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..Sick of suffering from the emotional rollercoaster, uncertainty, anxiety, self-doubt and all their friends? I combine NLP & Life Coaching tools for in-depth work on the subconscious mind while implementing practical action steps to achieve lasting change.

Examples of topics I work on:

Anxiety and lack of self-confidence
Stress and overwhelm
Fears and phobias
Uncertainty about the future
Career purpose or purpose in life
Unwanted behaviours, i.e. procrastination
Loss & Grief
.... or any other mental or emotional block that is currently holding you back.

My coaching is custom-tailored to each client and their individual needs. Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and come in packages, depending on your needs, which we will discuss in a free discovery call. The sessions take place online via Skype or Zoom.

Training, qualifications & experience:

As a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach, I have worked with 100s of individuals over the past four years to improve mental wellbeing, mindset and personal potential.

After completing my BA in Mass Communication and a Masters Degree in International Studies and Diplomacy, I started my career working as a humanitarian worker abroad before qualifying as an NLP Practitioner and setting up my 1-2-1 individual support practice at the Gaia Retreat Centre in Bali.

Currently I reside in the UK and offer 1-2-1 coaching to international and UK clients online via Skype or Zoom.

Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd Reviews


Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Zurab Bezhanishvili
5 Zurab Bezhanishvili

I like Helene! She is cool and gorgeous!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Sherina Shamdasani
5 Sherina Shamdasani

Helene has been a great source of inspiration! I did her 4 week Mindset course which helped me understand my limiting beliefs and clear those blocks. I continuously follow her, now that she transmits that positive energy to keep moving on and growing personally and professionally! (L) xx

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Cheryl Davenport
5 Cheryl Davenport

Thank you for the very enlightening NLP/coaching session Helene Weiss! I felt energized afterwards! I was amazed how in just 1 session you helped me to see the common thread of strengths and passions throughout my life! I appreciate the encouragement and clarity I gained and look forward to our next session! ❤️ Cheryl Davenport

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Osha Key
5 Osha Key

Helene is an absolutely phenomenal coach! I’ve worked with many coaches in the past, but Helene is really incredibly intuitive and very experienced in applying her methods. I always feel safe, supported and heard by her, which I think in combination is extremely important to change your patterns and transform your life. It was amazing to see how she connected all the pieces of my life to make sense of who I really am. I finally have a clear idea of my business message and purpose in life. Thank you Helene!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Nicole Piper Kjærgaard
5 Nicole Piper Kjærgaard

I was so stuck in my head. I needed somebody who could help me get clear about my goals in business. I also needed someone who could understand the heart of my business. BEST DECISION EVER to work with Helene! She understands us entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul into our businesses. She will provide you with the right tools to get a new understanding of yourself and your business. You will become clear about your goal, how to get there and grow your business to the next level. I loved working with you Helene! 😍❤

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Michael Burns
5 Michael Burns

I had hit a spot in my business where I was suddenly stuck - overwhelmed by a combination of too much to do and unusual business circumstances. Helene helped me find a sweet spot hidden inside my situation that I was overlooking. She gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed, and after our session things began moving forward for me in a positive way. Her natural conversational style and way of asking just the right questions helped change my confusion to clarity. I'd recommend her to anyone who is trying to find their way and is in search of a clear direction.

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Gina Swire
5 Gina Swire

Helene has a very special way of making me feel completely seen and heard. She’s wonderfully soft, friendly, lovely and just as equally firm and great at getting straight to the point. I’ve had many revelations in her presence. I’d highly recommend her workshops and coaching!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Pia Ellendt
5 Pia Ellendt

Talking to Helen was very inspiring. She asked the right questions and gave me some useful tips which will help me on my path to find clarity and purpose. Helen's refreshing personality immediately made me feel comfortable and I was able to talk to her openly about my journey, aspirations and challenges. Thank you Helen for your advice and guidance! Love, Pia x

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Ken Mahon
5 Ken Mahon

Helene skilfully unpicked what was at the root cause of what was bordering me and helping me bring closure to those items and empowering me to move on with my life and let go of the past. Helene brings a high level of skill and life experience into each session and meets you with compassion, empathy and reassurance and complete confidentiality. I cannot recommend Helene highly enough!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Eva Prudencio Vergara
5 Eva Prudencio Vergara

