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Healing Waters HypnoFusion works with you to recognize your symptoms of stress and help you manage the root cause and manifestations of your stress. We have successfully helped our clients take charge of their lives, end panic attacks, manage their weight, stop smoking, reduce exam anxiity, end fear of flying and other fears, end fear of infertility, enhance focus, enhance ability for public speaking, add work-life balance to their lives, and so much more.



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I love helping provide my clients with more self-awareness, clarity, and guidance in a safe, supportive, educating, healthy environment. I am grateful to use my training and gifts to help my clients live their best, most productive, most relevant, and healthiest lives! My clients are taking charge of their lives!

I was almost permanently defeated by the manifestations of undetected stress. I survived and have made it my mission to help others identify the root cause of their stress and the manifestations of their stress, and to take charge of their lives.

I am able to provide my clients with a unique customized blend of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Restorative Yoga, health and Wellness coaching, Nutrition coaching, Aromatherapy, and more, that I call HypnoFusion.