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Hayes-Taylor YMCA

Lincoln Heights, North Carolina

Hayes-Taylor YMCA  logo

Hayes-Taylor YMCA

Lincoln Heights, North Carolina


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Sheon Graves

21 September 2019

Great Staff, great atmosphere, great family oriented environment!!


Marleny E Vincent

3 August 2019

All their instructors and classes are awesome! Especially Zumba with Yzetta & Dacia’s classes! Body pump with Rebecca is great to you will feel sore as soon as the class is over!


Julie Robbins

6 June 2019

Wonderful pool, warm and friendly staff. We ❤️ Hayes Taylor for swimming and summer camp!


Lori Lawson Poag

4 June 2019

My son Zeke absolutely loved his first swim class today! This was one of the best decisions I’ve made! ‍♀️


Cynthia Spearman-Hall

2 May 2019

Great place to get in shape both physically and mentally. Exercising and fellowshipping with a community of peers.


Bernard Wright

24 April 2019

Very clean machines are nice, atmosphere is great, one thing missing is a hack squat machine. If you all could get a hack squat machine in there the Gym would be perfect.


Claudia Fox

18 April 2019

Very friendly and helpful folks. Great water exercise!


Jane Hamp

5 April 2019

It’s clean! The customer service is great!


Shashownie Townes

2 April 2019

the people are very friendly and very kind like the view it's always a great place to be


Monica Rogers

9 February 2019

All the classes you meet great people. young to old fat and skinny EVERY ONE IS WELCOMED The Hayes-Taylor Y is awesome


Jerald Neely

26 January 2019

Great place for families!!! Gem & Gym of East Greensboro!!!!


Connie McLellon White

5 January 2019

Attended my first class on Thurs and it was so much fun! Great gym! Great people!


Bay Tay

27 December 2018

This Y hands down is the best.


Brenden Kee

15 December 2018

HAYES-Taylor is the best YMCA I have ever been apart of! The community and family values they uphold are par excellent and the staff is like none other! Thank you Hayes-Taylor YMCE for your love and service! More...


Karie Carolina Bond

19 November 2018

Football season with Coach Josh and Coach Terrance for the 5-6 year olds is always awesome.


Taretha Jones

28 September 2018

This is a great place to work out and the staff is so friendly! I enjoy every one of my visits to this Y. The facility is updated and has the latest exercise equipment. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too!


Denzel Maxwell

10 July 2018

Great place to get that work in!!


Logan Danielle Foust

4 July 2018

This is seriously the best Y in GSO and surrounding areas. Always clean. Friendly staff. Amazing childcare facilities and caring staff members. LOVE LOVE LOVE MY HAYES TAYLOR


Retina Dingle

1 July 2018

Just join the YMCA,I really love it all staff was so nice,love it there


Janelle Powell

19 June 2018

Super clean facility, friendly staff, state of the art fitness center. Mr. Burnett is wonderful and a great director.


Keonna Hamlett

26 May 2018

Awesome place and atmosphere. Great for my son and I Its clean and has everything we'd want in a YMCA


Adelia Smith

26 May 2018

I love it here..nice staff and pleasant environment. ..my only problem is they need a hot tub jacuzzi....ijs and more machines


Isaac Iridium

26 May 2018

They got an indoor track!!!, thats an automatic 5 star rating in my book


Jessica Gregory

26 May 2018

The employees and members of the Hayes-Taylor YMCA are professional, loving, helpful and family oriented. Our family has benefited from the youth programs, basketball courts, swimming facilities, and exercise equipment. They keep the place and equipment extremely clean. Friends of our family love the fitness classes. Maybe this year we'll participate in a class as well! More...


Mitzi R. Turner

5 May 2018

It was my first time visiting this Y. It is incredible, the people are so welcoming and nice. I intend to visit again. Beautiful facility


Shawn C. Foster

19 April 2018

The Child Care was perfect for my children, and the aerobics class was perfect for me!�


Toya B.

