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Mitra Academy of Change

25 July 2019

We are at Academy Of Change extremely pleased with the photographs of our events Edris photographed for us. Edris is a highly professional and very experienced photographer. I am always extremely impressed with his work. He captures the moment very well and preserves some notable memories.I would not hesitate to hire him again!Hire him now!Mitra MohamadzedhFounder of Academy Of Change More...


David Merenda

24 July 2019

Having my pictures taken with Edris was much more than a pleasure, it was fun, exciting and a wonderful experience. He is so talented and knows exactly how to get the best shot, the proper angles and best lighting based on your height and skin tone. The experience was high energy and I felt, only as I can imagine, a real model must feel at a photo shoot. My pictures turned out so good that the compliments kept pouring in as I would post them on my social media sites and also for my businesses and my websites. He was very caring and attentive to my needs. He was early for my appointment and delivered the finished pictures to me also very promptly, within a few days. He took the time to explain the process, was very descriptive and to the point. I would highly recommend using him for all your photographic needs. From headshots to weddings, engagements, showers, private or corporate parties, baby or prenatal, Edris is the man with the vision and the lens to make all your dreams come true to! More...


shahin shirdarreh

30 June 2019

Edris is my photographer past few years. His taste, talent, and skills in photography is remarkable. He is very experienced and knows how to make you look better in photo. On the other side, his personality is fun, and well-manner and I enjoy the moment with him in his professional studio. Edris is master of photography and number 1 in Toronto. Thanks Edris. More...


Nikolai Buchvostov

30 June 2019

I know Edris for several years and I used his professional services for the same period of time. He always does an amazing job his pictures are outstanding, all the printing companies who dealt with my photos always complement the pictures. Overall his services are professional, reliable and fast. More...


Fahimeh Dehghan

21 May 2019

I had my birthday photoshoot with Edris! I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful pictures!! Edris is very professional, creative with a great sense of humor!! And his work is very distinctive ! More...


Mohammad Teimouri

12 May 2019

Edris is energetic and friendly , good photographer and pays attention to details. He does his best to keep you happy.


Saeed Yazdi

5 May 2019

Superb service and customer care, couldn't be happier.


Ranique King

27 March 2019

Excellent photographer. Very professional service, Edris was very welcoming and nice. I suggest his service to anyone. He makes sure you get the perfect picture with the help of his suggested poses.


Richard Williams

27 March 2019

Excellent photographer, was really happy with my head shots. Helped with giving me direction to get just the right shot and was very patient as well. Would definitely recommend!


Massi Dolatshahi

5 February 2019

He is really Master and professional photographer ���


Arman Yousefi

5 February 2019

One of a kind! Thanks for your AMAZING photos Edris!.


Samim Mohseni

28 October 2018

Very professional, patient and knowledgeable photographer you can trust for your business needs. I highly recommend that you just stop looking around and go with the master Thank you for the wonderful service ‍♂️


Elham Ghaderian

28 October 2018

His service and professionality is outstanding. Not only he does the best customer service but also his great job makes all customers and clients happy to work with. Thank you, keep up and all the best More...


Faramarz Aslani

28 September 2018

I was pleasantly surprised when I entered Edris’s studio in Toronto. I had expected a sterile setting, with the usual lightings and other necessary equipments. What I had not envisioned, was to find myself in a calm oasis with great music and a warm reception. Needless to say, that Edris and his kind assistant, made me feel at ease and relaxed. When one is at ease, the photos become an artistic image. I am extremely satisfied with the results. More...


Masumeh Zekri

29 August 2018

Edris is a patient and knowledgeable guy who I really needed for my first corporate headshot. I couldn't believe the quality of the picture he took of me and I would recommend him to anyone needing a professional and reliable photographer.


Eye Doctor Oh

26 May 2018

Edris is an outstanding photographer! I was impressed by his attention-to-detail, creativity and professionalism from the moment I walked into his studio. He put me at ease and I felt comfortable working with him. You will not want to leave with just two photos maybe four or more like me. Each photo will be edited to perfection! More...

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