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Our process allows clients to begin to see results in the shortest amount of time possible through advanced hypnosis. Our clients repeatedly tell us that our state-of-the-art sessions are a level above what they have previously experienced.


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Molly S.

12 July 2019

I've known about Hawaii Hypnosis for a few years as I used to send my clients there for smoking cessation (I work in the health and skincare industry) and every one of them had great success!  It wasn't until the beginning of this year when I thought of them for a struggle I was going through myself.  I've been dreaming of opening my own business for years and mentally planned for it but was too scared to take action for fear of the unknowns.  I called Beverly and scheduled my appointment for February 19.  During our session I felt as if I were talking to my longtime friend while Beverly listened as I explained this BLOCK I was having along with my FEARS!  The hypnosis part (as someone who is sensitive) was surprisingly calming and uplifting.  When I left I didn't particularly "feel" any different but I knew a major shift had happened with my thoughts.  Well!!! Things kind of happened rapidly for me after our session.  I found a space I loved and YES I did open my own business!!  I officially opened on June 1 and I can't believe it myself but here I am sitting in my very own office as I write this review.  Don't get me wrong, I did put in 20 hour days and HARD WORK to get up and running but Beverly gave me that special tool to actually move forward instead of being stuck.  Highly recommend them!!  *** I referred my girlfriend to them about 2 years ago for weight loss and last year she ran the Honolulu marathon/lost over 100 lbs and is living her BEST life!  Truly amazing! More...


Joe Barino

26 April 2019

It's been a year since I last had a cigarette! I have to say that going to Hawaii Hypnosis Center was the best decision I have made. I was a little hesitant at first,  because I have made many attempts to quit from acupuncture to cold turkey, among many other stop smoking aids.Then I had my session with Randy. He made me feel like there was hope. And the results of my one session was a success! I have never felt so much better. I thought all hope was gone until I made that decision to try hypnotherapy.If any of you feel even the slightest hope that hypnotherapy might help, then you're on the right path for success. Just take the leap and give it a shot! You'll be amazed just as I am.Thank you Randy Hampton, I will never forget what you have done for me. More...


Wade And Sara C.

21 February 2019

4 years ago my boyfriend, now husband, and I decided to quit nicotine. He had chewed tobacco for 30 years and I had smoked a pack to a pack and a half a day for 22 years. I had tried everything to quit smoking will power, gum, lozenges, patches, e-cigarettes I found Bev and Randy to help be our last hope to quit. They had offered us at the time you will quit guaranteed. In life you don't get a lot of guarantees so we went for it. As it turns out some people cannot be hypnotized and my husband was one of them. Both Randy and Bev tried but he was unable to go under (although Bev did think she got him for a little bit). Wade got an instant refund. I however was able to be hypnotized and I did quit. Then 48 hours later I started again. I immediately went back to Bev and she hypnotized me again. This happened 4 or 5 more times until one day I just started crying and I couldn't stop. It turns out the my smoking was related subconsciously to a traumatic experience and I had been suffering from PTSD. Deb gave me a complimentary session to help relieve me of some painful memories. Both my husband and I quit and neither of us have ever chewed or smoked since.We can be around smokers and people that chew. At first it was a little weird because I would see people that smoke and I thought I remember the desire but I don't want the desire to smoke again. If you have the will to want to stop them hypnosis can work. More...


Bree M.

16 February 2019

I was a bit skeptical about seeing a relationship coach because my boyfriend and I had already tried couples counseling and it didn't work for us. We have been dating for over a year when I started noticing some insecurity issues and trust problems brewing. At first I tried to hide it, but after awhile it just got worse until all we were doing was fighting. I found Hawaii Relationship Coaching in an ad in a magazine and decided to give it a shot. Some friends had mentioned going there when their relationship troubles began so I thought they must be doing something different. From the first phone call, I felt like Beverly really heard me and understood where I was coming from. She didn't judge me or rush through. She really listened and the free consultation was at least an hour. After that call we booked a session that same week in the evening when we both were off work. The session started with the four of us sitting down and talking about the issues. Right away I knew things were different in just the way Randy and Beverly could explain everything we had been going through for the past six months. It was like they were in our heads already. Then we split into private sessions, each with our own coach. From there the questions were extremely thought provoking and revealing. When the session was over we headed home and even the drive and conversation after the session was so much better. It was like we could remember why we fell in love. We took their advice and completed the 3 sessions over about 4 weeks and now that it has been a couple of months I have to say this place it legit!  Our relationship is so much better. We know how to fight better. Which by the way, it's ok to fight you just have to fight by the rules. The little things that used to get under my skin no longer do. Our relationship is so much more connected and that spark is back. I would recommend Hawaii Relationship Coaching and thank them for getting us back to a healthy place. More...


