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Erons Ajeghe

5 August 2019

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Jessica Berthold

10 July 2019

I absolutely LOVE my meals from Healthy Eating Meal Prep. The food is fresh and the portion sizes are huge! Not to mention they are super affordable and have weekly specials. Marcus goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his customers and wants to see you achieve your nutritional goals. I highly recommend checking them out! More...


Jessica Foyah

10 July 2019

Great meal prep program and healthy eats! Their delivery service is so convenient!!!


Gregory Brown

9 January 2019

Great service! Lamb chops and shrimp are the best! Definitely ordering again


Edward Higgins

30 August 2018

This was a first for me and the food was great.


Stacey Strobel Schoen

30 August 2018

I have ordered several times off and on from Marcus and have been pleased every time. The portions are a great size. We love the salmon and the chicken breast is great!


Alexis L Love

15 April 2018

I absolutely love this company!! The quality of the food is amazing for a professional athlete like myself. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good, healthy meal.


A Joyce Finley

31 March 2018

I had a great experience with healthy eating meal prep. The food was fresh and on time. Everything was portioned for my individual needs. The customer service I received was above & beyond. I’m so thankful for Marcus and this great service he’s providing. More...


Tracy Roby- Porter

29 March 2018

With the way that i work, I don't have much time to cook at home. So with the food prep, it makes it nice for me to eat healthy and have my food already prepared for me. I have had most of the dishes and I can tell you that they are all delish!!!! The owner takes pride in preparing and also with the presentation of the meals. I would recommend Healthy eating to everyone and I will continue to enjoy!!! More...


AMaria Caldwell

18 March 2018

Best healthy food service in town! Excellent pricing!


Emily Morris

8 February 2018

The food is delicious! Having these healthy meals has been very beneficial with my busy schedule. It is also very convenient because they deliver it to my house. My husband and I eat this yummy food during our busy work weeks. More...


Joel Anderson

6 February 2018

The food is awesome and helps keep me and my wife on track for eating healthy during the week. We love the variety we have to choose from, and it allows us to not have to eat the same meals every meal like we did when we prepped our own foods. This takes the stress out of meal prep for us and allows us to enjoy more of our weekends and time with our son as well. This is a great way to begin a healthy eating regimen without breaking the bank. More...


Suzanne Anderson

4 February 2018

We order weekly now and are loving the food and portions! Marcus is very great to work with as well. It makes our lives with a toddler so much easier & allows us to stay healthy!


Kristian Dudgeon

2 September 2017

Just received my very first order from Healthy Eating, LLC, and I could not be more satisfied! Marcus is kind, professional, and delivers amazing quality in both the food and customer service. I tried my first meal right after he left, and the only thing I'm left wondering is why it took me so long to try this out. It is such a blessing to have someone in our community providing access to balanced, affordable, and DELICIOUS meals during my health journey. Thank you so much for all that you do! I'll definitely be a repeat customer! � More...


Tory Stanley

30 August 2017

I've been ordering from Healthy Eating Meal Prep since March 2017, and I absolutely love it! I wanted to find a meal prep service to help me with my fitness goals shortly after my father passed away in September of 2016. Dad had been a coach of mine for most of my life (football, baseball, powerlifting, etc.) and nutrition was always a focal point of anything we did together. However, I hadn't been taking care of myself even before he died due to long work hours (tax season), traveling, poor food choices, etc. As you can imagine, his unexpected passing was a wake-up call to me. And, it led me to really strive to live healthier, live for what really matters (family, friends, fun), and to help others. I searched for months, and finally came upon Healthy Eating LLC during an internet search. I'm a CPA (auditor), so I usually don't have the time to both grocery shop and meal prep. This company allows me to do both online and it's cheaper than traditional grocery shopping for me because there's always various online/Instagram coupons available. I've lost 14 pounds since I've started ordering from Healthy Eating Meal Prep. I usually supplement my meals with fruits and/or vegetables either between meals or with them in order to prevent from over eating, but as another poster on here noted; the portions have helped me be more aware of the correct portions I should be eating. The owner (Marcus Childs) of the company and all of the delivery personnel are great people that do whatever it takes to make sure their customers are happy. And, I'll continue using Healthy Eating Meal Prep for the foreseeable future. As a former college football player, I can tell you my change in lifestyle has led to sustained weight loss, higher energy levels, and more free time. Plus, it's already given me a platform to help some of my family and friends make healthy lifestyle changes. Thanks to the cooking and seasoning I also don't feel like I'm compromising on taste either (try the jerk chicken bowls and any of the seafood dishes). I have recommended them to anyone who will listen to me, and I hope that anyone that reads this will at least try it out. More...


