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Specialist one to one female personal training at home in the Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire areas. Handy Fitness offers mobile personal training sessions, meaning you can workout wherever is convenient for you. Our personal trainer is fully qualified and insured, and has obtained a level 4 qualification which specialises in exercise for conditions such as Obesity and Diabetes.

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Laura Baker

14 September 2018

Sophie is an excellent trainer, extremely professional & friendly.
I would recommend her 100%


Laura Tebby

23 July 2018

Sophie is friendly, happy and a really motivating personal trainer to be around. She has so much knowledge with regards to nutrition and fitness and you can always rely on her to reach your fitness goals.


Hannah Laws

23 July 2018

Sophie is great...fun and motivating me to get fit with loads of variety in my workouts! I would definitely recommend you try her!


Hannah Abigail Cotton

23 July 2018

Before Sophie I had hit a rut where I'd lost some of my baby weight but was struggling to shift the last part and left me with little body confidence. After my first session with Sophie I felt better already. We set realistic goals and I felt comfortable with Sophie from the start. Sophie challenged me as the sessions went in and I often said "I don't think I'll be able to do that" but with Sophie's encouraging mentality I was doing things I was adamant I wouldn't be able to do and I was stronger than before I became pregnant with my core making me feel like a new woman. Sophie gave great nutritional advice which led to a great combination of exercise and eating well and we achieved my goals together in the desired timeframe. I can't thank Sophie enough for changing the way I work out and getting my confidence back! More...


Gemma Saunders

23 July 2018

Sophie is fab!!
Me and my husband have only had a few sessions with Soph but from the off we got on really well. She puts up with me and the husbands annoying banter and complaining when our muscles hurt lol. We have such a laugh and the hour flies by. She is very positive and encouraging.
She is just what we need to ensure we actually get our heart beat raised and muscles working once a week. Due to our busy life style and hatred for exercising she takes the stress away from having to dragg ourselves to the gym and by booking her in advance means we definitely do a workout, no excuse, and it doesn't feel like a chore. She adjusts our workout level to our individual needs.
On our free consultation she went through the real reason to why we booked her and what our goals are. She understands i want to get my hourglass figure back and my husbands wants to loose his fat and moobs. She took down our details, we filled in a health form and checked our posture.
She's given us advice on food and a little exercise plan to do at home. We also do stretching before and after our workout. Plus is always quick to reply to my text messages when I ask her for advice.
We live in a tiny flat and workout in our tiny livingroom but this is still enough space for us, we do workout regimes that fit to our space. Me and my husband both hate exercising in public so being in the livingroom with curtains drawn in perfect for us.
I couldn't recommend Sophie highly enough.


Helen Bailey

23 July 2018

Brilliant! My daughter has had 10 sessions and has enjoyed every minute of it. Her fitness levels have increased massively from non existent. Sophie has inspired, cajoled and made Hannah laugh through every session. Thank you so much. More...


Caroline Wells

16 January 2018

Sophie is reliable and ensures I get a good workout 3 times a week. I am stronger, fitter and my fat % has lowered. Without Sophie I would not train half as hard or often. She brings lots of different equipment to keep sessions interesting. Happy to recommend Sophie. More...



4 June 2017

Had a great session with Sophie on Friday - she really focuses on the areas I want to improve and already I'm starting to see the results. I love the way Sophie pushes and encourages me giving me confidence that I can do far more than what I thought. I absolutely love working out in the fresh air and come away really looking forward to the next session. Sophie is a fantastic personal trainer More...


Carolyn Reid

19 April 2017

Sophie was great to work with, very responsive and very encouraging. She tailored the exercises to suit me and helped me to make a difference in my workout regime.


Carole Holman

20 February 2017

Booking System very good, prompt reply's, and good options to re-arrange and schedule appointments.



16 February 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my first workout with Sophie. She is extremely professional, friendly and understood exactly what I'd like to achieve through our sessions. I came away feeling very positive and knowing with her help and guidance my goals can be reached. Can't wait until the next session ???? More...



14 February 2017

Sophie is amazing! In less than 12 months she's changed me from being a once or twice a week 'plodder' at my local gym into an 'I enjoy exercising at home everyday' enthusiast. Right from the start she has listened to my goals and has given me the confidence to reach them. Each workout is tailored to what she knows I can achieve rather than what I think I'm limited to. The workouts might be challenging, but everything else about working with Sophie is a breeze! I'm fitter, stronger and happier thanks to Sophie! More...



13 February 2017

I have been doing regular sessions with Sophie from Handy Fitness since last August, it's been an excellent experience. She varies the activities to keep it interesting and challenging in a good way and I feel the benefits of regular sessions. There is a flexible easy booking system online that makes it very convenient to plan and arrange sessions, I strongly recommend Handy Fitness to anyone with the ambition to get into the routine of regular exercise and become healthier and stronger More...

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Setting realistic and achievable goals is the first step towards seeing results and my clients always find this the most helpful tool. I always motivate my clients inside and outside of their personal training sessions and am always on hand to give advice via text or email if necessary.

The best results are seen through hard work and motivation in both exercising and nutrition. The piece of advice I give to my clients is that getting results is a lifestyle change, and I will always help them by providing workout plans to do in their own time and advice about healthy eating as the two go hand in hand.

The best part of my job is seeing my clients succeed and achieve their goals. I can see that they are happy and feel healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident, this is what I strive for.

After working at a gym I realised that many people do not feel comfortable working out in a group environment and I wanted to make sure that everyone has the chance to see the best results possible. I have a passion to help people, especially those who are less able to get to a gym which is why I started a mobile personal training business.

As a personal trainer I know that some people struggle to know how to workout, and I am passionate about providing fun, varied and interesting personal training sessions so that you can get the best out of your time. I make my clients work hard because I want them to achieve their fitness goals and I will always go the extra mile to provide the best service I can offer.


Specifically designed personal training sessions tailored to the individual's goals and ability.

Specifically designed personal training programmes for clients with diabetes type 1 or 2.

Specifically designed personal training programmes for those with obesity.

Specifically tailored for those who prefer to workout in a group scenario.

Specifically tailored personal training sessions for women who are currently pregnant or have recently given birth.