessions than anyone else has in the last ten years! I came across her quite by chance - walking into the Wellness Clinic was one of the best things I've ever done. Thank you Ashleigh for taking the trouble to provide such wonderful care.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Sian Price
5 07/04/2017 Sian Price

I had such a great appointment with Ashleigh. Having had podiatry/chiropedy elsewhere before and not really had a good experience she put my mind at ease and delivered a great treatment. I will definitely be returning in the future. The hour appointment felt like 10 minutes because we were so deep in conversation. Thank you so much :-)

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Angela Powell
5 16/02/2017 Angela Powell

I stumbled across Ashleigh online after searching for somewhere to do a pedicure. I'd never heard of a 'medical pedicure' before so I thought I'd give it a try.... all I can say is wow! Fantastic service, friendly and inviting atmosphere and brand new feet getting ready for the summer!!! Will definitely be going back!!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Anja Stolte
5 27/01/2017 Anja Stolte

I was looking for a podiatrist in Hertford and found the Herts Wellness Centre online. I have now been for my appointment and I am absolutely delighted! Great service, so friendly and a really comfortable environment all round. Not only did I get treated there and then, Ashleigh went the extra mile to check if my feet are healthy, filing my nails, taking off some excess skin and applying lotion so I was walking away with great looking and great feeling feet. This is definitely the podiatrist to go to in Hertford.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Esther Abery
5 03/01/2017 Esther Abery

I took my daughter to see Ashleigh because of two verruca's one of which was causing her pain, she is only 7 but Ashleigh put her at ease straight away and in two visits they were completely gone. I would recommend not wasting money on over the counter remedies and go straight to Ashleigh. She also sorted out a corn I had and some hard skin on my feet, I feel like a new women, its funny how you learn to live with something that is uncomfortable and only realise how bad it was once its gone. Worth every penny. I will be a client for life. Lovely lovely lady. x

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Nick Nesbitt
5 07/12/2016 Nick Nesbitt

I have been hobbling about for months with very painful corns and Ashleigh did a superb job leaving my feet feeling wonderful. Ashleigh combines professional expertise gained by many years working in the NHS with excellent natural people skills to create a relaxed and caring environment. It was a bonus to find a common interest in an appreciation of rugby. I recommend Ashleigh to anybody seeking a good and friendly podiatrist without hesitation.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by damindra luchoo
5 04/12/2016 damindra luchoo

I have been suffering from plantar fasciaties for over 6 months been several times to my GP but he couldn't solve the problems and always telling me that need rest and taking painkiller but since I been to Dr Ashleigh things change completely she is very professional and very friendly persons and really made me feel at ease and relax.
She sorted my problems with a professional way thanks to her I'm living a pain free life after such a long time .
I will be her client for life ,I highly recommended her and also she offers a wide range of treatments please do visit her if you have any issue about feet problems it's good value for heath.
Thanks a lot Ashleigh

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Hybrie Wareham
5 24/11/2016 Hybrie Wareham

I had the worlds worse ingrowing toe nail, I had lived with it for over a year and could not take the pain no more! I got told about Ashley and rang her later one afternoon explaining to her about it all. Ashley very kindly stayed late that night just to do my toe nail! Cannot recommend Ahsley enough!! She is so instantly likeable and so friendly and professional! I am so so so pleased with the final result of my toe and can't wait to wear sandals in the summer and not boots! Thank you so much Ashley!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Dawn Button
5 23/11/2016 Dawn Button

Amazing service. Such a lovely lady with a great manner. Sorted out so many little issues with my feet and then spoilt me with with a pedicure and massage. Will now take all the family for any future treatments. Great value for money.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Tom Stevens
5 18/10/2016 Tom Stevens

Excellent service! Ashleigh was very professional & knowledgeable. Sorted the issues I had with my foot. Recommend to everyone

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by OOFred00
5 11/10/2016 OOFred00

