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Bonnie Bethke

8 August 2019

The flowers were delivered on time and they were beautiful and freshCandy was a big hitWill Definately use this shop again


Emily P.

30 May 2019

I received these flowers as a birthday gift from family out of town. The flowers were absolutely beautiful, and the bouquet was filled with large fresh blooms. The flowers were delivered to my door with a courtesy call. Will definitely be using them in the future. More...


Debra Hylton

6 May 2019

I received the most beautiful flowers on Valentines Day / Wedding Anniversary! The flowers were absolutely beautiful! They lasted a long time. I called to thank them, and had the pleasure of talking to the owner. He was so friendly and nice. More...


Cynthia Fuller

6 May 2019

Our consultant was very helpful and friendly, and went very in-depth with us during our consultation.


Maral Sosi

30 April 2019

I trust their work and are super easy to work with!


Jerry B

27 April 2019

The owners very experienced


Brian Nygard

27 April 2019

Flower power! Worked out great!


Sos A.

27 April 2019

This florist is absolutely wonderful!!! Professional, kind, understanding and truly a pleasure to work with!!!He truly helps make your vision a reality! The flowers are always fresh! It's surreal how delicateHe is with handling the arrangements and truly picture perfect! More...



26 February 2019

Excellent. Ordering online was a breeze. Received order confirmation and delivery confirmation! Beautiful flowers to choose from! I have never seen bouquets this beautiful. Unique and one of a kind! More...


Cristian C.

14 February 2019

Been coming here for years and always top quality flowers and service. Seriously the best flowers that last a while !  Will continue to be a client for them as long as they're open .


tony huynh

27 January 2019

Love this guy. Save my butt a few times.


Rebecca Hunt

28 December 2018

Nice neighborhood flower shop. Good selection and flowers are always fresh. They put a nice bouquet together for you for any budget


Ivana Cesario DiPiero

8 December 2018

Magic Flowers is the best florist in Chicago. Their designs are so unique and flowers high quality last for weeks.... Haratch puts all his love and creativity in all his designs. He is an amazing artist .


karenduboff andrew

4 June 2018

Nice flower place


Deidre Hogan

27 May 2018

Sent flowers to a friend in Chicago, I live in Boston. That always makes me a bit nervous but she got the flowers, said they were beautiful - sent me a picture and they were, and she's very happy. Great experience with Magic Flowers. More...


Paris London

27 May 2018

Fresh flowers not very expensive good customer service I won't go anywhere else


Adrienne Lorenc

27 May 2018

Magic Flowers is the only place I trust to create the kind of breathtaking arrangements I want to give to my loved ones. In today’s mass-marketed, impersonal world, any grocery store employee can get a half hour of training and put flowers in a vase for you- but no matter how much you spend at another store, you cannot buy what Magic Flowers has to offer. Hutch, the owner, has trained overseas under the best and brightest and brings a keen artistic eye, years of experience, and most importantly, a clear love and dedication to the art he creates. No one without that kind of skill and passion for what they do can craft with such consideration of proportion, hue, balance, and unity to make pieces that are alive with beauty, each arrangement holding its own unique personality. This is not just personal preference speaking, either- Hutch has created floral arrangements that appeared on the big screen in My Best Friend’s Wedding. From hotel lobby design to rose bowl parades, his work stands strong enough to garner the kind of professional respect and attention it takes to be featured so prominently in the industry. If that isn’t enough, Hutch and his wonderful wife are always so kind, warm and friendly to me every time I walk in, and I always leave smiling.Every time I drive away from this store with my precious cargo lovingly packed away, I am glowing with the knowledge that I can bring artwork that has been created with such care into my loved ones’ lives. It feels wonderful to be able to show the people I care about, who have treated me with such care and consideration, the same kind of consideration in turn with a gift arranged with style and grace. And I know they feel wonderful too when I see their faces light up from the inside upon seeing their gift. Honestly, that is what you can get here that you won’t get anywhere else- beautiful and ephemeral, you are walking away with just a little bit of magic. More...


Jeanette Spencer

24 April 2018

Delivery was soooo fast and the flowers were beautiful! Will use again!


Hisham Shalabi

6 February 2018

Excellent service, creative ideas, punctual and on budget. No surprises, only professional courteous people.


Canine University OH

29 July 2017

I live in Cleveland and sent flowers for a Chicago friend's birthday. Magic Flowers was very helpful and delivered a pretty arrangement.


Farrell Loebbaka

4 June 2017

Last minute Sunday order and the results were just stunning. Hard working owner is here 7 days a week. Wouldn't shop anywhere else, highly recommended


paul p

4 June 2017

Very friendly service! I ordered flowers and they were delivered next day. I even received txt msg with picture of the flowers right before they were delivered. Great service and great product for better price than other business in that area. More...


Jenna Miller

4 June 2017

Wow! They delivered early and the customer was so happy with the flowers. Will definitely recommend! Thanks so much!!!!!


Michelle Plunkett

16 March 2017

They did the flowers for my wedding and everything was beautiful. They were so nice and considerate. Great price for stellar flowers!!


S Pakieser

26 November 2016

A few months ago on a whim I stopped in to get something for a friend's birthday. The owner asked me how much I wanted to spend. I looked in the refrigeratator, picked a few key flowers, and he filled up a beautiful, colorful and full bouquet. Impressive result. I love shopping local too. Will be back! Also, parking is so easy adjacent to the building. More...


Damian Chmura

4 June 2016

A little pricey


Norma Salamy Zanayed

29 April 2014

You did a fabulous job at Jad & Christina's wedding. #Hananiawedding. Everything was so beautiful... from the church to the Hall. Thank you again Hutch & Slyvia for making their day so elegant and classy! More...


Pat Keyorian

12 November 2013

Their flower arrangements are wonderful. I do not order from anywhere but Magic Flowers


Kaires K.

14 May 2012

Magic Flowers did an awesome job on my wedding flowers this past weekend.  Everything turned out exactly as I had envisioned--actually they turned out even more beautiful than I had imagined.  Words can't even describe how awesome my bridal bouquet turned out.   Sylvia and Hratch were so wonderful to work with and really listened to what I wanted.  I tend to have expensive taste and they helped me to stay within my budget by making suggestions to achieve the same look without using the more expensive flowers .  I highly recommend Magic Flowers, you won't be disappointed!! More...

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