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NASM certified personal trainer, Hannah King, has been training bootcamps and one-on-one clients to help them reach their goals.
Her focus lies on effective movements that align with the clients goal and educating them along their journey.


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21 August 2019

Hannah is by far the best personal training experience that I have had. The sessions are always challenging, to my strength level. She is constantly pushing me, by the end of each session she never knows whether I’m laughing or crying. Best part about her is that she genuinely cares! More...



14 August 2019

Hannah’s work ethic is like nothing I’ve ever seen. She is SO dedicated to everything she does and does everything in her power to help better those around her. She’s a great personal trainer, businesswoman and all around individual. Can’t go wrong with her!! More...



13 August 2019

Where to start- Hannah kills it every time! She helps you with healthy eating, and exercise your mind and body. She helps you push the limits you didn’t know you had! Hannah is the total package and my fitness journey wouldn’t be the same without her. Thanks for being the best trainer out there! More...


Doug Pitchman

13 August 2019

Hannah is awesome. She was recommended to me by a family friend and I went to a boot camp class she ran in Baker Park- WOW! I regularly work out and she did a total body circuit that left me sore for days. Thank you Hannah for being awesome and helping me reach my fitness goals. More...


GG Pitchman

13 August 2019

Hannah is the best! I have worked with a lot of trainers and she has been my favorite. She makes me feel good about pushing my limits and knows how to make sure I don’t get hurt in the process. Thanks for all you do, Hannah!


Rachaelle Benon

13 August 2019

Hannah King is an absolute rockstar. Not only will she kick your butt, but leave you laughing and feeling strong and even better than when you walked in. From her customised workouts for all ages and athletic levels, her personalised meal plans, to her awesome pump-up music, Hannah is the best of the best in the industry. She makes each of her clients a priority and makes your voice heard. You will not regret working with her, although your muscles might ;) ! More...


Kiana Bell

13 August 2019

Hannah is an amazing trainer. She will challenge you to push past your perceived limits and provides motivation and support unlike any other trainer I have worked with. Her workouts are challenging but she is your biggest cheerleader. More...


Jimmy King

13 August 2019

Hannah is AMAZING! She is always prepared with a detailed written workout, tracks progress, and most importantly always puts the clients wants and needs first. Organized, efficient, motivating, and caring. I hope you have the chance to work with her! More...

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By addressing what my client needs and creating a personalized program. I am here to motivate and guide you. We have weekly check-ins to make sure you are on track and every three weeks we are doing a reassessment on measurements, weight, endurance, strength (depending on your goal).
Whatever your goal is, I am determined we can get there together as long as you put in the work and never forget to communicate with me! IT'S KEY!

Putting in consistent work!
Any goal is achievable, if you are patient, committed, and consistent.

Celebrating victories!!
There is nothing that fulfills me more than seeing my client achieve another milestone.
The results you get from training with me is what keeps me going and makes my job so exciting!

My clients will be thankful to be able to work with me. There is simply nobody more caring than me.
I am originally from Germany which you can see in my coaching style as well. I am as determined as you and will make sure you are putting in the work. While I can be strict when I need to be, I am also the kindest trainer you have ever worked with.
Come work with me and you will feel my passion for helping you in our workouts. There will be lots of laughter, sweat, and soreness.


We work together on finding out what your personal needs are to create a workout routine in sync with your goal. My programming is personalized to each individual. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we will find the right routine for you and challenge you at the intensity that is right for you.

I offer small bootcamp classes for up to 5 people, if you have friends and family who you would like to workout with. Fitness levels within the class may vary and I will always make sure everybody is getting a great workout in.

I will help you set a realistic and achievable goal. Together we will create a workout routine and diet that fit your needs and aligns with your lifestyle. We reassess every three weeks and set weekly goals to make sure you stay on track.

I don't want your busy schedule to come in the way of being able to eat a healthy meal which is why I offer to meal prep for my clients.

To qualify for Elite Coaching, you MUST be willing to change. I will only accept determined people who are serious about making a life change in all aspects around optimal wellness.⁣ 1)One-on-One Training (physical fitness)⁣ ⁣2)Advanced Nutrition Advice (NO DIET but finding the 'right' way to eat for your body and your gut)⁣ ⁣ 3)Mindset Coaching (meditation, stress management, growth mindset)⁣ ⁣ 4)Habit Forming (sleep, nutrition, time management, efficiency, routines, affirmations)