I went to see Ashleigh for a consultation about my toe which had been giving me trouble for a good few weeks, not expecting anything more than a check up and to book another appointment to sort it a few days later. Not only did Ashleigh deal with the toe that day (and provided follow up care appointments over the next few days), she also made sure to keep in touch with me (with lots of advice on how to care for it) to ensure the toe recovered well from the procedure despite the fact that I left for university the week after (rather than the usual regular appointments most would have). I can't recommend Ashleigh enough and would like to thank her for all her hard work!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by james
5 24/09/2016 james

five star treatment for feet

Went to see Ashleigh a while ago. And what can I say an absolute lovely lady took good care of me and specially my feet.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by louise marshall
5 21/09/2016 louise marshall

Cannot recommend Ashley enough. Instantly likeable and friendly. Credit to her profession. My feet have never felt so loved. Thank you so much. Louise

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Sandra Southwell
5 17/09/2016 Sandra Southwell

My feet are verruca-free for the first time in a few years, all thanks to Dr Ashleigh. I found her to be extremely professional, whilst being friendly at the same time. She has an ability to put people instantly at ease, perhaps in part as a result of her many years in the NHS.

She spoke knowledgeably about the options and, having had similar treatment before, I can honestly say that this time it was significantly less painful. Dr Ashleigh uses a more modern technique than I'd experienced before (no great big canisters along the lines of diver tanks!). And it was far more effective. Previously I'd gone back time and time again whereas this time I only needed four visits. I was very impressed and of course pleased.

I have no hesitation in recommending this great local business.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Shelagh Larrett
5 17/08/2016 Shelagh Larrett

I have had a fungal nail for 2 years and nothing has shifted it. I researched and found the Clearanail treatment offered by Ashleigh. Although I live in Essex, I travelled over for the treatment. Ashleigh is an extremely professional podiatrist who has treated me with this. Great results after 6 weeks! It's well on the way to bring cured! Not only has Ashleigh treated the nail, she has treated the dry skin and sore cracks in my heels! Many thanks for all you have done, Ashleigh, I will continue to travel over to you for routine treatment!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Jack Stevens
5 06/08/2016 Jack Stevens

I have seen several podiatrists over the years and none are as skilled, caring and compassionate as Ashleigh, her clinic is wonderful, clean and spacious, by far the best I've ever visited. I will be her client for life and feel lucky to have her services on my door step" thank you for allowing me to live a pain free life after years of suffering- I highly recommend her, she's a real gem!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by sarah willcocks
5 03/08/2016 sarah willcocks

I went to the Herts Wellness Centre because I'd heard from a friend that they were really friendly and very good at sorting out feet! As a keen flip flop wearer my feet had got quite a lot of build up of hard skin on them. I was a bit embarrassed about it and sometimes my feet can hurt after a lot of walking from the build up. They really were lovely and made me feel at ease straight away and relaxed. I don't really like my feet being touched as they are quite ticklish. It was a great experience and very professional. I didn't feel stressed at all about the podiatrist touching my feet and they didn't tickle. The result was amazing my feet looked like new and they haven't felt sore since. I am definitely going to go back. It's a really treat and I am so happy to show them off this summer for sure. I couldn't recommend them highly enough and I would encourage everyone to go. I agree with my friend they are very friendly and very professional.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Neil Goodman
5 28/07/2016 Neil Goodman

I was referred by my GP to Ashleigh after being let down by my regular Podiatrist. First point, I called my previous Podiatrist mid afternoon, paralysed with pain and was told there were no appointments left, I tried to reason and say I was desperate but was told there was nothing more they could do- disgraceful for people in the health care profession!

My GP recommended Ashleigh who said he had heard good feed back and trusted her with his own patients/referrals he had so she was my best bet.