Brendon F.

18 November 2018

Randy has been amazing to work with --I've only been to three sessions and have already been experiencing a significant positive impact in my life. His skill, kindness, and understanding have been a catalyst for personal development and change. The office is very comfortable, professionally laid out, and the cost is extremely reasonable for all the work that they do. I can't thank Randy and the Hawaii Hypnosis Center enough -I will definitely be referring anyone who could benefit from hypnosis to them! Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo Hawaii Hypnosis Center!! More...


Kendall K.

12 October 2018

Randy was very thorough and personable. Having never tried hypnotherapy before, I had no idea what to expect and to be honest, if it'd even work. All doubts are gone! He helped me with my anxiety, insomnia and much more in just a couple of sessions! I will recommend Hawaii Hypnosis Center to anyone who inquires. And if I feel the need for more work, I will not hesitate to go back! Try them out, you wont be disappointed! More...


Marc N.

8 July 2018

I am writing this review about nine months since I met with Randy.  I am doing so with the hope that Randy or Beverly can help you with any difficulty you may be having in your life.  I intentionally waited this long to write a review to see if the changes I have experienced are real and will last. I can confidently tell you that my three visits to Randy have CHANGED MY LIFE!  Here is my experience:Late last year my wife and I went through a bumpy patch in our relationship with many different stressors hitting us all at once.  We decided on trying to see a marriage counselor to help us get through this period so I did a search on Yelp to try and find someone we could talk to.  I happened to run across the Hawaii Hypnosis Center during this search and found it had really good reviews. At first, I thought there is no way I would have someone hypnotize me.  After all, what if they plant something in my brain that makes me completely crazy?  But I did some research and began thinking, if I could change myself to deal with all the stressful situations in our relationship maybe it could solve everything.   So with a very skeptical but at the same time hopeful mindset, I sent an email to Randy.  He responded to me almost immediately and I made an appointment for the next week.I had three sessions with Randy and it was fascinating, surprising and very powerful.  Randy explained to me that our subconscious minds hold onto moments and situations that we went through while growing up and as adults we subconsciously filter everything through those experiences.  Randy helps bring those moments that are in our subconscious to the surface and neutralizes them so they no longer affect day to day activities. The interesting thing is that in my mind, before seeing Randy, I thought I had a very typical Brady Bunch upbringing and that I couldn't be more level headed or rational. My parents have been married 55 years and my brother and sister are both successful and for the most part happy.  What I didn't realize is that inside I had an extremely large amount of anxiety that really came from one stressful time when I was a kid.  It really wasn't that bad of a situation, but I was 10 when I went through it and my subconscious mind still views it at that age.My entire life I would often have some pretty crazy thoughts in my head.  Mostly negative self-talk that would often get me down.  Although I have always had a friendly and happy exterior, inside I think I was always a bit dark and had a negative view of the world and life. Now, thanks to Randy, I am happy, inside and out.  Yes, stressful times still happen, but I don't let the negative thoughts overtake me during these times.  I'm more still inside.  When the worrying or negative thoughts come, I can now see the anxiety building, and I just watch it, and let it go.  The experience of life is actually truly amazing, and it took some help, but I can now appreciate it.  My relationship with my wife is much better, and I can now see what she needs from me.  And most importantly I can now be the strong pillar for my children and teach them the correct way to experience life. Thanks Randy!  You are providing a special gift to many people.  Keep up the good work! More...


Kimo C.