1 April 2018

Hayes Taylor YMCA had a fund raiser that my husband and I had attended. My husband started having severe leg cramps and was unable to walk. One of the fitness instructors (Marcy Welch) had spotted him trying to go down the steps when the cramps hit him. He had 6 Hayes Taylor Staff members and instructors over him feeding him peanut butter, water, apples,Gatorade and rubbing Biofreeze and ice packs on him to masage out the leg cramp. He was down for about an hour. Marcy even walked us to the car. Thank you Susan, Dan, Marcy and April Miller for all your help. You guys were well prepared. More...


quietley Blue

2 February 2018

second week going this place has a beautiful no judgment zone, i am glad i joined, very nice individuals.


James Price

30 November 2017

Spacious gym with plenty to offer including free weights, machine weights that count and time reps, an indoor track and classes. Also has a basketball court, an indoor pool, sauna and steam room. They also offer classes (saw a karate class when I was there). More...


Sosy Gawa

28 July 2017

Great place to work out. Like hanging out with the family.


Jannie Lee

22 July 2017

Love working out here. Could use a bit more machines.


Marcela Del Pilar Rubio

27 June 2017

Que agradable lugar y que acogina con los visitantes...ojala en nuestro pais hubieran esta clase de espacios....Gracias


Mo Green

26 May 2017

I love it here. Not only is it conveniently across from Barber Park, but it is a straight shot for me if I get on the highway. The staff is so nice there, especially at the front desk. It has everything my family and I want and need. Will I'm upstairs working out, my husband and oldest son are downstairs playing basketball and my two baby boys are hanging out in the child care rooms (which actually keeps them entertained!) Definitely a 5 star for me! More...


Katie Bethea

3 May 2017

Love the people there. Everyone knows everyone, beautiful


Ann Thomas

14 February 2017

I really enjoyed going to Hayes-- Taylor YMCA, clean and friendly staff, love the workout. !!!


Jeanette K Cook

8 February 2017

Great Cardio Dance class followed by excellent Yoga class. Michelle is an awesome instructor!! Will definitely repeat her class ��


Marlon Moore

6 February 2017

Early morning workouts are the best! Lots of program available for everyone during the mid-mornings !!


Annie Farr

25 January 2017

Good work out, staff is good also love the classes really get a good work out


Patricia Gilmer

28 December 2016

Very nice, clean, friendly environment. Very helpful.


Margaret Bailey

20 September 2016

One of the highlights of my day is going to Hayes Taylor YMCA and doing a pool workout! It's the best!


Shelley Gregory

1 August 2016

The best classes and staff. So much fun going to the Y!


Mary Noguera

25 June 2016

Great instructors. I would recommend, and do recommend, them to any one who's child or themselves are interested in learning martial arts. There nerf wars are excellent. My grandson's love it. It's a reasonably priced night out for kids in a great atmosphere. Thank you GBBA for having these events. More...


Christopher Graham Watson

11 June 2016

This was another great event. Kudos to Marcy for the coordination!


Amelia Moore

26 May 2016

I really enjoy the positive atmosphere. Everyone is so helpful and insist that you get a great workout. The morning instructor (Jessica) is my favorite. She gives you a great exercise experience and sense of accomplishment. the lifeguards are always there to make sure everyone is in the safest environment possible and have fun too. I come as much as possible and see awesome results. More...


Erin Aufderhar

31 March 2016

I love everything about this place. The staff is amazing and the other gym members are as well. I LOVE my gym!!


Alice Brown

24 February 2016

The hayes Taylor ymca is awesome i working in this facility!


Mary Harris

26 January 2016

its so important to keep moving in our senior years....the Y is a perfect place to do that. To get up and get ready, showering, walking to the car is moving too, then you arrive at the Y and its on....staying in shape. The doctors dont seem to care any more about our health; they just tell us we have all the itises; arthritis, bursitis, rhumatoid arthritis and all the rest. Im taking charge of my health myself....okay doctors More...


Bridget Thrower

28 December 2015

Love coming here! It's easy to make it a habit once you walk through the door. Gorgeous gym. Super friendly and nice staff. People inside are friendly, polite and easy to talk to. Go check it out for yourself. More...


Angela Cunningham

12 May 2015

HAYES TAYLOR MEMORIAL YMCA This place saves lives

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