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Hair by Bryan Dean



Hair by Bryan Dean



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Maureen K.

10 August 2019

Full disclosure: I am a 75 y o woman with thin, aging hair. Over the past 15 years I've lived in six states, moving because of my work, with each move requiring me to search out a new stylists. The majority of whom acknowledged that my hair was -- thin, aging, not much can be done, but we'll try. Sometimes the results were good, sometimes okay, and sometimes . . . Well, we won't talk about that. Arriving in Gainesville I tried five recommended stylists and was increasingly disappointed. Then . . . Ta da! . . . A friend suggested I seek out Bryan. This five-star review is the result.Bryan's professional salon is very private (indeed, you must follow directions fairly closely to find it), nestled into a quiet Duckpond neighborhood. Bryan himself is very welcoming, and the salon itself is small but comfortable, with everything he needs close at hand. Bryan's skill with cutting, including, yes, thin and increasingly aging hair, is amazing. In fact, my hair doesn't even LOOK as thin any more - no spots where my essential pink-ness shines through. And when I despaired over the shade of grey life is handing me, while at the same time choosing not to go for full-fledged color, Bryan suggested "brightening," a semi-magical process including foils, that lifts in a very natural way without setting me up for the whole rotation of color maintenance. I know that Bryan specializes in hair replacement, though I haven't needed those services (yet). But his high level of training is evident in the framed certificates on display - if / when I do need hair replacement, I will go to Bryan without hesitation.BTW, Bryan is amazingly knowledgeable about a wide range of topics that have nothing to do with hair, and conversation during the appointment is never boring. As an introvert, though, I should add that I've noticed that when I prefer to sit quietly, Bryan senses this, and the silence is companionable, never awkward. Do I need to mention that I have become a Bryan Dean Fan? More...


Earl M.

17 July 2019

I was so excited to find someone in town who does men's hair replacement. I've been wanting to try a replacement system for a long time, and Bryan does amazing work. From the consultation to the application Bryan was very professional and kind. The cut and style were incredible and I received a lot of compliments. The best part is the privacy. He has his own private professional studio. I will definitely be going back to Bryan in the future for all my hair needs. More...


Laura Milles Weaver

16 August 2018

He is absolutely the best stylist... I have been coming to Bryan since I was 19 and,13 years later, I’m still making the drive from Jacksonville! So worth it!


Chelsea Caro

25 July 2018

Bryan always does fantastic work on my hair! I usually get dry cuts because I have very curly hair and the cuts help make my hair more round and full! Thank you!


Sydney Boukari

2 March 2018

Bryan was amazing! He was so funny and made my very long day much more enjoyable. As far as my cut and color are concerned- flawless!!! My cut and color are EXACTLY what I wanted!!! I have to say finding a stylist that listens and really does everything to give you what you’re desiring (within reason) is hard to find. I am pleased to have FINALLY after 5 years of living here, found someone who does my hair well and just as amazing as my salon back in Tennessee. I’m very pleased and would recommend Bryan to anyone. I also loved learning about all of the cool things he does other than cutting and coloring hair. He does extensions, hair restorations, and literally so much more so there is something he can do for any and all types of hair. Impressive. � Thanks Bryan for making me look FABULOUS!! More...


Katie Woodley

20 October 2017

Love everything he does with my hair and always willing to let me be adventurous.


Tara Manion

12 August 2017

Bryan is awesome! His studio is clean, quaint, private, and professional. Bryan did a great job with my color and cut. I will definitely be a regular client!


Mari Lu G.

4 June 2017

I have been going to Bryan for 10 months now with monthly appointments.  Every time  Bryan has gone above and beyond satisfying and accommodating my needs.  My schedule is crazy-like most and I often have to switch days and appointments,  It is never a problem and he always gets me in asap.  Sometime it take awhile for him to respond back to me because of his busy schedule but he always responds.  He's a one man show and gives total attention to you while being worked on and this way his costs are very reasonable for the expertise and work that he does. More...


Sylvia M.

2 June 2017

I have been getting my hair done with Bryan Dean for years and I would not trade him for the world. He is  a perfectionist that knows how to listen to his clients. His dry cut haircuts are well done and long lasting and he is an amazing colorist too. Aside from that he is a  pleasure to hang out with. He always makes sure I am happy with the work he has done. So grateful to have someone like him in town. More...


Kyle L.

27 October 2016

I have been getting haircuts from Brian for the past 3 years. I am from Miami Beach, and have gone to many extremely well reviewed salons and renowned hair stylists. I can honestly say that I have NEVER gotten a better haircut from anybody else, and Brian is the BEST! His work ethic is uncomfortable, and he is an amazing stylist. More...


Greg S.

3 October 2016

I've been going to Bryan for at least 10 years.  I always feel amazing after seeing the great job he does.  He's gifted with hair.  I know many people in the city who will only go to him.His new salon is nice and private.  Bryan is great at conversation as well. More...


Carol D.

3 October 2016

Bryan is the best! He is an experienced, educated hair artist. His new salon offers nice privacy in a beautiful area. He is truly the best in town!


Lori Godek Parent

21 October 2013

Love ya Bry!


Jannae Ethier

28 August 2013

Bryan Dean is a great hairdresser, platform artist I admire his work!!


Carol Day

3 February 2012

If you are in the Tampa Bay area, I cant say enough good things about Bryan. I searched high and low until I found Bryan and I couldnt be happier. I highly recommend him for your cutting and color needs. More...