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Hansen Design Company logo

Hansen Design Company

Seattle, Washington, King

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Hansen Design Company logo

Hansen Design Company

Seattle, Washington, King

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


BRANDING expert - Branding is the "glue" that holds your entire effort together. I build compelling and fitting brands through careful planning, and simple elegant creative. With a great name, and a stellar logo, your foundation is strong.



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Ease of use
Presentation of company brand
Good, accurate content that inspires, informs or excites
Visuals that are appropriate and add value
Interactivity - ability for user to contact, watch or learn more, links to other resources
Updated with information or visuals that encourages user to return to site
Clear call-to-action

What is your business?
Who is your audience?
What do you want people to do when they visit your site?
Do you have an existing site? If so, is the content accurate or does it need updating?
If not, have you outlined content? Collected appropriate visuals? Or, do you need help with both?
How many pages are you estimating the site to be?
Do you have a need to update content?
Do you have a preference of building platforms (i.e. Wordpress, other)
Do you have a desired schedule?
Do you have an approximate budget?

I believe the best answers can be discovered only by learning every thing I can about your company. When all the cards are on the table, I then put them through a logical "sieve" -- allowing the choice morsels to become part of the solution. As I move through the creative process, I will be thinking all the way around each problem, something I call 360º thinking, assuring your organization the most well thought out, left brain-right brain solutions.

Our typical process:
Define project scope and deliverables - including schedule, budget, desired outcomes
Gather design input from client
Initiate design concept work
Present concepts to client
Select best-fitting concept for further development
Present developed concept
Make desired adjustments
Implement, review and complete final files
Oversee, develop, print, or fabricate final project

Definition of project scope - what is the assignment, the deliverables, the desired outcomes
Design input - any ideas or creative direction that client has in mind
An agreed upon budget and schedule

The thinking process that leads to creativity - and then results!

A love of design, a mind full of ideas, and a great aptitude with creative software tools.

I am both logical and creative allowing me to find solutions that work, but are very fresh.
Many years of experience allow for fast, effective and accurate work.
I am both smart :-) and fun to work with.


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Site Map Development Content Organization Content Editing Image Research and Collection Design Layered Photoshop Files - (ready for developer)