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Healthy Me OC

Newport Beach, CA


Healthy Me OC

Newport Beach, CA


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Angela R.

25 August 2019

Tallene is more than a dietician, shes like a diet detective who solves unexplainable weight mysteries!! All my life I was thin but then gained weight for no apparent reason in my 30s and could not get it off. I was eating low carb, intermittent fasting and spinning and losing nothing. I had been to the doctor for tests and been told my stress/adrenal hormones were higher than normal but had no understanding of what to do about that or what this had to do with my weight. Tallene was the dietician detective I needed!! She studied my bloodwork and instantly solved the mystery: the low carb, IF, intense cardio Id been doing was actually the WORST thing for me. I needed to eat MORE carbs, stop cardio & switch to weights l, sleep more and eat more. I basically had to re vamp my life and realize that what works for some is really detrimental for others. Tallene's approach was customized to me, not all clients have the same issues & needs. I was slightly skeptical with this protocol at first bc it was the opposite of what I normally hear is the best method, but she explains everything so well that it made sense & was worth a try. Not only did it work, but it also explained so many other mysteries I didn't know were related : why I can't tolerate caffeine anymore, why I am always tired, why I never felt good or experienced that "runners high" from cardio, why I never lose but actually gain weight from cardio, why I can't tolerate keto diets, why I lose more on high carb diets, why I was always swollen (no it was not sodium), etc I lost so much inflammation from Tallene's method that my shoe size went down a half size and all my clothes were big after a month. I used to describe these aforementioned issues to others and they'd doubt me or suggest I was mistaken. Tallene on the other hand offered me the answers and advice I needed and it worked!! I lost 7lbs in a month and was eating 2000 calories a day . If you are having issues with unexplainable weight or inability to lose weight, and you want a healthy lifestyle change without gimmicks, pills or starvation I highly recommend Tallene: dietician extraordinaire More...


Kelly H.

20 January 2019

I went to Tallene to help me attain a better diet for my overall health. When she set out my meal plan, she worked with what I love to eat and implemented that into my diet. She was very flexible with time and is also knowledgable about nutrition. She made things easy to understand and didn't make me feel dumb for asking, what I thought were, stupid questions.Before, I would eat a bunch of food late at night and that would usually be my only meal for the day. That's why I went to Tallene to help me have a regular diet where I can eat throughout the day instead of starving myself until nighttime. I learned a lot from my sessions with her, even though I cut it short. With the knowledge she imparted with me, I'm more motivated to make myself a simple meal and feel better throughout the day. Health is a lifelong journey and visiting Tallene helped me jumpstart that path. More...


Chaya G.

28 November 2018

WOW Tallene has changed my life. I do so much research on health and nutrition to the point of being overwhelmed and it's so hard to self diagnosis/find the answer and plan for each individual's body. Tallene walks you through that process of discovery. She has so many resources, tools and diagnosis to assist in this process. And the best part was she didn't just teach me about my PCOS, but the exact form of it I have so we can heal it accordingly. I feel like I have access to get all the answers the doctor's won't test for and I can't figure out. She has put me on a plan that's healing my insulin resistance at a rapid rate.  I've had a sugar addiction since I was a toddler and am finally breaking that addiction at the root cause. I used to heal so slowly (sign of pre/diabetes) and now my acne and other things are healing the same amount in weeks that took me months or years to fix. She is gentle and kind, never pushy, encouraging and truly cares at equipping and educating her clients so they can succeed and maintain their success in lifestyle change. She addresses large and small things that usually are stumbling blocks in people's health journey. I'm so incredibly grateful for the blessing she is...just as I started to give up I found her. Thank you Tallene! More...


Birdie M.

