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Hands For Bodywork Massage

Brooklyn, New York


Hands For Bodywork Massage

Brooklyn, New York



I specialize at affordable massage sessions at my clients' home.

I bring massage to you! There is no need to return to your busy schedule after the session - drive back home from the spa, doing some shopping on the way, etc, etc. You can rather schedule a convenient evening session at the comfort of your home, take a bath or a hot shower after massage and have a great night's sleep while your body continue enjoying the benefits of the session and your muscles assimilate the work more deeply with the results flowing into the following days.


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Nicole G.

12 October 2019

Throughout my life I have had many, many massages...Alex is by far the best masseuse I have ever used. My husband and I found him many years ago and have continued to enjoy the most incredible massage sessions, in the comfort of our home, ever since! In our home, we refer to Alex as a magician. His work is always consistent, precise, strong and tailored to what we need. He is professional, personable and very knowledgable. I find that Alex is able to make the most out of every session, giving particular problem areas that I have, special attention, while still providing a very complete experience. I am never, ever, disappointed....(only that it has to end) I highly recommend Alex to everyone and anyone who is looking for a high quality masseuse for every and any reason: de-stressing and relaxation, body aches and ailments, or alignment reset and tension relief. Once you experience Alex's massage, you wont ever want another massage therapist! More...


Jacki L.

19 May 2019

My husband and I are so happy to have found Alex. If you have any stress (and who doesn't?), you owe it to yourself to book a session with Alex. I have super tight muscles in my neck and back and after his treatment I feel truly and deeply relaxed. Booking is easy, he is prompt and he comes to your home. It could not be more convenient. For a truly professional deep tissue massage, call Alex. We recommend him without reservation. More...


Ellen O.

10 May 2019

Had an amazing massage with Alex!!! I would strongly recommend him. He asked if I had any back pain and then thoroughly worked on the areas that are giving me trouble. Alex was super professional and you can see that he knows his stuff. More...


Joe S.

14 November 2018

Alex gives a great massage! My wife and I are repeat customers now; tonight was our 2nd appointment. He's professional, on time, and very knowledgeable.  Alex asked us where our problem areas were and where we would like him to focus. He knew exactly what he was doing. If you have the room in your apartment or home to have Alex come by, you are in for a treat. More...


Sue H.

16 September 2017

Alex Soyfer is the best.  I am very particular with who I let touch me.  I have to say that from the first session,  Alex gained my trust.  I was having severe lower back and butt pain from my pregnancy.  I found him from the reviews on yelp when looking for prenatal massages bc I needed relief.  He is very professional, always on time, easy to get in contact with, scheduling appointments is to the point, and he is very accommodating to your needs and listens to you.  He asks you if you're ticklish and checks in on you during the session.  His hands are blessed and always finds what needs to be worked on with the prefect amount of pressure.  I love that he comes to your home,  that way I can relax and go straight to sleep afterwards.  Alex is a huge part of helping this pregnancy stay so comfortable.  He is great, I'm glad I found him. More...


Nicholas T.

10 August 2016

Alex is as good as it gets! I get a lot of massages and he's HANDS DOWN the best, highly recommended!


Nantada M.

31 July 2016

Alex is a great masseur.  He's very attentive, and effective.  I feel great and sleep great after every message.  Highly recommended!


Ben H.

15 April 2016

Alex is fantastic masseuse. He's professional, knowledgable and creative. Rates are completely reasonable and he comes to your home. Plus he's cool with me putting on whatever music, which I take advantage of by subjecting him to a different phish set each time. In seriousness, I have chronic back issues and Alex's work is the only thing that consistently helps. I like deep tissue but am confident he can perform any massage style. Could not recommend more highly. More...


Rose F.

21 December 2015

Alex came to our house and gave us wonderful massages. He was very accommodating of my perfume allergy (I provided sheets and unscented oil) and brought a prenatal table for my partner who's nine months pregnant. He's extremely strong and knew how to dig deep, but responded instantly if I said the pressure was too intense. He checks in occasionally but isn't chatty. He even asked in advance whether I was ticklish! Before he left he thoughtfully recommended videos on giving massages to our baby. His rates are great and arranging the appointment was a breeze. Highly recommended. More...


liezl n.

28 November 2011

Pre-natal massage master! Alex Soyfer is a huge reason why my pregnancy has been so comfortable and pain-free. After each 90-minute session, I feel WONDERFUL. I have been seeing Alex each month starting month 3 of my pregnancy. Each time I see him I feel like he is pressing the "reset" button on my body, particularly my lower back where so much of the pressure and stress builds. He has a special touch - he knows exactly where to focus even if I don't point out my problem areas. He hones right in on them applying the right amount of pressure (not too soft, which I can't stand, but not too hard, either). He clearly has a lot of experience with pre-natal. Also, he's got a great pre-natal pregnancy massage table, which many pre-natal masseurs do not have. The belly and bosom sections can come out of the table to accommodate the pregnant body. Finally, he sets a great, relaxing atmosphere and makes it easy to give feedback during the massage by checking in at least once. I can't overstate Alex and his massage services. He's affordable, he travels to the client, he's got the appropriate pre-natal table and best of all he's really really good with his hands!Liked: Disliked: More...