26 June 2018

I keep getting comments about this review, so I wanted to add one other update to particularly address some questions I've gotten - 3 years later I noticed I stoped biting my nails. Mission accomplished! I actually stopped about 1.5 years after going to the Hawaii hypnosis center. I remember seeing things while 'under' I've clearly suppressed since my early childhood days that was causing me to bite my nails, and that I had to deal with. It was a process, but it started here at the Hawai'i Hypnosis Center. Randy had given me some take home recordings I've used ever since. One of them was to manage my anxiety. The other was to help me fall asleep (another issue I have is thinking while in bed, causing me trouble sleeping). Every time I needed to listen to them, I did so. Turns out all these tools helped me with what I needed. I do have other issues- now I stress eat. So I just may consider dealing with that with these types of tools as well. Hope this helps everyone whose visited my page to request questions about this company. More...


Jean K.

27 May 2018

I met with Beverly for two sessions and I have to say that my experience was pretty amazing. Beverly not only listened to me and guided me through our sessions, but she actually paid attention and showed that she cared about what I had to say. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but Beverly made sure to explain the sessions/ goals in a step-by-step manner with patience after customizing my session for me. This experience was unique and intense and I believe that I learned a lot of valuable things that I can take with me in to the future. She also does follow up emails with useful tools and tips for you to hold on to after your sessions. I'm definitely glad I decided to visit the Hawaii Hypnosis Center. More...


Jolene Irvine

26 May 2018

Randy and Beverly are very professional. My son went to Randy for help with anxiety and I could tell the difference after just one session. He was much calmer and more relaxed than I had seen in years. I also sent my mother to see Beverly after my father passed away. She was lonely and distraught and after 3 sessions with Beverly she felt much better. I highly recommend both Randy and Beverly . More...


Clair L.

11 April 2018

Beverly helped me overcome a phobia last year. She is amazingly supportive, kind, and very knowledgeable. I couldn't be where I am today without her help. Nice office, convenient location, and money well spent. Thank you!! More...


I. M.

30 December 2017

I have been battling with depression and anxiety most of my life. I have seen numerous therapists over the years and tried a copious amount of medication to deal...more like mask.. my issues. When I first decided to do hypnosis, naturally I was skeptical. I met with Randy for my first session, and my anxiety immediately went through the roof because I had no idea what to expect. Randy talked to me for a long while, which helped a lot through the process. He kept me calm and explained everything in detail. Every single session helped me tremendously. There are no words to describe the process. You would have to experience it on your own. By the end of all of my sessions with Randy, I am a completely different person. It's like therapy on speed! I am forever grateful for him and I am a firm believer in everything he does. He truly cares about you and your well being. That's what makes him so special.If you go in with an open heart and an open mind, your life can change too. You just have to take the leap and do the work. Thank you again Randy! You are amazing! More...


Liberty P.

30 November 2017

When a friend told me about Randy and Hawai'i Hypnosis Center, I was probably like most people - super skeptical.I had a lifelong phobia that I finally wanted to address and conquer, so I signed up for the recommended three sessions with Randy.Their offices are on Amana Street, behind Hawai'i Public Radio, near Don Quixote. If you go after 5pm like I did, you shouldn't have any problems with on-site parking.Randy is thorough in explaining what hypnosis is (and isn't), and in guiding you through the process. I ended up learning a lot about myself and the origin of my phobia, which has helped me so much with my fear and my confidence. I have a kind of phobia that can't be completely eliminated, but I've noticed that the severity of my phobia has been dialed way down. Wayyyyy down.Fear and anxiety never completely go away - you need some of it in life - but Randy gives you the tools you need to successfully manage these natural feelings.If you're on the fence about trying this place out, I encourage you to do it! They also offer occasional workshops in their office for a nominal fee. It's one way to get a feel for their practice and how it applies to your daily life. You can check their website or Facebook page for their events info. More...


Serena W.

