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Holly Osborne

5 July 2019

We were VERY happy with our original experiences 8 to 10 years ago, great sittings, beautiful photos, just the whole experience. THEN, our daughter's graduation composite picture was scratched during a move, it couldn't be repaired, so I was going to get a new composite. That was 6 months ago! Called monthly and left messages, and when I was contacted, it was promised that it would be done soon. Now I dont even get a response. I will just be happy now to get our damaged composite BACK, but I cant get ahold of them. More...


Garrett Darger

27 March 2019



Rob F.

2 October 2018

No professionalism by the owner whatsoever! None!! Still waiting on my money No customer service whatsoever! The owner knows that because he post on Pinterest all the time that his business lacks at customer service and needs to be better at it.


Rob Flint

28 September 2018

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced ! still waiting on my money.. The owner showed no professionalism whatsoever NONE!


Kay R. Ashton

26 May 2018

Hazen Studios did some business photographs of our employees a couple of years back. They were both professional and fun to work with. The photos turned out beautifully. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone with profession photography needs. More...


Madison Shelburg

26 May 2018

Best photographer in Utah. A bit difficult to get a hold of but worth the wait!!!!


Christie Wilson

26 May 2018

Here's the deal: I have had Ryne doing photography for me in various capacities for over 15 years. Ryne has shot my family portraits, my wedding, and various photos for my business including billboard imagery. I think Ryne is quite simply THE MOST talented photographer in Utah; it is rare that you have a photographer that GENUINELY has interest in capturing the magic of the person, and who is willing to invest the time necessary to get the best shot. Additionally, his editing skills are unmatched; each image looks radiant, soft, and totally pro. Yes, Ryne is so overwhelmed with business that it can take a bit of time to schedule and to get a final image ready-- but it is worth your patience and worth the wait. His talent is unmatched. Also, Deb is a sweet-heart and is really helpful at picking out frames and helping to select final imagery. Don't complain if it takes a bit of time to get dialed in; be grateful you get to work with the best! More...


Ariana Broome

26 May 2018

pictures came out great, except that this company is extremely hard to get ahold of. We would call once a day and not hear back for a week or two, even though they were open. It took a month to get pictures back when they claimed it wouldn’t take long at all. Just awful service. More...


Lauren Anderson

26 May 2017

Well its been nearly 5 months and i still cannot get my daughters recital pictures from them. Guess i have to dispute the payment with my credit card company. Ridiculously big pain in my rear. Where are the pictures Are they lost in outerspace If so give me my money back More...


janae gundesen

26 May 2017

We have been going to Hazen Photography for over 20 years and they are simply the BEST! No studio I have seen can take pictures like they do.


Linda C.

26 September 2016

Worst customer service! I've called at least 5x and no one has returned my phone calls regarding my issue. I paid for pictures that they took at my daughters dance studio but never received them. I either want my money back or the pictures! This place sucks at taking pictures too because even for the previous years of paying and actually getting my pictures, they were never good. More...


Nicole Montgomery

26 May 2016

I am so disappointed with the service at Hazen. After weeks of trying to get in touch with the studio and multiple voicemails they finally called me back about scheduling an appointment. I schedule the appointment almost TWO months in advanced then about two weeks before the shoot they left me a voicemail saying they had to cancel it! I tried contacting them to reschedule but they never answered and continued to dodge my calls and never returned my voicemail messages. In their one voicemail they told me the photographer was "going out of town" even though I know they have multiple photographers who could have done my shoot. They never offered me a resolution to the problem they created and I had to book an appointment with another studio very very last minute. I have no idea how their photography is since they bailed on me! Unfortunately I don't even know how their photography quality is since I never got the chance to find out but if it is anything like their service I wouldn't want to go! If your looking for a professional studio this is not the place to go. They don't care about their customers or how they treat people. Bailing on an appointment two weeks before the shoot is so unprofessional and frankly plain rude. More...


Wendy Parry Bennett

Going back for a third session! Love your work! (And Carrie too!)


Eric N Kelsi Tinoco

Amazing work!!. I have never had a bad experience with Ryne! I will always be going back!:)


Jenny Danner

They were so awesome Saturday it was such a fun great experience for me and my.daughter aspyn


Angie Thompson

My daughters senior pictures were amazing. They did a great job. Will get my other daughters pictures here also.


Anastasia-Annie Prokopis-Bigler

I have been coming to Hazen for 20+ years! Love your photos


Maritza Leon

Worst service ever!!!bad customer service
They never refund my money.


Jenny Starley

I just checked out our album of our family of 18+ and the photos are amazing! They are so beautiful it made me cry! I can't thank you enough!


Ashkeya Hokanson

I felt like a princess at my photoshoot. The staff at Hazen Studios truly knows how to take care of their clients and produce a fantastic picture. I would go back in a heartbeat.


Pamela Dussault

The worst customer service ever, still after 4 months no pictures just the run around by staff


Angela Knight Archibald

They drove all the way to Fillmore, Ut. And spent all day with our Drill Team! Rhine, and Debbie were amazing! Super happy with everything! I will definitely be using them again! Thanks Hazens! More...


Linda Chavarria

Worst customer service! I've called at least 5x and no one has returned my phone calls regarding my issue. I paid for pictures that they took at my daughters dance studio but never received them. I either want my money back or the pictures! This place sucks at taking pictures too because even for the previous years of paying and actually getting my pictures, they were never good. More...


Matt Lane

Great photos, but that's it. Horrendous customer service. Took very few photos of our wedding and charged us a ton of money. If in the future you'd like more pictures of your wedding good luck because you don't own the rights to your photos and to purchase the rights they wanted $1000. If they still had them. More...


Brian Masters

Either very busy or just bad customer service... Best advice: call early and often to book because it might take forever to hear back from them. I'm not sure the office staff realizes the phone can be used to call OUT as getting a call back - even after leaving multiple messages - is darn near impossible.

If you can, deal directly with Ryne because, once you get in, the quality kind'a makes you forget the rest of it (sort of)... It's like the hot chick who KNOWS she's hot and, so, doesn't feel the need to be particularly nice to you until you're actually on the date... Yeah. Kinda like that. Anyway, that being said, they deliver tremendous quality photography once you've weathered the storm of getting the appointment. Ryne has always taken the shots for us and, once in studio, he is really, really great to work with.

So, if you have the time and patience and/or plan way ahead, they are definitely worth a look. I give them 3.5 to 4 stars overall because the quality of photography is definitely a 5 but the customer service is more along the lines of a 2.

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