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Robin MiMi Hudson

7 September 2017

A year ago... I spent two days with some amazing women of God. They will always be my sisters in Christ. HLF Ministries.... my life will forever be changed... still to this day I have seen manifestation of things that were discussed even then. Lydia Mzame Trentina Morris Tracci Parham Kisha Selena & others.... after praying tonight for guidance and peace... I remembered my surrender... and I took the 3 sea shells I removed from the shore that day and placed in my hand and cried because I know the prayers and the tears shed w each one of you on that day. I keep the 3 shells on my tray in my bathroom as I awake each day they are a reminder to me of the love shared and promises made on that day and on the third day he arose just like the baptistism... renewed rejuvenated.... restored 3! I'm so excited for those that are walking the shore where I walked and praying their surrender still feels the same as mine a year later... �� � love you all! More...


Charles Reaves

24 January 2017

This ministry is truly in line with Gods word. We need all three (Healing Love and Forgiveness) to effectively make a difference at any level and at the Men's Conference our instructors really gave a lot of themselves to teach mentor and train us all. I absolutely loved it and will certainly attend again and assist in the effort to help others. More...


Janice Bishop

29 January 2016

This retreat is done to restore the whole man. Addressing broken, hidden issues. The forum is done in a professional and elegant setting. The healing goes on for days after you leave, God just keeps pouring his oil in. Sometimes we don't know that we're holding on to not forgiving until it's unveiled . This is a safe place filled with love. I would encourage anyone that needs healing of any kind to come to this year's retreat. There are payment plans so you can be stress free at conference time. Look forward to seeing you there. More...


Rondale Burgess

28 October 2015

I am so thankful to have been apart of this Awesome....Amazing....Inspiring...Blessed ministry....God moved in a mighty way! It was a great experience! Thank you! More...


Tanika Evans Reaves

14 April 2015

A wonderful retreat designed to cleanse mind, body & soul.


Candida L. Bond Hamilton

1 November 2014

This conference is mind, heart and life changing! I'm looking forward to tomorrow and still amazed by what has already happened! #shutthedoor #agreewithGod


Clarise Hicks

22 January 2014

This organization is truly a blessing for all who have a chance to participate. You walk away truly restored.

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