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Rachel Carrejo

26 August 2019

My brother in law surprised my sister with some happy tails wildlife and it was a thrill. Loved the handler and her fur babies. I would defiantly recommend this. My sister turned 25 and was totally shocked and in love. Great experience!!!! More...


Amy Atkins

25 February 2019

Happy Tails came out to our cub scout pack's Blue & Gold Banquet and they did not disappoint at all!! They were on time, very friendly, kept the kids entertained all while being educational. It's a unique experience for a very affordable price. I would highly recommend to everyone! More...


Lauren Jenkins

25 February 2019

Happy Tails came to my sons 5th birthday party today and we used the 45 minute session which was perfect for a bunch of 5 year olds as the attention span is not the best! Affordable prices and Anita was very punctual and informative. The animals were so great to get to view and touch and with a bunch of little kids-the animals behaved very calm. The alpaca was everyones favorite! Definitely recommend. In no way were the animals used to "perform". They were simply present for us to touch and feel, take a photo with and learn a little about. Absolutely perfect for a children's birthday. More...


Margot Bowen

26 May 2018

This was perfect for my child's birthday - she turned 5. Not only did her friends enjoy it - their parents did too! It really made it a blast! Thank you!!!


Lori Aguilera

26 May 2017

This is a great idea for an in house field trip they have come out to my school for the last two summers and the kids had a blast. They are very patient with the children and take their time teaching the children about the animal. More...


karen garza

26 May 2017

Perfect for a 6 year old birthday party! Just enough info to get the kids asking questions about the animals without getting bored! The owner was very patient with all the children and we couldn't have had the experience any better! I highly recommend. Very reasonable rates, even though we are in San Antonio. More...


Lauren Ayers

27 May 2014

Happy Tails came for our daughter's 4th birthday party and it was awesome. Totally worth it! The kids and parents loved it equally. They were able to interact with most of the animals and it was so much fun. My daughter is obsessed with animals and we wanted an alternative to a zoo party. This was waaaaaay better. I can't remember exactly which animals, maybe a wallaby, bunny, bearded dragon, lemur, and alpaca. Again, I can't reiterate enough how great they were. More...

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