31 May 2017

I called the Hawaii Hypnosis Center to help me quit an extremely bad habit. Obviously I was a little nervous because I don't know how my subconscious would react to Hypnosis. When I called Beverly on the phone we discussed my issue and she mildly explained the process and assured me that I would be in a safe environment for hypnosis. I went in on a rainy day and luckily the guard let me park in the lot below the building so I didn't get soaked. From the moment I entered the room I felt completely at ease with Beverly. I don't know if it was her voice or the surroundings; it was probably a combination of both. She has a dry erase board and she went more in depth with me how my subconscious will be affected and how the Hypnosis works. We began and I felt at ease the whole time.After we were done I was so thirsty and for days after. So the power of suggestion really worked on me. It was a fulfilling experience. So to update: I should have been using the audios that Beverly emailed to me but I was not and it is for that reason that I think I faltered in my goal. I went back just last week to see Randy. (My initial success was a month and a half!) Randy was just as calming as Beverly and I was in and out in a snap. I hope to continue on my path to success and I listen to the audios provided to keep me on the straight and narrow.Thank you Hawaii Hypnosis, Randy & Beverly! More...


Patrick Leary

26 May 2017

Randy was comforting to speak with and really good at explaining the process of hypnosis therapy! After smoking for over 15 years I left his office with anxiety that I would start again but the tools he provided me with help me stay strong and smoke free for over two years. Unfortunately, life got a hard and that tiny seed was planted back in my head and I started to smoke again. No longer living in Hawaii I thought I would have to forgo the lifetime guarantee and start over with another therapist. I called Randy and he immediately presented me with several different options and to help me get back on track. He also followed up with a warm email reminding me that I can call him anytime. He really sticks to the lifetime guarantee! More...


Carla K.

15 March 2017

Over 40 with no driver's license! After struggling for years with driving anxiety, I was willing to try ANYTHING to get my license!  Found Hawaii Hypnosis Center on Yelp and decided to give them a call.  Randy explained the process  - 3 sessions at a price that I could afford - I was willing to give it a shot.  He was incredibly compassionate and understood my issues and explained how the hypnosis could help.  After the first session, Randy suggested that I take a driving lesson and let him know how I felt. My anxiety was SOOO much better after just one session!  My goal was to get my license before my birthday and I GOT IT!!!  Thanks to Randy, I feel so much more independent and confident and able to live a life I love.  So blessed to have found Hawaii Hypnosis Center! More...


Jessica H.

16 February 2017

Beverly is absolutely amazing. I deal with extreme perfectionism and I have been seeking help for many years through psychologists. After seeing Beverly for my first two sessions I was amazed with the results. It's been about a year now and I can't say that I am completely "cured" but I am WAY better than I used to be. And that means a lot! I never thought that I could be this strong on my own. I was at complete peace from start to end of each session and she really makes you feel like family. You can tell how much she cares and that is so hard to find now days. Sometimes I try to think of reasons for why I would need to go in again, just to see her! That's how good she is. Thank you so much Beverly for all that you do!! More...


Dino B.

13 September 2016

It's amazing how much one moment in your past can effect the way you live now. My long story short. I have tried to learn the financial markets for years and I failed losing money the whole time. I seen their ads in a few magazines and my gut feeling said to call. So I setup an appointment. I got hypnotized. Randy found my block ( which was one event as a kid) that has stopped me from learning the markets. I left there feeling no different. Nothing was different for a week and I'm wondering if It worked or not then one day it hit me while I was looking at charts. If it wasn't for Randy I don't think I would ever get the financial markets. If you are ever considering hypnosis just do it More...


Danny G.

7 September 2016

This was the first time I ever thought of trying Hypnotherapy. I didn't know anything about it and my assumption was that "my mind would be controlled" to forget things. However this was not the case. It was more subtle, with internal reflection and active mental readjustment. Randy helped me work through some bad habits that I had developed over the years. When he guided me though the hypnosis session, his questions helped me to focus on key memories, thoughts and emotions. After identifying the root causes of my bad habits, I was able to begin changing my old set ways. After each of the three sessions, I reflected and look back at what led me to react in negative ways and worked on my insecurities. My communication, temperament and relationships have improved. I plan to continue to use Randy's hypnotherapy tools and tactics to better improve my life. Randy opened my mind, but it's up to me to do the work. More...


Sarah C.

