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Hawke Commercial Filmmaking is a multimedia production company specializing in photo/video production and post-production. We work in collaboration with advertising, design, creative firms, and directly with businesses, to help brands create unique and relevant content.


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27 March 2019

I have worked with Hawke Commercial Filmmaking on 4 video shoots in Boston and New York City. I am blown away every time by Rich’s attention to details, the clarity of his visions and professionalism. On top of that, the planning is always fun and stress-free because of our constant and direct communication! Looking forward to the next project(s) with this team I trust. More...

26 January 2019

I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Rich and crew on projects for two separate companies and one non-profit. I keep coming back for more. They are creative, they listen, and they focus both on the big picture and the details. All of this, while at times, managing direction from many cooks in the kitchen! Hawke Commercial Filmmaking is a great one-stop-shop when you are looking for an agile crew to shoot and edit either in-studio or out on location. More...

27 December 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Richard Hawke and his team in the production of a video for one of our charitable events. As the Director of Marketing & Communications for a non-profit, our budget for videos is limited; however, we want to have the best quality product for the dollars we have. Working with Hawke Commercial Filmmaking was wonderful because they set expectations upfront about what could be achieved within our budget parameters, but the experience of working with the team and the end product surpassed those expectations. Richard and his team were great to work with, true partnership and collaborative environment, and the final video was a hit at our event! I would gladly work with Hawke again in the future and highly recommend to anyone. More...

27 November 2018

I recently hired Hawke Commercial Photography to do my professional headshots. I would describe the experience as low stress, well organized, and even fun! Rich listened closely to what I was going for and worked hard to achieve that look. It was a good time, and most importantly I am very pleased with the photos. Great job, I cannot recommend highly enough. More...

27 November 2018

I reached out to Hawke Commercial Photography for a round of professional headshots and was ecstatic with the results. Rich is not your ordinary headshot photographer. His confidence as both a photographer and a friend makes the environment extremely welcoming and encouraging. Everything felt natural, comfortable, and fun. I think his pictures speak for themselves, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for personal or professional photos. More...

27 November 2018

Rich and the whole crew are very hardworking and professional. The have great expertise that has been hard won through experience. You name it, they've shot it! What really sets them apart from many others who can make similar claims is their enthusiasm for whatever the project may be. They throw themselves into the work with 100% conviction and excitement. They are great at finding ways to bring energy and creativity to any project. More...

27 November 2018

Rich Hawke does exceptional videography for businesses. His work is highly creative and always highlights the unique strengths of the business. The message conveyed in his videos is always very clear. More...

28 September 2018

I have been blown away by every project I have done with Hawke Filmmaking. They listen, they create - and they exceed expectations every single time. Such a great group of folks - so smart and talented. Richard has such vision - unlike anyone I have worked with. Thank you for being such a great partner! Can't wait for the next project!! More...


Connecting with the client, talent, or subject is one of the most important aspects of photography.

Where will the photos/video be used (website, branding, etc.), and who is the audience? Do you have examples of the style of photos or video you are looking to shoot? Do you have a budget in mind for the project?

Meeting and engaging with people in different industries around the world.

A desire to create, and to build a team of creatives to produce great work.

We love to collaborate with our clients, create great work, and build long-lasting partnerships.