From the initial point of call to Herts Wellness Centre over the phone I was greeted with warmth and made to feel so welcome and reassured that she would do her best to ensure I was out of my pain, Ashleigh very kindly agreed to see me outside of her hours which was past 8pm by this point in time, not only was I grateful to her but her treatment has surpassed any podiatry treatment I have EVER received over the years, I will not let any-one apart from Ashleigh go near my feet and have since recommended her to my mother who praises her as much as I do, it just goes to show who is in the caring profession and who actually cares and Ashleigh certainly does go the extra mile. Thank-you and If I could give her and the wonderful clinic she is building up 10 stars I would thank you Neil G

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Christine Morreale
5 28/07/2016 Christine Morreale

I had my first appointment at The Herts Wellness Center last week. I found Ashleigh the podiatrist to be very caring, knowledgeable and most professional. My feet have never felt better!
Would highly recommend.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Duncan lerras
5 27/07/2016 Duncan lerras

Ashleigh O' Connell is the most professional, thorough, knowledgeable podiatrist I have come across. I doubt there is anyone else with this level of expertise in her profession. Above all she was courteous, polite and all with a wonderful smile on her face. I wouldn't go anywhere else and would wholeheartedly recommend her, whatever your podiatry needs are.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Karen Brinklow
5 24/07/2016 Karen Brinklow

Fantastic experience at Hert Wellness Centre. I was very well looked after. Excellent value for money. Ashleigh makes her patients feel very relaxed and comfortable. Very gentle treatment. Recommended.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Karishma Patel
5 19/06/2016 Karishma Patel

I first called Ashleigh at the Herts Wellness Centre on a Thursday in April 2016. Although she tried her hardest to fit me in her clinic, to no avail. Instead, she referred me to her colleague in Scotland, Dr Max Volino, whom could accommodate my last minute arrival. So, by the following Monday, I was in Scotland, receiving two treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) per day for a week. Ashleigh put me in touch with the right people whom could help me. That was selfless.

Side effects of HBOT I experienced:

1. healing of a cold sore after 4 sessions,
2. sleep improvement, longer and better quality.
3. feeling calm- your body and heart for first time in my life doesnt have to work hard
4. the pain on my breast bone where the cancer is has COMPLETELY GONE.
5. Hunger/ increase in metabolism
6. Massive improvement in inhalation and exhalation
7. I can cough without feeling pain in my breast bone. All after 4 sessions.  
8. After 6 sessions I have got rid of the persistent mucus that is accumulating in my throat. Its amazing.
9. my skin has improved, even some of the cellulite on the back of my thighs has greatly reduced!
10. More energy
11. Less shortness of breath during hiking or running for the bus stop
12. Increased energy
13. Improvement in skin; people noticed a brighter colour to my face
14. Dark circles around my eyes are less dark
15. Digestion has improved, more metabolic.

I continue to have HBOT for maintenance treatments. It has changed my life in that my quality of life has improved greatly. Although you do have to self fund this treatment, it is well worth it. It is not on the NHS because it is not funded by the big pharmaceutical companies, besides HBOT actually helps more than pharmaceutical drugs. HBOT has hardly any side effects. So if the drug companies can't make money, why would the NHS have it? Unfortunately our UK government is paid off by large drug companies. I feel if a lot more people new about it, they would use this treatment first and forgo drugs. And as always what worked for me may not work for the next person. We are all different, but HBOT isn't a drug, its pressured oxygen. Google it!

HBOT had a wide application in a lot of conditions, the people I met, whom were having this treatment suffered from migraines, skin conditions, drug and/or alcohol addictions, ex-solider suffering from phantom limb pain, a ex-professional sportsperson suffering from a brain hypoxia injury, an old man with no conditions does it to keep healthy, fibromyalgia and the list goes on.

