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Occupational therapist and certified yoga therapist optimize holistic client-centered therapy/wellness across the lifespan. Specialties in childbearing year, early intervention, transitions, struggling teens, emotional regulation, sensory processing/integration, social-emotional intelligence, eating/feeding difficulties/disorders, holistic life coaching.



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I am passionate about empowering people with the tools to live their life to the fullest potential with gratitude, joy and health.

I carried what I was already doing into corporations in the mid 80's to enliven work environments and bring conscious health choices to workers. I also started teaching yoga for the childbearing year helping families during this time of transition. I carried this to other life transitions and rapidly became passionate about support and empowerment of those in transition. OT and yoga therapy allow me optimal merging of east meets west modalities!

I will meet you respectfully where are right now and listen fully to what your goals are. I will guide you to design a client-centered program to best meet your needs and continue to update as you progress, change and grow!