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Hack Marketing is a Digital Agency with capabilities ranging from Web Design and Development, App Creation, Content Management, Digital Advertising and More.

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25 May 2020

Has the same business attitude

25 May 2020

Flexible. Seems like a 'can do' guy - which is what I need.
I look forward to getting this project going.

12 May 2020

Great service, quick and easy.

15 April 2020

He called me back the very next day and was certain he could fix my issues.

5 April 2020

quick response - friendly - on point


WEB DESIGN THAT GENERATES BUSINESS Great web design increases your businesses sales. It’s really that simple. At HACK Marketing we believe in function over form. That isn’t to say our sites aren’t beautiful, they absolutely are. But when designing a website solution for a client the primary goal is always to increase their businesses visibility and to generate leads.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of being found online… it’s all about visibility. Whilst organic search position can be hard to gain in today’s competitive and crowded markets, HACK marketing incorporates genuine strategies to get your business found online.

Not being searchable on Google is the equivalent to not existing for most businesses. Just as there was a time for everybody to be in the Yellow pages, so too, must businesses be using Google Ads.

Working with the HACK team will ensure effective use of your budget as well as creating a campaign that drives a return. HACK Marketing offers several social media packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Remember, the hardest part of social media is consistency, if you are not willing to invest the substantial time an effective social media presence requires, or pay someone to do it, then it’s best to avoid it in our opinion!

If you are a national brand, then YouTube Advertisement might be for you. It has all the benefits of traditional Television advertisement and none of the drawbacks. In fact, HACK strongly advocates that most traditional mediums of advertising are modern day scams with generic targeting and nonspecific results.

It’s so often we see agencies and the marketing industry try to sell a product that isn’t needed. Not all businesses will benefit from the different services we offer, and we make no apology for being honest about that fact. One thing we can all agree on is that marketing your business is essential.

Notice that watch on your favourite Instagram models’ arm? The gym that the sexy guy your wife totally doesn’t look at uses? How about the car that your favourite YouTube Personality just started their video in. Whilst minor, these appearances generate massive interest and sales for the company’s smart enough to utilise these accessible celebrities.

At the heart of every business is sales of a product or service. Most business websites focus on informing consumers about the business itself but fall short of generating meaningful leads.