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Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts

Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts logo

Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts

Bridgeport, Pennsylvania


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William Bell

21 May 2019

Topped notch facility, instructors and training partners. Highly recommend if you’re in the area.


Drew Wilson

21 May 2019

Great training with Professor Tim and his BJJ family last week. It's a great academy and everyone was very welcoming and helpful. I learned some new techniques in class and enjoyed the tough rolls from everyone. Very clean facility. I will definitely be coming back when I'm back on the east coast. More...



6 March 2019

This is an amazing gym with fantastic instructors and a welcoming atmosphere! The instructors are legitimate and most compete so you know you're getting coached by people who actually have the experience. Whether you are training to compete, fun, or for health you will get the best training and guidance here at Hellfish. I couldn't be happier with this place, it's worth every penny! More...


Beth Sanborn

4 February 2019

Our family loves it here! My husband (very fit and active) takes Muay Thai boxing and Ju Jitsu; my 15 year old son takes Ju Jitsu and gets a great workout; I am 43, just getting back into exercise, so I take the kickboxing class for some cardio work; my 12 year old daughter is in the kid’s class and was welcomed warmly from day 1! You can see our family covers the whole spectrum of skill and fitness, yet we all receive the same positive reinforcement and motivation. More...


Lucky Yap

4 February 2019

Pete is a great instructor, he makes sure you are doing it right and he definitely makes sure you are putting in the work. This gym has such a warm and lax environment. More...


Shane Dortone

4 February 2019

When I submitted a request to do a free trial at Hellfish, Coach Tim got back to me the next day. Most of the MMA places I reached out too didn’t have any sort of biography on there instructors and didn’t get back to me for weeks. As a former wrestler, D1 collegiate and semi professional rugby league player, I wanted to be trained and taught by instructors at the highest levels. At Hellfish, they welcomed me with open arms and treated me like one of their own. More...


Young Ban

5 January 2019

I highly recommend Hellfish MMA. The place has a great setup with large clean mats that allows plenty of room for both Muay Thai and BJJ to go on at the same time. This allows for you to stick around after your class and hit the bags or roll around even if there is another class going on right after. In a lot of gyms, you won't get free time on the mats like that which is a huge plus. Quality of instruction is top notch and there is heavy emphasis on fitness as well and teachers will make sure to give you ample details and make sure you are doing it right. Students are welcoming and they have various level of experience so you will be able to find people at your level whether you are a seasoned vet or a newbie. I only took the BJJ classes but Muay Thai appears to draw a nice crowd as well. More...


gregory johnson

6 December 2018

Great class. Tim is a super technical instructor with lots of sneaky tricks and a great group of students. He’s created a really welcoming and talent culture of Jiujitsu practitioners. If you are in the area stop by for some world class training with a guy with Jiujitsu that has been tested in the fire of combat but can be used by anyone. More...


Ca rl

6 November 2018

Great vibe, they pay attention to safety, the instruction is great, highly recommend this place!


Gary O

8 August 2018

Parents if you are looking for an excellent place for your kids (or yourself) this is it! We’ve been to other places, this is the only one that we feel teaches useful everyday defense. The instructors are excellent and patient. If you want your children to become stronger and more confident look no further . More...


Jennifer Sanfelice

19 February 2018

It was absolutely intimidating ! .Being older female , out of shape and having no experience what so ever .All that went away after first class .Everyone is very helpful and friendly .
I could not say enough good things about this place . From the coaches, training , people you met there and the confidence you gain in yourself .

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