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Anish Patel

4 February 2019

For the refurbishment of our house, Harrow Lighting provided thorough detailed designs along with the necessary lighting equipment.Overall we are very happy with the designs and the service in terms of communication with our electricians to ensure a smooth installation process.Whether you are looking for unique lighting designs or equipment I would highly recommend Harrow Lighting. More...


Havan Patel

4 February 2019

Excellent service provided and great selection of lights!! Will be coming back to you guys :)


Dipesh Deepa

4 January 2019

We bought all of our lighting- bulbs, fixtures, lamps etc from Harrow Lighting- whilst doing a full refurbishment of our home. In all of our experiences with the team we found them to be real experts in the field. The team even went as far as advising us on the placement / positioning of wiring points in our house to ensure convenience and good lighting- which to the average people like my wife and I was very helpful.The team were thoroughly professional and customer-focussed in all their interactions with us. It was clear that the business has been running for decades and the team knew what they were talking about as a result of this.We would highly recommend Harrow Lighting. More...