Brett Messieh

22 August 2017

Awesome food and friendly people. Definitely recommend


Morgan Thompson

18 August 2017

I don't know how we lived before we started ordering meal prep lunches from Marcus. My husband and I order every Wednesday or Thursday to get the buy one get one deal. $45 for 10 lunches fresh, healthy lunches already prepared. You really can't beat it! We're on our third week ordering and I don't see us stopping anytime soon. And I'm down 5 pounds! The meals are yummy, too! More...


Stephanie Bell

17 May 2017

Healthy Eating Meal Prep was catered to my workplace today and the food was delicious! I will definitely be placing an order for my family!


Allie Snider

15 May 2017

Just received our first order last Thursday and we're super impressed!! The food is delicious, was delivered to us and is very healthy! Can't wait to try more!


Amy Prentice

15 May 2017

This is my third week of getting food from Healthy Eating Meal Prep and I love the service, the food and the price is much more reasonable than other places/sites. I have lost 8lbs in the first 2 weeks of eating the meals. Some may think the portions are too small, but for me as on over eater, I really like the portion sizes and they have helped me be more aware of the correct portions I should be eating. If you are an athlete and maybe not looking to lose weight, you could easily double up on the meals. The owner of the company and the delivery guy that I have dealt with are both awesome. I am super pleased with this service and highly recommend it!!! More...


Earl Heyman

11 May 2017

I love the food and the people are really friendly!


Rachel Eichler

21 March 2017

This is my third time ordering meals through Healthy Eating! The food is great and the prices are extremely reasonable! Marcus is great with customer service too! Will be ordering again! �


Jim Kitterman

15 March 2017

So, I have been getting my meals prepared by Marcus for almost 2 years now. I have lost 45 pounds and went from a 2X T-shirt up to a 3X T-shirt. Yes I train five days a week yes I have been training since I was 13 years old but what so many people fail to understand is that the absolute key to success in training goes back to about 95% diet. You may kill yourself in the gym for two hours a day and that's great if you do but remember there are another 22 hours left in the day that your body goes through that requires proper nutrition. My average work day is 10 hours and then I train in the gym and before I know it it is 11 o'clock at night and I do not have time to cook and I definitely do not have the desire and that's where Marcus comes in. So for me healthy eating is a godsend and something else that is great is it doesn't break my wallet. I highly recommend a consultation with Marcus for your nutritional needs. Great food a great guy and a great way to support a local business. The proof is in the picture not bad for someone getting ready to turn 49 years old. Thank you Marcus for everything you do for me I appreciate it! More...


Westcoast Jody

14 March 2017

Food is always fresh and delicious!!! I order twice a month.


Celia Brown Heyman

14 March 2017

Turkey burger is my fav! It was delicious and staff was friendly!


Darnell SuperChef Ferguson

14 March 2017

Great tasting healthy meals for the busy lifestyle.. very affordable something i can see myself doing weekly


Tia Conard

12 March 2017

Just had my first meal - it was so delicious. It's so much easier than trying to figure out my own meal prep. Will def be ordering again.


Dee Watkins

17 February 2017

Online ordering was quick and easy. Someone was always available when I called with questions and was very professional. Delivery guy called me prior to arriving to verify address and let me know he was on his way. Everything I ordered was delivered and the food taste great. Takes the stress off of cooking after a long day of working! I will order again :) More...