I was stuck and didn't know what to do. Helene gave me the clarity I needed!! After our coaching, I felt so much more empowered with a clear structure and vision of what I want to create in my business. I have worked with many coaches and I can say that working with Helene is a totally different experience. Her presence is so potent and she definitely knows what she is doing. I felt so listened and supported. She holds a safe space and respects where you are at in your personal growth. For me that is the difference between an average coach and an inspirational one! Helene is clearly the second type!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Melanie Midegs
5 Melanie Midegs

Wow! What a phenomenal process! As my business has grown and expanded, I always find there are pivotal moments where a realignment or consolidation needs to happen. Helen's program has been essential for me through this process. I'd highly recommend working with Helene for anyone who as it cross-roads with what they want to create next in their life. The 'Why' process really blew me away and made me realise that it really is ok to create a life on my terms, and use my strengths and passion to my advantage. A lot of the time, we feel we need to do things the same by who we're inspired by... but I can really see how this doesn't need to be the case at all. Thank you Helene for coming into my world and opening the door for the next chapter for me... I'm so excited!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Cori Orak
5 Cori Orak

After an amazing afternoon session with Helene, I felt so revived, energized and clear. We worked through my elements of self doubt to realize and validate the fact that I am already on the right path to building the life I want and deserve � She is so warm and welcoming and provides great comfort while unlocking things that aren't necessarily pleasant! She's truly invested in guiding others and finding ways to discover the true path you need and how to obtain all of the things you desire out of life to feel complete and fulfilled!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Leah Santa Cruz
5 Leah Santa Cruz

My coaching session with Helene gave me clarity and insight into my big picture vision. She helped me break down some of the fears and beliefs in my way. I'm excited to move forward feeling empowered.

She helped me break things down into bite-size actionable items I could take to move forward. Stuff I could literally do today to make progress. She was able to ask the right questions to help me see what was right in front of me, and also recognize it wasn't difficult to achieve.

I'd recommend Helene to any woman who feels stuck, foggy in their direction or too blocked by their fears to move forward. She has a very practical way of helping you see + take the steps you seek. :)

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by MaAnn Termulo Montances
5 MaAnn Termulo Montances

Helene's coaching really woke me up! I've been working on the milestones that I have envisioned during one of our NLP excercises. I declared 5 milestone that time. Now i'm on the 3rd!! I have officially registered my business here in the PH government and designed my own logo. It was two of the things that I am procrastinating on. Now I've published my website and working on some updates. Thank you so much for inspiring me! You are an inspiration!!! Courage, Clarity and Confidence it is! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Ronja Kaufmann
5 Ronja Kaufmann

I'm going through a lot of changes at the moment and felt insecure and stuck. Helene helped me release blockages and old belief systems. She also gave me SO many useful tips and tools to work on myself and my mindset. I can wholeheartedly recommend Helene to anyone who is stuck and is looking for guidance. Our NLP sessions were mind blowing for me and I felt so much lighter after each one. It finally clicked for me that it's okay to let go of everything that doesn't serve me anymore and take full responsibility for my life and the path I want to take. Helene is a great coach and knows what she is talking about. I will definitely work with her again. Thank you so much Helene for helping me, you are amazing!

Review of Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd by Iris van Diest
5 Iris van Diest

Coach Camp was so much fun, exciting and useful! From the moment I decided to do coach camp I was so looking forward to it, because I just knew that this was going to give me so much clarity. I really felt like there were so many things to do and so many directions to take, that it felt really overwhelming. But, because of Helene I find my direction and it is super specific and detailed so now it's really easy to just take the necessary steps. Most importantly, it is completely in alignment with who I am from the inside. So it is not just a direction you chose because you think it is the right direction, it is because you are that direction. Besides that, Helene is absolutely great. She has such a positive energetic vibe and sees things through right away. For me she is really inspiring and that makes me even more excited to start my business right now!

Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd

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Helene Weiss Coaching Ltd Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing people transform when they shed the weight of the past. Things become possible they hadn't even thought about, new options become available, and a whole new life opens up. It inspires me every time. There's nothing more rewarding that witnessing someone transform.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Freedom of expression and authenticity are very important to me. As a coach I not only get to be myself and do what I love doing, but I also get help others open up and live their true self.

Why should our clients choose you?

I have worked with 100s of people in many different countries and refined my NLP practice over the past 4 years. I work with Neurolinguistic Programming because, in my experience, it is the fastest psychological tool to get results. Where psychotherapy can take years to create change, NLP can do this in a matter of a few weeks or months.

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