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HappyLife Natural Cleaning, only uses natural plant based cleaners made with essential oils. When you walk in the front door you should be greeted by a refreshing scent, not the smell of bleach. Your life is busy whether you’re a full-time: parent, employee, business owner or all of the above.


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Krystal Farrar

7 June 2019

Amazing job on my house at an affordable rate! With three kids and three dogs Bri worked her magic and made my house look great!


Melissa Clardy Holmes

4 April 2019

So grateful for Brianna and her team!!!


Tandy Predmore

18 January 2019

I’m so happy with this company! Very professional and friendly but most important they do amazing work!


Tiffany Blake

18 December 2018

The customer service was great, but the final product of my clean home was greater! Being a student that works full time, does not allow me the needed time to ensure that I am keeping up with all the needs of my home and maintaining the resell value. I know my needs were met when I contacted HappyLife. Not only is my home clean, fresh, and maintained- but I know that none of the chemicals are harmful to my pups. That makes me a happy dog mom and a happy customer. I will continue to use this service and will recommend to anyone! More...

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I always provide my own equipment and supplies, but I will also use any products that a client prefers to have used instead.

What I love most about my job is knowing that I can help a family that already has to much on their plate or the hardworking single person free up some much-needed time in their lives. Everyone is so busy, so being able to scratch CLEAN HOUSE off my clients “to do list” for them is my goal. I want my clients to come home to a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

I cleaned houses while I was nursing school and really enjoyed it. After I graduated, I took a break from cleaning houses while I was getting my foot in the door as a nurse. However, the drive to own my own business was still strong and so I have decided to get back into it!

I believe in keeping my clients safe from the harsh chemicals typically used and I love knowing that I am helping their health as well as handing a task that they just don't have time to do! I also come with a clean background check as a nurse that I will provide upon request.