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Hackmatack Playhouse

North Berwick


Hackmatack Playhouse

North Berwick


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Tim Runnette

2 July 2019

Excellent grass-fed bison. I just tasted the tips and ribeyes this week. They are outstanding. They do have a bit of a gamey taste like venison but I expected that in both cuts. I may never order a normal ribeye again. Outstanding!! More...


Katie Gall

17 June 2018

Delicious and high quality meat! We get the mini-box and it’s a fantastic investment. Totally worth it!


Pedro Guimaraes

4 February 2018

Great people + great bison = great food. An asset to anyone who can get their hands on this incredible meat.


Lee Ann Cahoon

4 June 2017

Made a bison stew with the bison stew beef and the bison filet. It was amazing - daughter said the best meal ever. My daughter uses the ground bison in her chili and it is excellent. Best bison ever�


Rick Gerber

26 March 2017

FRESH and LOCAL. Mixed in some chopped mushrooms (New Hampshire Mushroom CO.) and grilled on a wood fire. Amazing!


Vaughn E Davis

29 January 2017

As I posted on my page.. best bison filet I've grilled east of Montana! Keep up the good work!


Rob Strange

25 November 2016

High end quality product and protein. Lean but very moist. Very easy to grill. I will def purchase again.


Mike Morin

14 November 2016

An incredible local product produced by even better people


Ross Robert Randall

6 September 2016

Just had the Willie Nelson special at The Big Bean in Newmarket that featured Hackmatack Buffalo meat. So tasty! Could not happier to support a local farm and know exactly where the food came from. Keep up the great work!


Beth G.

11 August 2016

The setting is Yankee serene placed on a farm setting in an ancient New England barn. The talent phenomenal and jubilant. The owners are genuine and hospitable. I just wish there was AC and more up to date online ticketing. But I guess someone's gotta keep it old fashioned. And apart from modern amenities, this theater holds old school brilliance and beauty. More...


Verna Keefe

4 October 2015

Bison does not have a gamey taste. Grass feed Bison is the best. Bison has the taste of the best beef cut. It is important to know how your food is grown, and how humane your animal is slaughtered. Off you are a meat eater...you won't regret going from beef to Bison. Yummy. More...


Emma D.

21 July 2015

Great atmosphere (the stage is in an old barn), and although it could get better snack options at intermissions, overall I have been very impressed with the playhouse after going there to see a variety of performances over the years! Most recently I saw West Side Story, and I absolutely loved it! There is a nice open grassy space outside of the theater, which is nice to sit in during intermission, especially on a warm summer afternoon. More...


Susan H.

29 July 2012

Hairspray is full of amazing talent.  Don't miss the opportunity to see great summer theater at the Hackmatack!


Erica H.

28 February 2010

This review may be a bit biased because I have been performing at Hackmatack Playhouse for 3 years, but friggin deal with it.  Hackmatack is definitely one of a kind.  All of their shows are performed in a barn that has years and years of family history behind it.  When you go to see a show, visitors are welcomed to bring a picnic dinner and hang out before the show.  You will be welcomed by Michael, the theatre's owner (one of the nices men you will ever meet) and you will probably have the chance during intermission to taste his wife's homemade blueberry pie.  The most amazing pie ever, I might add.  For a rather low budget summer theatre, the performances they put on are very very good.  So many of the performers have moved on to work in NYC and other professional theatre,s but come back year after year to perform at Hackmatack.  Everyone who works there feels like family and they welcome the audience with open arms every night.  Surely do not expect to see performances filled with special effects, glitz and glam.  Do not even expect the luxury of air conditioning.  But that is what makes Hackmatack so kick ass.  Expect great shows in a really cool theatre with lots of heart and history. More...