27 November 2018

Tallene helped identify my weight loss plateau as adrenal fatigue- I would have never thought of this! I was working out ( cardio and weights / boot camp) 5-6x a week - eating literally perfect diet 80-90% of the time .... and gaining weight. 13 lbs to be exact. I was exhausted ALL the time - I would set my alarm on my phone on my 10 minute break at work and literally go into REM cycle and have dreams! Sometimes I'd take naps 3x a day on both my breaks and on lunch. I was up to 4 espresso shots a day in addition to the pre work out I took and still woke up exhausted for work and could not wait to get back into my bed later that night. I was starting to get depressed because all my efforts were not paying me back in results. After seeing Tallene , I made huge changes in my day to day- my goal is to HEAL my adrenal glands. Get sleep sleep sleep! Rest! No caffeine! Add complex carbs into my diet, up my calorie intake ( because I was in deficit too long ) drink tons of water, do yoga 2-3x a week ( not cardio or boot camp) .... And even with Halloween and thanksgiving and eating uncontrollably for the past week I DIDNT even gain one lb!!!! And I am confident that if it was a normal week I would have even lost weight! I feel SO MUCH BETTER- I'm down to half a cup of coffee a day - I feel human again! I'm looking forward the results I will get in the upcoming months! Thank you Tallene ! More...


Sophia B.

5 October 2018

Tallene was so helpful in my eating disorder healing process! She was easy to talk to and came up with weekly goals to overcome obstacles. She was always there to contact for help and never hesitated to answer questions out of the office or make time to talk to me. She adjusted my meal plan to fit my nutritional needs as I journeyed to intuitive eating. She also helped me work on self care and moving towards a balanced lifestyle. More...


Yelena T.

17 September 2018

Talleen is very sweet and knowledgeable and definitely gave me some very useful recommendations.  I had several follow up questions for her and she never hesitated to write back in a timely fashion.  I would definitely recommend her! More...


Nikki C.

20 July 2018

Tallene was so helpful in balancing my vegetarian diet and making me realize I was not getting enough protein after ten years of eating this way! Her meal plan and recipes are super yummy, easy and balanced. She is also easy to talk to being a young female, something I appreciate being a young female myself. Thanks Tallene!update 7/29: after less than 2 months of following tallene's recommended diet and supplements, my period came back! First 'natural' period with PCOS in my life, after being on birth control for about 11 years to treat PCOS as a teenager. Thanks again! More...


Katie T.

9 June 2018

I having been working with Tallene for about four months now and it has been absolutely wonderful! After struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome for about five years, I decided to see a nutritionist to try to improve my symptoms. And things have gotten so much better! I have made a lot of lifestyle changes - eating, sleep, exercise... - with guidance from Tallene. I feel in control of my life and the decisions that I make concerning my health. More...


Sharon N.

8 June 2018

I've been wanting to work with a dietitian for a very long time (years). I've struggled with my weight for decades. Due to my long work commute, my health was steadily declining. I met Tallene at an event at my gym. It was the right place and the right time. I found Tallene very easy to talk to. She was unassuming, listened to my concerns and her responses made me feel like I could trust her with helping me improve my diet.I've been working with Tallene for 5 months now. She has helped me to improve my diet. She provides encouragement and even text reminders to make sure I'm following her advice. Because I am so focused on my work all day, I can easily forget to do the things Tallene suggests. So the text reminders have been very helpful. She gives me great tips on healthy snacks that are proportioned correctly. She provides great, easy to fix recipes. I enjoy my sessions with her. She is very knowledgeable, listens carefully to your problems and readily has suggestions to improve your diet that will address your issue.I highly recommend Tallene. She is so easy to talk to. You get a sense of trust and confidence in Tallene. Tallene can help you work through whatever nutritional issues  you may have. She has the knowledge and training to help you. It will be the best thing you can do for yourself. I am so glad  did. More...



4 June 2018

Tallene helped me figure out my underlying health problems within the first 5 minutes of my visit! She guided me in the right direction as far as lifestyle/food and helped me get my health back via the proper diet and vitamins. She fueled me up with all the proper things my body needed. Following Tallene's schedule and diet plan is effortless and the best feeling was when I felt my old self again. I have more natural energy than ever and I'm so productive everyday. Many many thanks Tallene!!! More...


