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Hello World Communications

New York City, New York


Hello World Communications

New York City, New York


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ali b.

18 May 2019

I ended up with a corrupt Delkin CFAST card during a shoot last week. I had rented some gear from Hello World and upon returning the gear, inquired about data recovery--to see if they could help recover the contents of the card. Their recovery efforts were a success and I got back all 128gb of footage within 24 hours at a very reasonable rate and I left incredibly happy. I have always had an excellent experience at Hello World and find the employees to be extremely kind, patient, pleasant and knowledgeable. If you want to have actual human contact with the people who rent you gear -- I can't recommend Hello World enough. I will now recommend them as a first stop for data recovery as well. Long live Hello World. More...


Serge S.

27 February 2019

Not sure what this Trisha lady is talking about. Hello World Communications might be nicest rental house out there. They always make sure you're taken care of and they'll even help you if you don't know how to use the equipment properly. Even if you're an amateur, they'll treat you with respect and dignity. More...


Jonathan A.

6 March 2018

Fantastic. Ron and his folks went above and beyond and guided us through a novel, complicated, first-of-its-kind, virtual reality experience. Worked with us not just on the intricate process but also on the complex and nuanced subject matter of the VR experience we were building. More...


J A.

27 July 2017

Friendly and helpful staff. Fast and efficient check out. Loved getting the discount for playing the Uke and singing a song. What an awesome bonus!Love the comfortable space. Loved that I was offered a cold water from the fridge. More...


Dave P.

21 July 2017

Hello World is fantastic. Their staff is very friendly and beyond knowledgable. Equipment wise, they're constantly updating inventory to remain current. All gear is very well taken care of, so you won't walk out with banged up equipment (like I've experienced from a few other rental houses in NY).Lastly, their weekend rental rate is KILLER! Oh, and there's always free cookies and a million snacks!! More...


S. D.

3 March 2017

Hello World continues to be an indispensable resource for anyone of any level in production. I have used HW on numerous occasions, from renting simple audio to pro-video. I can't say enough about how valuable their customer service is. Nick, Pat, Thomas- they are all happily available to not only advise on what I need & take care to prepare my requests, but also to show me how to use the equipment! I never feel rushed, and I always feel comfortable asking questions without worrying about revealing my inexperience or getting shade. They are really good at what they do, and I will rent from them over and over, no brainer. More...


Jim F.

26 January 2017

I was very impressed with the service. I'm a novice, and the folks at Hello World Communications went the extra mile training me. And when I discovered that I had chosen the wrong solution for a Sunday shoot, and came in Saturday for an exchange, they were totally gracious about finding a better way for me.I had a very successful shoot, and I'll definitely be coming back. More...


Joe L.

19 January 2017

I'll definitely be calling Hello World for my next shoot. I was on a shoot last week, and needed add-on gear quick. HW's customer service was great; someone picked up the phone right away every time I called. Meanwhile, we were on hold for 30 minutes trying to get an add-on for our camera order at Ad*rama. Nick at HW was very helpful and patient with me, and told me what wireless video gear he had, and different price options. Their prices were very reasonable for a 5-day student film, and the order was ready within the hour. The rental process was smooth and seamless. And when we had issues with the gear, I called up and they helped me troubleshoot the issue (it turned out to be our camera's video signal framerate), even though they were technically closed. Many thanks to Morgan and the team there for saving us, and going above and beyond their job duties to help us. NYC is quickly being taken over by big businesses, so it's great to know that even on big productions, we can support small businesses that have top-notch customer service. More...


Tom S.

4 January 2017

I rarely review businesses but I needed to here.  I've rented at many places in NYC, but Hello World provides a entirely different experience than the others - that being CUSTOMER SERVICE.  They are really good at it.Today I was introduced to Eugene, a great staff member, who provided me with a great 20 minute tutorial on how to use the products I was renting.  He recommended some other gear - and I'm all set for my next shoot.  This will be my FIRST choice for renting video production gear from now on. More...


Sara A.

