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Ila Srivastava

18 August 2018

She is the best my daughter was very happy with the great artistic work she did on her hands and feet . All other guests were also amazed by the speed with which she does the work it’s amazing. God bless you and your work Suman.


Jyoti Mirjankar Mayenkar

18 August 2018

Suman has a talent that not only creates awesome designs to brighten your day but also enlightens your soul!! No matter what occasion she creates it for .. Be it at weddings , bridal and baby showers or any other event , her art brings a big smile to your face and makes your day! Thank you Suman for spending hours at this tedious task, yet being able to maintain your beautiful smile and spirit!!� More...


Tammana William

18 August 2018

Design on demand and product Quality, professionalism, excellent customer relations, niceness, all rolled into one person—Suman!! Love her ❤️


Anu Kabra

18 August 2018

Very talented artist... People love her henna designs and her calm and happy personality!!


Brittany K. Smith

18 August 2018

Amazing,....Suman is simply amazing! Kind,professional and talented!


Aparna Mangalore Mohan

18 August 2018

Suman is so talented and creative! She makes the most beautiful henna designs, each one a unique piece of art!�

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