20 July 2016

I originally wanted to see a couple's therapist but our previous one who is really amazing (Lyann Sugai) had a new addition to her family and didn't have any openings.  I had heard great things about Beverly more than once from a close friend and professional and was sort of at my wit's end as to what I could do.  So I went to see Bev.  Alone.  A few months later...the work was so transformative, life altering, evolving that if you asked me back then if I would have believed how happy, content, stable and in love I am with myself first (yes, self care first!) then my partner I would have told myself "no way, not possible".  Ahhh but it is!!!  And by only working on myself.  My partner did no major work other than a few self meditations recommended by Bev.  "(Fill in the parentheses with your fav activity or anything else) restores my life."The 3 sessions were only the beginning.  That was the easy part.  The part after...I'm gonna be honest.  If you want lasting change it's gonna take a lot of digging work and possibly like for me...intense pain.  Imagine a big caterpillar turning into a butterfly...or a lobster shedding his way too tight shell.  Think it's fun?  No way in heck.  But man...the end result after not giving up even one second too early... beautiful butterfly (or fat lobster as we choose yum!  Haha.). I was in serious body pain for weeks after my sessions.  I went to an acupuncturist, massage therapist, did energy work, reiki, walked, went to the beach to wash my feet, took Hawaiian salt as recommended... anything anything related to self care that would get me out of this rut.And then a miracle.  I had major abandonment issues.  As in my partner or anyone else could not walk away without telling me exactly where they are going.  It used to drive me hysterical.  A month later we went to Vegas.  He left me at the locked hotel room without saying anything.  (Apparently he went to go get a new key and go to the bathroom.)  I sat there for about 45 minutes in complete peace knowing he'd be back because he wanted to and because he is so safe and stable.  If you want amazing long lasting life change and feel like your life is on a broken record track and you can't get out, see Bev!!!!  Just know you will have to do a lot of work on your own with her love and support xxoo More...


Laura G.

14 July 2016

Bev worked with me on a sleep issue that I've had for years - since childhood. I have tried everything to try to fall asleep at night: meditation, no phone/TV/anything an hour before bed, sleeping pills, melatonin, a strong drink to more or less knock me out at night...there was nothing I could rely on when it came to shutting my brain off and getting some rest. I met with Beverly 3 times for about an hour and half or so each time. I was skeptical at first since part of hypnosis involved going into a state of relaxation that I haven't quite been able to figure out (hence my sleeping problem).  I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed I felt and the perspective I gained. There has been a noticeable difference in my ability to unwind & relax enough to fall asleep and then stay asleep. Bev is wonderful and very easy to talk to - I'm so thankful for her help : ) I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who has experienced difficulty sleeping or the stress of overthinking/over-processing. More...


Shelbie Kite

26 May 2016

I cannot thank Randy enough! He is such an amazing, selfless person and genuinely cares about helping others. He will do what it takes to get inside and figure out where any type of issue/problem is coming from and what to do to help it. He makes you feel completely comfortable as soon as you walk through the door, and explains exactly what he does and how hypnosis works. Which is very cool! I have a completely different outlook on life after seeing him and just feel like a newer, happier person.. Which means SO much to me and my family. If I could give him 10 stars I definitely would! Thanks again, Randy! More...


Derek Wong

26 May 2016

In February 2016, I developed Anxiety/Panic Attacks about flying long distance.I started my sessions with Randy and he was able to identify the triggers about my Anxieties. We had several sessions to deal with the issue.Well.. On May 11, I actually flew to Houston and onto Cabo for Business and returned home on May 15. I believe that Randy played a Major part of my Recovery..... D.Wong More...


Claudia R.

7 May 2016

Beverly and her husband are awesome! I saw Beverly for the recommended 3 sessions and when I needed more help she gave me two sessions for free and even brought her husband Randy in for further helpBeverly is truly caring, gentle and talented


Derek W.

27 April 2016

I have been battling serious Anxiety/Panic disorders since February.  I went to Randy for help.  Randy was able to isolate the links causing my Anxieties.  I'm also seeing an Acupuncturist.  Finally a nutritionist looked at my blood test results to see that my body is way out of whack.I thank Randy for the sessions which has helped in this fight.  I am not over the feelings yet, but I can see the improvements.  Mahalo to Randy. More...


Crystal Y.