14 October 2016

Such a wonderfully patient bunch of people! I stopped by in somewhat of a frantic state, indecisive about what equipment to use for a last minute shoot. Nathan was extremely patient, answering my questions without making me feel clueless. I was curious about using different grips and stabilizers, and he kindly explained the different options, even pulling out some equipment to show me. The whole experience really put me at ease. I showed up the next day (day of the shoot), again a little frazzled/worried about the setup, wondering if I needed extra lighting to be safe. Nick began to help out, when another employee (didn't catch his name!) overheard and walked over to give some advice as well. Again the patience is remarkable! Not to mention the equipment  always delivers great results and is in excellent condition. THANK YOU Hello World for preserving sanity / saving lives! More...


Alison C.

13 August 2016

I had a negative experience turned positive. An employee told me the wrong hours of operation which affected a shoot I was doing. The very kind owner felt terrible and compensated me free rental for a future shoot. This shows a conscience and good customer relations where the customer comes first. I would highly recommend this place to any future renter. More...


Carlos S.

11 July 2016

Went into NYC on a sunny, cool Saturday morning  to view the work of my favorite artist at Body Painting Day 2016. I brought along my trusty Canon camera but quickly realized that I didn't bring a lens with a suitable focal length to capture the days events.  I called the usual camera equipment rental places (B&H, Adorama, Lomography) which were either closed on Saturday or had lengthy new customer application process.Someone recommended Hello World, I called ahead, received a quote and reserved a lens.  Walked in (bing, bang boom) and left with a rented lens in within 5 mins.  The daily rate is good for the entire weekend (return by Monday at noon) and they are open 7 days a week. Dropping off the lens on Sunday morning was also a 5 min breeze.  HW you have earned a customer for life. Hello World, Body Paint Day here I come. More...


Anton L.

2 April 2016

Consistently reliable, professional, and attentive.Overall the staff is what makes this place so valuable. 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend HWC to anyone. More...


Kyle S.

6 March 2016

This place is great. Most of the bigger rental houses in NYC are pretty snobby, elitist and difficult to work with. After trying out a few, I will now ONLY rent from HWC. They're nice, helpful, open 7 days a week (which does not really exist in LA; most rental houses are closed on the weekends) and are very flexible & willing to work with whatever needs you may have; financial/scheduling/instructional/ etc.. Sooo happy I found this place.Thanks for being awesome!Kyle More...


Jonny C.

25 February 2016

Great staff.  Always easy to get equipment from.  Love the cookies and the ukulele that they bring to the table.


Mariele B.

1 February 2016

Hello World is phenomenal! They are very professional and knowledgable about their services and really work with you and your budget. We have used them for a variety of events and fashion shows and they were truly wonderful to work with. They are very friendly and the rentals are in great condition. We will happily continue using them in the future for any production rentals we need for events! More...


Erty S.

1 June 2015

Ordered two cameras and two tripods for a weekend livestream. Great customer service and very friendly. They didn't try to upsell me on anything and in fact recommended cheaper cameras when I told them my requirements.They threw in a couple of extra mounting devices when I came by to pick up the equipment, for free.The cameras were great, working, and clean.When I accidentally left a lens cap at home, they were very polite when they called me up to ask me to return it. The owner himself came up to me and asked about my experience. I told him that his company had done an amazing job.Highly recommend working with Hello World and their great staff! More...


Crem R.

6 May 2015

This place is unique in the biz: they're so extraordinarily customer focused, so knowledgeable  about the gear -- and filmmaking in general -- that their enthusiasm is infectious. They've been my go-to rental house for years precisely because they're so relationship-focused: first name basis, tech support at crazy hours, always helpful on budget-challenged jobs. Ron Y., the owner, is some kind of superior human being. And Nick C. -- well I've yet to stump him with a camera question.  They could teach a master-class on customer-service. More...


Alex C.

