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Harmony Law Reviews

Harmony Law Reviews

Review of Harmony Law by James Goodall
1 03/07/2018 James Goodall

This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. I have been left in limbo for a number of weeks because they do not contact you regarding progress or acknowledge any correspondence and trying to contact them via email or phone is useless.How do I get redress? I am now in the process of instructing a new conveyancer to finish what should have been completed weeks ago.

Review of Harmony Law by Jessica Johnson
1 29/06/2018 Jessica Johnson

As an Estate Agent you expect the service you receive from a Solicitor to be up there with the best. Unfortunately not from these, it’s taken 5 to nearly 6 months to complete on a Sale of mine which had the smallest chain. When chasing for updates I’m on hold for ATLEAST 10/15 minutes at a time and only the other day did I speak with them the receptionist answered after me being on hold for ages did she say there’s no point in me chasing as she’s got about 10 other calls waiting to be answered and there no one in who could talk to me, she didn’t even try! On the day of completion the money was sent over in the morning and I was never informed, I had to personally ring them to chase to see if the sale had completed and then they advised it had and I can release keys to my Purchaser, but then about 45 minutes later another person from the Solicitors rang advising me I can release keys, which, by this point the Purchaser had already been and gone with the keys. You don’t expect anything this bad when it comes to Solicitors as they’re the main people you speak with day in day out. Purchasing/Selling your property is the most valuable and expensive thing most people ever own in their lifetime so it’s very important you chose the right solicitors to deal with your Sale/Purchase to get things done correctly and as stress free as possible, don’t be sucked in by cheap fees, it’s not worth it, as they say, you get what you pay for.

Review of Harmony Law by Tom Tailford
1 07/06/2018 Tom Tailford

Absolutely shocking service.

Cheapest quote I found online, had multiple calls at the beginning to secure me as a client, after I paid the initial deposit they've been silent.

When I've asked relatively simple questions I've not received replies, and in the hope of getting the sale completed by the date they originally told me it would be complete I paid extra for it to be expedited.

I had confirmation from Ross Coates that the sale would be complete in the agreed timescale, however I'm not hopeful and still not having my questions answered so I can complete mortgage application.

As per the 99% of other reviews on here I'd recommend avoiding.,

Review of Harmony Law by Rebecca Oliver
1 18/05/2018 Rebecca Oliver

Do not use!

I requested a full breakdown of costs for a flat purchase. I was assured in writing that there would be no surprise costs. Harmony then wanted £300 for a lenders fee. They had known from the start I was buying with a mortgage but did not include in the quote. I think this was done to keep the quote low to make it more attractive. When I escalated this to a formal complaint and said I would take to the Ombudsman for misinformation they 'disinstructed' themselves from my purchase putting the purchase in danger of falling through!

Review of Harmony Law by Michael Goodwin
1 21/04/2018 Michael Goodwin

Horrendous! I could kick myself for choosing this company.

Very very slow, very aggressive when speaking with you, ignore your emails and phone calls. Extremely rude over the phone and we were huffed at over the phone when we chased for the completion with no idea if it would have even happened.

The only time they called was to ask for more money, paid £900 extra to 'extradite' the case and then Lynne took great pleasure in informing that this meant they would look at the case once each day, not throughout the day. If they actually knew the term 'expedite' they would know this means to rush things through.

4 weeks after completion, we have the estate agents chasing for their payment which the solicitors have and if you look at other reviews, they haven't paid peoples stamp duty months after completion!

Very poor company! Do yourself a huge favor and keep well away!

Review of Harmony Law by Andy
5 17/04/2018 Andy

I have no hesitation in recommending Harmony Law who ensured my purchase was hassle free and completed in the agreed timescale. Remersh and her team always answered my calls and kept me informed at all times. Superb service.

Review of Harmony Law by Pierce Morley-Barnes
1 16/04/2018 Pierce Morley-Barnes

I would give no stars if possible. They have lost my paperwork 3 times now. Still have not sent across my deeds even though I completed in January. Claimed I hadn't paid my deposit even when I had provided them with the reference number from my bank numerous times and had been advised they needed to check their end. Joke of a company. Pay more money and stay away.

Review of Harmony Law by Uldis F
1 21/02/2018 Uldis F

Do not fall for that low price. In the end I paid the same as if I'd went with somebody decent. Sold only on a second attempt as first time it fell through because of them being so slow. There were weeks were both sides were waiting on something from each other, but didn't bother to chase and speed things up. When I started to check on a daily basis on progress of my case, they threatened me with a £500 bill for time wasting.