Judy Hamilton Shackleton

15 February 2017

The food is yummy and Marcus provides excellent customer service. If something is not quite as expected he is ready and willing to fix it ASAP. The pre measured portions are great for someone trying to live a healthy lifestyle with good food choices. The food is fresh and tastes delicious. The meals stay fresh for up to 7 days in the fridge. Give Healthy Eating a call, they take the stress out of meal prep. More...


Katie Kustes Holland

27 January 2017

We love Healthy Eating Meal Prep. We are new parents and both working full time and having these pre made meals on hand have made our life so much easier. Such a great healthy variety and the customer service has been great!! I've actually lost some weight too because it's helped me eat less. But the meals are delicious and fill me up. It's a perfect amount. Thank you Healthy Meal Prep!! More...


Alexa Morgan May

3 January 2017

Great food and always fresh! Keeps me right on track with my daily goals. Totally recommended ���


Shannon Lynch

9 December 2016

Marcus and team runs a fantastic healthy food business. I consistently order from them and have my meals delivered directly to my house. The menu is fantastic, food is well made and tastes great. Oh, by the way, I have already lost over 20 lbs with have my meals prepped and incorporating into my fitness plan over the past few months. Thanks so much Healthy Eating! More...


Corey Sias

31 July 2016

Between my 12-hour shifts, sleep, and maintaining a busy schedule, I was eating more and more junk food. Healthy Eating, LLC is the way to go and they will prep your meals so you don't have to. This way I can work my shifts, skip McDonalds on the way to and from work, and know I am eating a healthy meal without any effort on my part. More...


Kristina Kluesner

20 May 2016

I love this place. Cheap, easy and most of all delicious. Even when I have a problem they go above and beyond to fix it.


Kendra Kenshay

26 April 2016

Amazing, I ordered my meals on Saturday and they were ready on Monday. I was able to specify what i wanted and needed and it was carried out exactly how I requested. Customer service was A+ and I picked up my food at a very convenient location. Owner was very nice and friendly. I will definitely utilize this company again!! More...


Jodie Murphy-Flood

16 March 2016

I Love this place, the guy that owns it knows I have a hard time with my eating so whenever my friends order their lunch he always gives me an apple so that I eat!! I take my son home The Jerk Chicken, he says it the best he has had!!! More...


Beth Carr

9 March 2016

Food is great!!!! Lots of flavors! The staff made a special trip to deliver our food when I originally chose to pick up. Great customer service!!!!!! Highly recommended. More...


Allison Perry Gunter

17 November 2015

The food is delicious!! Marcus and his staff are wonderful, they take great care of their customers & our needs. They put a lot of time into making sure we get what we need.


Chelsey Gipson

12 September 2015

fantastic service and great food!


Shaconda A. Daniel

2 September 2015

Healthy eating for a great price! The food is awesome. I will be placing many more orders. Thank you!!!!


Celeste Bishop

25 May 2015

Great food great taste healthy eating is the place


Sharlis N Montgomery

14 April 2015

Great food and excellent service with a smile. I got the Turkey Burger today for lunch and it was awesome...that sauce they put on the burger was bomb!! I will definitely be back since I work downtown! More...


Shelly Wingo-Weaver

10 April 2015

The food was amazing! Very healthy choices offered and seasoned well without all the fat.


Shameka L. Parrish-Wright

3 April 2015

Great food with healty options that please the taste buds too:-)


Latoyia Lackey

16 March 2015

Awesome! The food is good and im so pleased that his focus is on eating healthier, which adds years to everyone's life! Great Job Marcus!


Francine Cozier

31 January 2015

Amazing food and awesome hospitality!!


Michael Murphy

28 January 2015

While visiting the city I stopped in people was very nice food was great.


Lyriko Jocelyn Williams

26 November 2014

Very delicious healthy food and great hospitality


Rheonna Nicole

24 August 2014

Not only is his teeth perfect but so is his food


Shane Logsdon

23 July 2014

Great food, very clean and healthy options. Great service as well.


Shel Bourne

11 July 2014

Excellent food ....fuel for my lean muscles.

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