15 February 2015

Been renting from here for 4+ years. They are the most accommodating and knowledgable staff out of all the camera rental houses in NYC. The biggest perk is that fact that everyone who works there are also filmmakers, so each kit is expertly created and any foreseeable issues have already been thought out. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is by far the best place to rent film equipment in the city! More...


Todd R.

26 August 2014

Hello world is amazing. Ron the owner is the nicest guy. he helped me learn how to use the mic i used and even gave me a free upgrade. Such a nice guy. They also have cookies and great treats! they are such a great place rent everything form them! More...


M G.

11 August 2014

A colleague of mine suggested that I rent from Hello World and I feel lucky to have found this spot. The owner Ron is friendly and wants the best your project. My plan was to rent a camera and a lav for a simple interview but Ron helped me realize that shooting in a small apartment was a bad idea without have an LED fill light as well. My shoot seriously would have been a complete waste without his advice. The staff is friendly, when I went to return gear there was a fresh batch of cookies at the front desk- this spot is a gem. For quality gear, affordable prices and professionals that can give you advice on your shoot when you need it, Hello World gets my stamp of approval. More...


Emily T.

31 July 2014

Hello World, more like Hello OTHERWORLDLY EXPERIENCE! HELLO HEAVEN-ON-EARTH-WORLD!!!! HELLO WELCOME-TO-MY-WORLD! HELLO WORLD! I went there at first because it was recommended to me by a friend so I had NO IDEA what to expect. NOOO CLUE.  Not ONE SINGLE IDEA. I was like a baby. Clean slate. But upon entering, I lines I had made the RIGHT DECISION. MY FRIEND WASNT LYING LIKE HE USUALLY DOES!! This guy named Ace answered all my questions in both english, spanish, and arabic, as well as english-  I told him I was new to town and he gave me restaurant suggestions and a brochure of off broadways shows that I "could probably afford", which I thought was REALLY SWEET.  Everyone there was tinkering away at equipment like little glittery elves in an elf-factory.  I don't know much about the equipment part but Ace was so cute. MOVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...


Idaho B.

6 March 2014

The more I work with other rental houses the more I realize how amazing HWC is. Competitive prices and always working gear (it's a problem at other houses sometimes) put them high on my list but it's the people there that always bring me back. Whether I'm taking out a single item or a big order they are always super helpful and go the extra mile.Every time I go in they are also working on some new gear or special piece of equipment. Keeps you entertained and up to date. I always call them first and 9 times out of 10 I don't need to call anyone else. More...


Khomari F.

7 February 2014

Hello world is great. They have lots of equipment and the staff is super friendly and very up to date on any equipment they have available here for rental. They have lots of cameras ranging from dslr to higher end cameras like cs300, cs500, F5 etc.Aside from equipment they offer editing, motion graphics and production services of your ever in a last min situation. Good people good service and they are flexible when it comes to insurance or lack of! More...


E L.

15 January 2014

I've used Hello World many times for equipment needs on both big and small productions. Their staff is extremely helpful and friendly.They have a great selection of equipment, everything is in fantastic condition and their rates are some of the best in the city. If you need help with any gear  you've rented they'll take calls from set, they're happy to offer advice when booking equipment and if they are out of an item they offer suggestions for replacements. I would recommend this as a first stop for fulfilling equipment needs on productions anywhere  in the city. More...


Zach R.

26 November 2013

As good as it gets! Gear is in good condition, they don't nickel and dime you on missing items, and they tailor to the needs of your project. After hours dropoffs and deliveries made my shoot cheaper and got me back to my bedrest when I needed it most. More...


Pat M.

13 November 2013

Outstanding. The best staff, great clean gear. All in top condition. Lovely atmosphere and never make you feel uncomfortable about asking any question. I'd recommend it to every pro who needs some quick gear on the fly. It's the spot. More...


Douglas O.

4 November 2013

I was referred to Hello World Communications while attempting to rent lighting equipment at the absolute last minute for a weekend photo shoot.  The company's representative Nick help us out tremendously.  We were give every courtesy and invited back for upcoming one on one workshops and training sessions.The lighting equipment was top notch except for a burn lighting gel that the previous renter must have let lay on a hot light.Definitely patronize this wonderful establishment for all your photo, lighting, video and recording needs. More...