24 February 2016

Randy an Beverly are such wonderful people who truly care about helping their clients with what they do. I don't know where I would be without them. They have given me the tools to process things and work on myself. To this day, I still listen/meditate to a recording that Randy gave me. It helps bring everything back into perspective and I cannot thank them enough. If you are worried about the cost of the sessions, don't. The results are worth it. Every time I had a session with him, and every day that I listen to the recording, I felt/feel peaceful, calm, and at ease. Everyone needs some tuning up sometimes, and I highly recommend Hawaii Hypnosis Center.I love you Randy and Beverly. Thank you. More...


Lerena H.

1 January 2016

There are so many benefits to working with Hawaii hypnosis center. Randy was great in getting me in touch with some very deep-seated things that needed to come out and be expressed. I've worked with Psychologists before but none of them were able to really pinpoint my deepest insecurity and help me confront it like Randy did. I had never considered hypnosis beforehand but figured, why not, I'll try it and I'm so glad I did. It has really opened my life up to new possibilities and made me so much more aware of my full potential. I would highly suggest that if you're considering hypnosis, work with people who are driven and passionate about it and it will make all the difference! Hawaii hypnosis center is definitely the center you want to work with if you're looking for results! More...


James M.

28 September 2015

One never knows if you can trust all these 5 star places.  I wanted to check it out as I had experienced hypnosis many years ago and just wanted to check in and work on things with these years behind me.  So I was already aware that not having expectations about the process can be a very useful attitude and approach to starting the process.   However I did fine that seeing Randy was a 5 star experience.Randy is a true pro and a great guy.   If you're struggling with something (or someone), you can only move forward from this experience.  I concur with the "go for it" / "just do it!" recommendations here.If you're wondering about pricing, your own sanity and tools to help live a better life are more important than the costs of a few nights out.   I was also pleasantly impressed with awesome follow-up information and resources.   I'll go back to use these for sure.Mahalo Randy! More...


William E.

25 August 2015

Amazing benefit from Randy! I had some deep seated issues and in three sessions had incredible break throughs! I cannot recommend Randy too highly! Bill E


Angela Monsanto

27 May 2015

I went here to lose weight after a friend recommended Beverly to me. She lost 35 pounds and I figured that sounded good to me. I have struggled with my weight since I was in high school. Beverly was really patient and answered all of my questions. I think I was there like almost 2 hours because I was really apprehensive about hypnosis and had a lot of questions. I can't believe how easily I was relaxed and before I knew it I was following along with her every word. From the moment I left the office I started drinking more water and ordering salads and stuff. (I never ate salad like this before). I don't know why I was doing this but it was just so easy that I didn't question it. Now I look back and I am dropping pounds without having to go on some diet or food restriction. Sure I have to eat healthier but I just seem to gravitate toward the good food now. This was an amazing experience and I know that the weight change is going to last. I have been telling all of my friends about this way to lose weight and I think everyone should give it a try. If you have done all of the diets out there like I have, this is definitely worth a try. It isn't as expensive as some of the other programs when you look at what you get and that it works. More...


Susan H.

1 April 2015

I had the pleasure of working with both Randy and Beverly and it was a terrific and truly helpful experience. They are willing to work around any schedule and they have a genuine interest in their patients. There are a a lot of situations in which hypnotherapy can help where standard therapy falls short. If you are on the fence (which I was) give it a chance! You will not regret it. I found it to be very helpful and eye-opening. More...


Tom E.

19 March 2015

If you're thinking about trying hypnosis at the Hawaii Hypnosis Center, all I can say is "go for it!"  You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  When you feel safe with Randy, you can go to amazing places.  Randy had done this with thousands of people;  he is a pro.You can exhaust and frustrate yourself by trying to "fix" problems that are grounded in your subconscious by using your rational/conscious mind.  It's like driving yourself nuts trying to fix a virus on your computer.  Take it to a pro, and let him clean up the whole OS (operating system).  It's like a quick, technical fix, but you need a professional to do it. Stop wasting your time, energy, and life trying to fix your problem.  Go to Randy and see what's really going on in there.  Then, move forward. More...


Annelise C.

8 December 2014

My life has been forever changed for the better. I was skeptical and thought that hypnosis was just for light hearted entertainment. I was dealing with strong anxiety and trouble sleeping. Beverly Craddock is a miracle worker. All I can say is that you will not be disappointed by your sessions with her. I no longer have any anxiety or sleepless nights. I no longer have to take any anxiety medication. If you are in need of any hypnotherapy at all, give this place a try. I highly recommend the hawaii hypnosis center. More...


