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I offer you professional, empathic and tailored therapy based around your specific needs. I specialise in PTSD, C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, parenting skills and any mental health issue that is preventing you from being who you want to be.


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19 October 2018

I kept forgetting to do this but finally reminded myself to do this as I need to let others know. As a therapist myself, I probably was quite a tricky patient, with an odd situation that was causing me a lot of upset. Helen, could not have been kinder, and I genuinely feel this woman waved a magic wand. I feel so much more guided in my life, and a lot more accepting of what I was dealing with and how to manage the stress, upset and fear I was going through. I felt like she really knew me almost straight away and that was really helpful. But also that shows she listened, and cared enough to know what was right to say for me, and what would be most helpful. Thank you Helen, for your time and consideration.
If your struggling please don't hesitate to hire this lady for help! I rarely leave reviews on anything, but its good to know from someone who has been helped by this lady to hear she may be the right choice for you, as she was for me. Thanks again Helen :) x

Thank you Kat, I feel very proud of you and sincerely wish you all the very best. xx


I love to feel that I have made a difference to someone at their time of crisis and helped them to find a path to sustainable recovery and happiness.

Having worked successfully for many years with Rethink and various other Providers in Somerset on an agency basis I was approached by South Somerset MIND to take on their more difficult cases they have referred to them via Department of Work and Pensions. MIND continue to employ my services and the feedback I have been given from both clients, DWP and MIND has given me the confidence to expand my customer base.

I have the ability to 'see' a person and their situation on a greater level of understanding than other therapists (so I am told many times) This enables me to craft a plan of recovery that is suitable and effective for my clients. I am resourceful, flexible, good humoured but with a no nonsense approach to recovery.
I was a registered Therapeutic Foster Carer, have worked with challenging family issues many times and have personally suffered catastrophic bereavements so I feel I am well placed to offer my support to others who are suffering with these life events.
I provide a very affordable service with a totally free, no obligation whole hour initial consultation and I will not take on a client that I do not believe I can help.