Review of Harmony Law by Frederick Griffith
1 12/02/2018 Frederick Griffith

I would advise anyone to not make the mistake I did by using this firm. They are rude and incompetent, I had to inform them of inconsistencies in the lease agreement so I don't know what I was spaying them for. I ended up pulling out of the purchase as they failed to inform me that the ground rent was set to double every 10 years.

I found this out due to my own investigation. dealing with this firm was a chore at every opportunity and I got a full refund. i just wished I had googled them before as it would have saved me lots of time.

Th plethora of 1 star reviews are very justified.

Review of Harmony Law by Julie Wood
1 06/02/2018 Julie Wood

My client wanted to use this agent for I can only assume economic reasons . The service was the worst I have come across through working as an estate agent.

They (Ramesh Kaur) don't answer the phone or emails for days. The phone rings out with no answer phone . On one day members of staff contradicted themselves on the file progress & where we were & the next the file went missing . Their words !! Sheer chaos .

Conveyancers like this can cause a sale / purchase to fall through.

I have finally got some sense from a polite lady called Julie but she seemed the odd one out here.

Beware .. not worth the cheap fees .

Review of Harmony Law by Stacey Bain
1 18/01/2018 Stacey Bain

Truly some of the worst people I’ve ever come across. Took months longer than promised, never called us back unless they were after money, then we were bombarded with calls. Finalised and then tried to get more money three months later. Sent someone else’s details to us with home address and bank details. Awful, awful service.
Adding on extra charges at every corner. I honestly don’t know how they sleep at night.
Use anyone else. ANYONE. A neighbour. A local sheep. Anyone will be more efficient.

Review of Harmony Law by Sunil Sood
1 18/01/2018 Sunil Sood

I agree with most of the comments on here. AVOID THIS FIRM !! Nearly led to sale collapsing but took 3 months on a 3 week deal. A straightforward cash sale got dragged out and they couldn't be bothered to speak to the leaseholders to get outstanding service charges (yet charged a "leasehold fee"). They said no sale no fee but then said that there would be a charge to pull out! The ultimate insult was that they failed to tell the buyer we would not do an exchange and completion on the same day because harmony wanted to charge an extra £240 for this. I have the emails and ultimately called the buyer and they had never been told this (so that Harmony could charge me more!). Complete incompetance in over20 years of transactions. Will never use them again and am in fact going to complain to the law society about their ethics of misleading information. Never again you get what you pay for.

Review of Harmony Law by Dave Daniels
1 27/11/2017 Dave Daniels

Out of 11 houses we have bought and sold over the last 20 years this has to be the WORST conveyancing company on the planet! They will feed you all the bull you need to hear to get your business and that is where it all stops!! emails never answered, telephone calls never answered. They are discourteous, unprofessional, rude and arrogant to the extreme!! Our purchase fell through so I asked for a refund? for 2 weeks I heard nothing! Only when I threatened to litigate against them in the small claims court did I get a response?? they then took a further 4 weeks to send a cheque! Dont be conned, pay a fraction more and get a decent company to do the job, Unfortunately for me I had not read the reviews until after I had signed up otherwise I would never have used them in a million years!! STAY CLEAR OF THESE COWBOYS!!

Review of Harmony Law by Daren Belham
1 20/11/2017 Daren Belham

If you want a fast, courteous and professional service - look elsewhere! Direct dial number was never answered, never received a single call back from answer machine messages left and never once got a response to any emails sent. Every single item they received was sat on for a fortnight before it was looked at. I would hazard a guess they added a good 4 weeks to the process - 4 weeks of us needlessly paying bills on an empty house. Going cheap was a false economy and I only wish I'd read the reviews beforehand. You get what you pay for!

Review of Harmony Law by Paul Bailey
1 08/11/2017 Paul Bailey

Very unimpressed so far. Impossible to get through on the telephone. The Inception Team cannot understand what I am asking them to do. Round and round in circles. I understand why they take payment up front. One last chance and then I shall be going for a refund. Moral of the story is that you "get what you pay for" in this life :-( Update:- I stuck with Harmony Law. Being dealt with by a solicitor now. I thought the service would get better. It hasn't - it's got worse. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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