Beverly C.

27 August 2014

Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Confidence, Stress/Anxiety, Sports Performance, Habits/Addictions, Couples Issues, Procrastination/Motivation, Reverse Negative Self-Talk, Accelerated Healing, Attract Wealth/Sales Enhancement, Whats Your Goal?


Mark R.

27 August 2014

Professional office offering straight up hypnosis, no past life regression and craziness. They can get you off cigs in one session. Amazing...plus with the guarantee you can come back if you ever go back to smoking More...


Lealyn P.

17 August 2014

A wonderful staff and environment.  I am glad I came here to get help with some emotional issues from childhood that were causing me to be less than confident.  I'm really grateful I made the leap and came here. Mindy is amazing! More...


Jody S.

15 July 2014

I've always been someone who is pretty open to trying different things and/or experiences to help me grow as a person.When I was feeling like I needed help to overcome some challenges, a friend of mine referred me to Mindy (the original owner). After chatting about what I was hoping to accomplish, we decided on three sessions.After three sessions, I felt good. Flash forward 2 years later, I felt I needed to go back for assistance in another area.I discovered that Mindy was in the process of selling her business and as a result, she introduced me to the new owners.I was able to meet with one of them, Beverly, and she was fantastic.I know that when people think of hypnosis, they might think of people running around acting like chickens or acting goofy at an event or something.And there could be a part of you that freaks out a little as well because you really don't know if someone is messing with your brain and going to control it.But this isn't the case. It's all about you and what you allow/don't allow. So being the open person that I am, wanting to see positive changes in my life and well, because I did it before, I was excited to try it again! Beverly asked me a series of questions and after chatting, she customized my session for me.I went again a week later and we chatted and thereafter had another customized session that worked for me.The last session was the same. Overall, I felt like I had an incredible breakthrough. It's only been a week however, I do feel great. I've had realizations and understanding that I hadn't before and I am excited to see how my life journey continues and progresses. So happy once again that I got hypnosis. More...


Andrea S.

25 May 2014

Just wanted everyone to know how amazing Mindy Ash is and how much Hypnosis CHANGED MY LIFE!!!As long as I can remember I have had a Paralyzing fear of the Ocean! As a young adult I would visit my girlfriend at the beach and sit on the sand with my spray water bottle to cool myself down.  I wouldn't go even get my feet in...Pathetic!! Also, I went to visit my sister in Florida one year and I got in the ocean with her knee deep. Then I heard someone say "look at the pretty fish all around you"...I literally jumped on my sister and made her carry me out!! When I arrived in Hawaii 3 years ago I had enough and  I said to my husband "I am NOT going to live her and NOT get in these beautiful waters"! So I sought out Hypnosis and found Mindy....THANK GOD!  3 years later I have done One half Ironman(open ocean water swim 1.2 miles) and am about to do another in a week.  I have had numerous swims in the ocean too. What a blessing that she helped me overcome my fear of the Ocean and I was able to experience swimming with Honu, swimming out to flat island in Kailua, and seeing beautiful fish in the water.  Experiences that I will NEVER FORGET!! If you are plagued with fear and want to change that go see Mindy!  She changed my life and empowered me to do things that I never would have imagined possible!!  Thank you Mindy!!! More...


Lani T.

19 March 2014

I was really in bad shape when I found Mindy of the Hawaii Hypnosis Center.  I was suffering with extremely bad panic attacks on a daily basis.  After just one session with Mindy, I no longer had these bad panic attacks and continue to feel calm.  It was such a blessing to me to find her! More...


Jamie W.