Kevork Akoubian

27 May 2018

Tallene is very relatable and easy to talk to. She provided me with the knowledge and tools that I needed to achieve my weight loss goal AND keep the weight off. I came into her office for a one hour session once a week and we communicated between sessions whenever I had questions. I replaced one of my sessions with a grocery store tour. She took me around Mother's Market and showed me all of the healthy alternatives to the foods I was eating and taught me how to read nutrition labels. She also shared easy recipes that i now have under my belt. Not only have I been able to discover what my triggers with food are but I have created the habit of mindful eating and I apply this skill every day. Tallene has helped me get on track and stay on track! More...


gabrielle mixon

27 May 2018

The only dietician that has ever helped me live a balanced and healthy lifestyle! Sweet, down to earth and such an amazing cook and teacher, thank you tallene for getting me to my goal weight and keeping me there!


Lilit B.

28 March 2018

I heard about Tallene through a friend of mine who was also going through a similar health condition as myself and I immediately reached out. I had alot of symptoms from the condition + poor dieting and I needed to get my life back on track. Tallene was very compassionate and was able to guide me through her evidence based research and help me relieve my symptoms just as she had done for herself years ago. Tallene continuously encourage me throughout the process as I made large adjustments to my lifestyle. She gave me the tools and advice to continue the healing process and she constantly kept in touch to make sure I was on the right track. She set up a regimen that would be compatible with my constant work traveling and a diet that doesn't leave me too hungry. I would highly recommend Tallene for any of your diet concerns! More...


Datevig T.

5 March 2018

I've been struggling with how to eat more balanced meals & snacks throughout the day, especially with my hectic schedule and the long hours I work. Tallene set up a convenient FaceTime session, and we spoke for about an hour very thoroughly. She went over my goals, what I want to achieve with my eating habits, and what types of issues I had been having keeping up with a more balanced meal structure. Tallene came up with a meal plan for me, and sent me recipes that would be easy for me to make at home when I get home late from work. She worked with my food aversions and now I have nutritious options that I know are good for me, and most importantly are very easy to keep up with. I've been eating her plan for about 2 weeks now, and I feel a lot better throughout the day.I highly recommend getting in touch with her for any nutrition counseling you may need. More...


Natalie K.

3 March 2018

I met Tallene months ago at an event where I had the opportunity to talk to her about nutrition and how to live a healthy life. I knew instantly that she was not only knowledgeable but could truly teach others how to make lasting changes in their own lives. After seeing the amazing photos of her work she would post on social media, I felt inspired to start living healthier. She spent an hour with me on the phone to get to know more about me and my lifestyle. Minutes after we were off the phone, she had already created a custom menu for me to follow and easily stick to with my hectic schedule. I recommend her to anyone looking to get personalized attention and help with their diet and lifestyle! Thank you Tallene! More...


Paige P.

13 February 2018

Tallene is a joy to work with! Not only is she a capable professional but her support and encouragement are unmatched. Tallene helped me adjust my diet to combat early symptoms of GERD and acid reflux, something my whole family has struggled with. With her help I found so many new fun recipes and ways to continue having a foodie-lifestyle while minimizing my discomfort. 100% would recommend Tallene to anyone looking to make dietary adjustments or anyone who wants to have more fun in their own kitchen. More...


Lara I.

11 February 2018

Tallene is fantastic at what she does! She's so knowledgeable and attentive to her clients. Highly recommend her services, you won't regret it!


Sirak K.

8 February 2018

I needed a professional nutritionist for an upcoming decathlon, I've been competing for years but always felt my diet lacked what I needed to compete. Tallene analyzed my entire diet, took body fat measurement with her cool weight machine that I can track with my phone and even ran a full nutrition profile on me to see what I was lacking in. Since she is a registered dietitian I put my full trust in her and she had me on a meal plan that reduced my body fat, improves my performance, but even better I felt great. I'm glad to say I made mass improvements to my body. Will definitely be back before my next competition. More...