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Angus Glasgow

Great Gym and friendly people. Read Miles Carriere review he has it right.


Keona Elizebeth Candice Chamberlain

This is a welcoming gym for both men, women, girls, and boys alike. Thank you Heavy Metal Gym for creating a non-competitive environment.


Ashley-lynne Yates

Awesome gym I feel so welcome and not judgey. And love the 24 hours


Jeffrey Lockyer

Good place awesome staff


Emily Stanford

I've trained in several gyms through the provinces & the Kootenay region, but nothing compares to the environment and mentality of Heavy Metal Gym in Kamloops. Everyone is there for one reason and represent the best cast of lifters around. If you wanna get big, this is the gym for you. More...


Micheal Symanski

Big boys need a place to WORK!!

The 24 hour card lock system is a good feature for those who's schedules don't meet the 9-5 schedule of the mainstream crowd.
This gym is anything but mainstream. I feel I can train hard, the vibration that people put out here is exactly what I'm looking.
Competition style, powerlifting style, or just plain old raw WORK YOUR ASS off style is what Heavy Metal Gym is about.

So if you're ready to set foot in a Hard Training focused Facility, come on down and see the staff and they will set you up.


Miles Carriere

In my opinion it is Kamloops best gym. First of all, it is 24 hr's so you can always work around your schedule, and if you go at an odd hour you never have to wait for equipment. That staff is super casual and friendly, you can tell they enjoy what they do. Even the other members have been helpful towards me when I asked for advice or needed a spot. If you are looking for a no BS gym to get some gains this is the place to go. More...


Lyle Blomquist

Selfishly I don't want to recommend my gym to anyone else so I can lift what ever I want when I want. If you are looking for a great old school gym this is your place. Maybe I will see you there at 5 am. Oh did I mention it is 24 hr access as well. More...


Steve Lockhart

Joining this gym is one of the best decisions I've ever made. The staff are helpful and the people who work out here, at least the ones I run into in the early mornings, are chill. I can't imagine going anywhere else now. More...

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