7 March 2014

It's been said so many times that if you want to change your life, change your thinking.  But changing your thinking habits can take a long time and a lot of effort.  Hypnosis puts you on the fast track.  I felt at ease immediately with Mindy and after clearly explaining how hypnosis works, answering my questions, and taking the time to understand my goals, we dove right in.   Being hypnotized was simple and relaxing, nothing like what the movies portray.  After our first session I was feeling and seeing positive changes taking place almost instantly.   I found myself following Mindy's healthy suggestions without even being consciously aware of it.  I was eating more slowly, savoring each bite, drinking more water, and NOT having any of the previously uncontrollable sugar cravings!  Soon I was exercising harder, sleeping better, and feeling nothing short of amazing.  In the first month I lost 2 inches from my waist.  Hypnosis is not a gimmick, it's a science.  There are no pills to buy, no weird diets to follow, and no memberships.  It's about getting in touch with the wiser part of yourself, being at peace, and living with joy.  Hypnosis is an amazing tool to change yourself from the inside out and be the best you that you can be.  No one could ask for a better guide and mentor for this journey than Mindy Ash.  She is a lovely person, inside and out.  Mindy has my most high recommendation. More...


Carey F.

3 March 2014

Hawaii Hypnosis center is owned by Mindy Ash, and she saved my life. Her hypnotherapy center helped me to quit a 30 year smoking habit in one session. No joke, no B.S. one session. With a life time guarantee because sometimes, stuff happens. Not with me though! I'm going on 5 years smoke free and everyday I'm grateful for it. She does smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management, confidence boosting, anti-procrastinating and fixing your self sabotage; it's amazing. Mindy is amazing! She explains what hypnosis really is (none of that stage/chicken nonsense) and walks you through the process. Check her out and go! Like me, you won't regret it! More...

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Owners Beverly and Randy are advanced Master Hypnotists with specialized certification in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Sports Performance, and Relationships. Recognized authorities on hypnosis, sought-after speakers, as well as contributors and authors on making changes with the mind.

Goal-oriented hypnosis is what we do best. Our clients are tired of struggling, have tried everything, nothing seems to work and they want to be free from feeling stuck or held back by limiting beliefs and other challenges.

We love helping people channel their potential. Clients resolve subconscious issues which hold them back on a physical, emotional, mental and even cellular level giving them the opportunity to enjoy a full, rich and authentic life.

BEVERLY CRADDOCK: We really wanted to help people. My passion has always been helping others and self-improvement through alternative means. I learned about the power of the mind when I first used hypnosis to achieve lifelong weight loss success after spending years yo-yo dieting. Hypnosis has helped me personally overcome a co-dependent relationship with an alcoholic spouse which led to unlocking the formula to finding my true love’s match. After surviving a divorce, single parenting and family grief and loss, I was able to use those experiences to build a second chance at life filled with love, hope and opportunity.

All of the knowledge, training and skills in my life have helped me become an excellent hypnotist but it is my faith that led me on this discovery of the power of hypnosis. My knowledge and experience combine with my strong intuition and create a uniquely transformative experience for each client. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Colorado State University and my Master’s degree from Colorado Christian University, I’m an Advanced Master Hypnotist, Certified Weight Loss Specialist and a Smoking Cessation Specialist.

RANDY HAMPTON: I became interested in hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind when I maneuvered through a stressful career transition with the help of hypnosis in the late 1990s. I also used hypnosis to quit smoking in 2004. Amazed by the power of the mind, I started reading the works of Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill and putting their theories to work as a spokesman, public speaker, writer, and non-profit consultant.

I’ve been blessed to have my work featured in the New York Times, Denver Post and Aspen Daily News. I’ve appeared on Good Morning America and in the Wall Street Journal and I’ve been interviewed by numerous television and radio outlets. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and my master’s work was in the field of Human Dimensions - the study of how a person’s environment shapes their thoughts and beliefs.

I enjoy the tougher cases. I’m challenged and fascinated by the clients who say, “I’ve tried everything and you’re my last hope.” I’ve helped many people kick the smoking habit for good as well as helping people who are wrestling with drug and alcohol issues in their lives. I’m certified in sports performance hypnosis and, as a former athlete, I really enjoy working with everyone from weekend golfers and student athletes to the professional athletes who have found help at Hawaii Hypnosis Center. I love speaking to groups around the world and so I specialize in helping other people overcome their own fears of public speaking.

Hypnosis Experts. Hawaii Hypnosis Center has been helping clients for 12 years. Most issues resolved in 1-3 sessions. Largest center in Hawaii, trained by leading national/international authorities.