Im not writing to sell HBOT, I'm writing to report how it has helped me.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Ashleigh O'Connell
5 13/06/2016 Ashleigh O'Connell

Dear Alessandra,

Thank you for your wonderful review, it was very kind of you to say, please note I am a podiatrist who is HCPC registered and not a Doctor :) All that matters to us at Herts Wellness centre is that you have left happy and satisfied with the service you have received. Please keep us updated on your progress and once again, thank you for taking the time to write a wonderful review we are very pleased you feel that way about the service we are offering and you experienced

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by David wood
5 03/06/2016 David wood

Was made to feel so relaxed and the level of care was the best I have ever had the practice owner ashleigh made me so welcome and the treatment was second to none I would highly recommend the centre to anybody as im sure you would get the same amount of care as I did

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Alessandra Licheri
5 19/05/2016 Alessandra Licheri

My first visit was last week when I had an infection for my ingrown big toe nail. While I was talking to the Receptionist (she too was great, very patient and friendly) I believed Dr Ashleigh must walked by and over heard her talking to me. About couple of days later I was treated by Dr Ashleigh for my ingrown toe nail infection; She numbed my toe, then completely removed the ingrowing nail on one side of my toe and she used some solution so that the ingrown will never go back again.
The place was easy to find and very clean, most of all I found the podiatrist Ashleigh and Lorraine at the reception very welcoming and professionals.
Dr Ashleigh O'Connell is amazing!!!She clearly enjoys her work and is excellent at it, She has amazing skills!
I would give her 5 more stars if available, if you are looking for a great podiatrist go see Dr. Ashleigh :) She's the best!

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Ash O'Connell
5 17/04/2016 Ash O'Connell

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Ann Marston
5 Ann Marston

Ashleigh is brilliant, thanks so much will definitely be back xx

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Lorraine Sawdy
5 Lorraine Sawdy

The very best professional treatment you can get right on your doorstep.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Serena Lawrence Taylor
5 Serena Lawrence Taylor

Ashleigh is a truly lovely, professional lady . Please go and see her for your 'wellness' needs . Don't hesitate and don't delay �

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Dave Hadley
5 Dave Hadley

Can very highly recommend the Herts Wellness Centre. Ashleigh is knowledgeable, extremely helpful and professional. Please go and see her, you will not regret it.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Alison Jenkins
5 Alison Jenkins

Ashleigh has a lovely calming manor which really helps you to relax. She explains everything clearly and will give you lovely feet once again.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Hayley Jane
5 Hayley Jane

Had an appointment with Ashleigh. First class care and attention to detail. Really lovely lady too. HCPC registered which shows professionalism and commitment to her clients and profession. Would recommend and will be returning.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by John Carini
5 John Carini

Ashleigh has the most calm and welcoming energy. I would recommend anyone to have treatments with her, you will instantly feel at ease and know you are in the best professional care.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by David Gardam
5 David Gardam

Ashleigh is a fantastic podiatrist who is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She is dedicated to her patients and will make you feel comfortable and relaxed at her clinic at the Herts Wellness Centre.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Laura Deller
5 Laura Deller

I went to see a lovely lady today to fix my very sore feet... wow did she do a good job. She made me at ease and comfortable immediately which was great as i was a wi bit nervous. I can now say that i have beautiful womans feet, that are pain free and smooth as ever!!! So please with the result. Thank you again.
Hopefully i will be seeing you in Harpenden soon lol

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Sandra Fryatt
5 Sandra Fryatt

I went to see Ashleigh this afternoon for a foot problem I've had for years but hadn't got around to getting sorted. As soon as I walked in, she made me feel very welcome and comfortable. She's a lovely caring lady who is very easy to talk to. Throughout the consultation, she made me feel at ease and we chatted about feet and life in general. She gave me advice regarding what products to buy to get on top of my foot problem. She doesn't sell products herself unlike a lot of other podiatrists who sell them on at an extortionate mark up price. I left feeling as though I'd made a new friend. I would highly recommend her. She is a credit to her profession. Thank you Ashleigh.