Anne H.

18 October 2013

I've come to Hello World for equipment rental and Blu Ray creation.  They have reasonable prices and the service has always been friendly and on-time.My blu ray cost $40 for the master, and $8 for each additional copy.I'll come back to Hello World for future rentals and video/post services. More...


Erica H.

22 August 2013

Hello World is hands down my favorite place to rent video & audio equipment from.......and I have been renting from them for over 15 years!!  The staff always is knowledgeable about the gear and goes above and beyond expectations in customer service.  They have helped me out in many emergencies and I feel like I can always rely on them to support me.  Through the years I have never encountered a staff person who fell short of my expectations and many of the sound people I work with now got their start at Hello World.  It is nice to know that in a busy city there are still businesses that feel like small town full service personable mom and pop shops that give the kind of service one would expect in the ever changing world of audio & video.  I know I can ALWAYS count on them!! More...


Marcus K. J.

18 June 2013

They have a speedy assortment of the latest video equipment, and in good condition.  I equipped my feature documentary from here.I've been working with these guys for 10 years More...


Jun O.

11 June 2013

I always check out gears here. Best service among the NYC rental house.


Stephen C.

25 April 2013

I am a DP based in Los Angeles.  We have been bringing cameras to New York for projects for the past few years.  My producer was hesitant to rent locally in fear of showing up at the check-out and finding substitutions and beat up gear.  I placed my order with Nick.  He was very knowledgeable and able to make recommendations on gear they had that I hadn't used before.  When I arrived at their house my package was complete and I didn't have to wait for anything.  The few adds I made were quickly accommodated.  I was mostly impressed with the condition of the gear. It was practically new and everything worked flawlessly.  I will happily return to Hello World Communications for our future rentals. More...


Boris N.

5 January 2013

I barely write reviews but everyone at HWC was awesome to deal with.  Thank you so much for the rental of the two way radios.  Although I was a day late - I wasn't charged a fee.  And seeing a box of Jelly Belly's was a sweet touch.  Will come again 100% More...


Mat B.

17 November 2012

Exceptionally helpful on the phone. I was placing an order for a videographer in my company and despite my almost total lack of knowledge on the subject, HWC was able to help me get exactly what I needed for the shoot. We'll be renting from them again.


Andrew S.

29 August 2012

Hello World is not just a inexpensive place to rent equipment, but it's also an amazing creator of top notch content. The team is tech-savvy and know how to apply all their knowledge to making sure you have the best film, music video, or any multimedia production!


Emily W.

29 August 2012

I love this place. The service is professional, very helpful and accommodating.  Also, they have a massage chair and jelly beans...a nice atmosphere.


Jenn S.

24 July 2012

I rent large quantities of walkies here for my events and  they are very good about packing extra batteries and sending you off with a nice large box of jelly belly jellybeans.


Elizabeth K.

30 October 2010

Ron Yoshida and his staff were fantastic - always responsive and helpful. We rented microphones and speakers for our outdoor wedding ceremony. They initially met us in the store to show us how to use everything, which was really helpful. They were on time to deliver and set-up the equipment and also arranged to take it back to their shop after the ceremony. Everything worked beautifully. Highly recommended! More...


B R.

14 May 2010

Needed a microphone last minute for an event, they were helpful, courteous, friendly and the best price I found (PLUS located a few blocks from my office).  Thank you!


Daniel S.

8 October 2008

Hello World Communications is a one stop for NYC film and TV production companies. They rent and sell top of the line AV products and have experts on hand to help walk even novices through the operations of their equipment. They also provide a full line of in-house services from production to post-production to internet communications. I have used them for more than 10 years as have many of my friends and clients. They are friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.  They are also very community oriented and donate a great deal of services and equipment to charities. The New York production community is blessed to have Hello World at its heart and soul. More...