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James Velasquez & The Thankful Living

20 July 2019

Love love this place. The staff is so good at what they do and very knowledgeable. They take great pride in doing the BEST work possible. Definitely worth the drive and the time. There really is nothing like a Heather tan. More...


Brendan O'Connor

20 December 2018

I love my Heather tan. Every time I get one done I walk away more confident and ready to take on the weekend. The airbrush artists are all easy to talk to and if your lucky enough to get a tan from Heather Shaw herself, your in for a treat!


Nikki Banner

20 October 2018

Heather is absolutely incredible! Such friendly staff. When it’s crowded they will do their best to get you in. Can’t express how good she is. Always comes out amazing. And you don’t smell like carrots when you leave. #heatherfilter More...


Cade Parker

28 April 2018

Annalisa and I had our first spray tans with Heather Thursday night, it was so chill and she is freaking awesome. This is the best spray tan I've gotten and I've had spray tans across LA/Miami/NYC and this is going to be the only place I use from here on out in LA and in NYC.


Anna-Lisa Christiane

27 April 2018

Best tan ever!! Thank you so much!!!!! 11/10 ;)


Mara Kadish

20 August 2017

Talented and fun personality. I'm super picky about well everything and she is super particular...get it!! ;)


Ryan k

20 August 2017

She is a very talented, funny and cute girl! I will be back! Being a man that doesn't tan at a salon... she made me feel comfortable, she rocks!


Josh Milko

20 August 2017

Heather tan is hands down the BEST tanning salon in l.a. Heather, G, and the rest of the staff are super competent and know exactly how to make you look beautiful and still making your tan look natural. The qualitybof the product is really great too. It comes off without streaking. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this amazing salon!!!! More...


Re becca

20 August 2015

Heathherrrr, totally reminded me of the 80's film Heathers where all the girls at school wanna to be like the Heathers. Very fitting, if you get that special glow without having to compromise getting burnt or wrinkly skin, everyone would sure wanna be like you... It was my first time getting spray tanned and I loved it! The adorable store with my favorite color yellow really attracted me, made me wanna just plop on their sofa and stay there all day!Also did I mentioned they served me champagne while I wait?! You ain't in Beverly Hills until you get a glass in your hand.Even the restroom was very thought out , with essentials like tampons and hair ties and sprays at the side compartment. I always appreciate a clean thoughtful restroom. The girl Stevee ( i think that was her name) was super perky and sweet, making me feel completely comfortable being naked. Let me remind everyone that be prepared to do some funny yoga poses because thats what you'll have to do to get that perfect spray! Overall a great time, just make sure to moisturize and you'll get that perfect glow even in the winter time! More...