Review of Herts Wellness Centre by Kay Adam-Smith
5 Kay Adam-Smith

I went to see Ashleigh this morning for a foot problem that I’ve had for years but have just put up with until now. I saw the great reviews on here after seeing a Facebook ad for one of her services and thought I would finally get it treated. I’m so glad I did. Ashleigh is a really lovely, warm and friendly person who put me at ease and dealt with the issue quickly and efficiently. She is very knowledgeable and also gave advice on products to keep my feet in tiptop shape going forwards. Ashleigh is also refreshingly honest and will not give you false advice just to make a quick buck! I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any of my friends �

Herts Wellness Centre

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Herts Wellness Centre Location

50 St Andrew St, Hertford SG14 1JA, UK

Services provided by Herts Wellness Centre

Herts Wellness Centre Services

Podiatry and Chiropody

Routine foot care involves the following: Nail care, in-growing toenails, thickened nail reduction, nail cutting for patient`s who have difficulty cutting their own toenails. Nail Surgery Fungal nail treatment - please see our Clearanail section for further information Corn and callus Foot care advice Foot wear advice Diabetic foot care and full assessments Chilblains Athletes foot Cracked heels and foot wounds


What does an Osteopath do and how will they benefit you? An Osteopath aims to restore normal function of the body by treating joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments helping the body to heal itself. They use their hands to treat the body in a variety of ways utilising a mixture of techniques. These include: Massage to release and relax the muscles Stretching and joint articulation High velocity thrust techniques, which are short sharp movements to the spine to help encourage movement in a joint These techniques aim to reduce pain, improve mobility and encourage blood flow to aid healing and recovery. Common conditions an Osteopath would treat are: Low back pain Neck pain Tension headaches Sciatica Pregnancy related pelvic and back pain Work related strains Repetitive strain Rotator cuff injuries and many more


What is Biomechanics? Biomechanics is the science that examines forces acting on the body and the effects produced and the study of gait analysis in related to the foot and the lower limb. A person's abnormal stance and gait can be the cause of recurrent problems such as pain or limiting one from fully achieving a desired fitness level. Treating such conditions requires the specialist knowledge of a Podiatrist, who can perform a Biomechanical assessment, which is an examination of the foot and leg function and make individually tailored orthotics (insoles) and will offer specialist advice and work with the patient and in more complex cases other health care professionals to achieve the best possible results for you.

Inoles and Orthotics

Prescription orthotics are divided into two categories Functional orthotics are designed to control abnormal motion. They may be used to treat foot pain caused by abnormal motion; they can also be used to treat injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis or tendinitis. Accommodative orthotics are softer and meant to provide additional cushioning and support. They can be used to treat diabetic foot ulcers, painful calluses on the bottom of the foot, and other uncomfortable conditions. At Herts Wellness Centre we use state of the art Gait analysis equipment to offer a comprehensive assessment and use the highest quality orthotics.The Scan Cast 3D system allows us to accurately capture full volumetric data in less than five seconds. How can an orthotic help me? The information gathered during your biomechanical assessment and your presenting chief complaints, activities, foot profile and overall well-being will help our podiatrist to determine if orthotics/insoles might be helpful. If orthotics are needed, your podiatrist will capture a three-dimensional image of each foot as per the above image. Those images, as well as any measurements obtained by your podiatrist, are used to create a set of bespoke orthotics/insoles that may improve your foot movement and lead to more comfort and mobility.


Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health for their patients. Baby feet Reflexology is a therapy which can be received by anyone at any age, from newborn babies to those receiving end of life care and everyone in betw

Sports masssage

The word 'massage' is derived from the Arabic word 'mass' or 'mash' which means to press softly. To rub or press on an injured area is an instinctive reaction to pain. Massage can be dated as far back as 400BC and is the use of hands and movements on the body to manipulate, stretch and tone muscles, tendons, ligaments and the skin. It can be used and adapted for relaxation, stimulation and rehabilitation from illness and injury. Wellness Swedish Massage Sports Remedial Massage Sports therapy massage is used to target areas related to sports injuries. To promote healing in the area, increasing blood flow and relieve pain.

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