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Taylor N.

16 September 2019

What a gem. This place is AMAZING with huge portions! This meal could easily feed 2 people. The staff is friendly, the service quick & the garlic sauce is unbelievable. Definitely will be back & totally recommend it! More...


Janet M.

26 August 2019

We have zero food in our house (why is that? well, see my Safeway review) , so we had a delivery service bring us lunch from Gyro Fresh. We ordered: 1) chicken schawarma plate add pita for $1. 2)  chicken schawarma fries add feta3) chocolate baklava ( one, it was spendy I think it should have been two pieces). There was enough food for lunch and dinner. We liked all of it. We have two thoughts, the first is that it was all a little salty. The second, we wished we had more pita and some hummus. Honestly though, $8 through the delivery service is too much for hummus. I couldn't do it. I think that is too expensive. It is hummus.Teen " what if it is the best hummus on the planet?" Me: " we are never gonna find out for $8."Everything was appropriately hot or cold, fresh, and tasty. The pita was the chewy moist stretchy kind not the puffy dry kind, very yummy. We would order again, or maybe we will go in. More...


Cc A.

24 August 2019

Wow so delicious. Portions are very large enough to feed two people. I ordered the chicken gyro sandwich. Friendly staff. I will be back.


Rebecca K.

18 July 2019

Eaten here twice: once via a DoorDash order and once in the restaurant. With the door dash order we were sold on the food. After going into the restaurant we were sold on the people and the customer service! The owner is a sweet man who genuinely cares for his customers. He is truly interested in you and how his food is bringing you joy or filling a need.Typically we get the chicken shawarma, a chicken kabob plate and a gyros plate. Even with three people we have leftovers, perfect for lunch the next day! I always order an extra side of tatziki because it's the best. Last time we went they were out of pita bread but they substituted more flat bread than we could handle.A gem of a place in a semi-abandoned strip mall! More...


L R.

13 July 2019

Yum yum yummy!! We had the gyros and Schwartz!  Great flavors, fresh and hot! Skip the desserts as the portions are filling!


Katie S.

10 July 2019

This place is amazing! It's a little gem in Cedar Mill. Great food. Wonderful staff and fresh food!


Gutaiba Z.

14 June 2019

The food is literally amazing. I found my new favorite spot. I got the lamb plate and was surprised how juicy the meat was. I coupled it with the hummus appetizer and was not disappointed but blown away. Amazing flavor in every bite. If you're still reading this review, stop and just head down there. You will not regret it. The quality is way above the cost, just simply amazing. More...


Ellen B.

10 June 2019

Very fresh and delicious. We randomly tried this place and really enjoyed it. The chicken shawarma plate is really good. You get a ton of food for the price. I was able to cut mine in half and have lunch the next day. I will be back! More...


Matthew N.

4 June 2019

Excellent food! Fresh, very tasty. Love the creamy hummus and hot pita! Had the meat mezza plate and gyro wrap. Great place for a fast meal that's NOT fast food. Owner and staff are very friendly too! More...


Howard S.

2 May 2019

I ordered two Chicken Kabob platters and would give the meals a 5 but had a 20 minute wait.  To help keep those 5 ratings I would suggest the senior manager who was behind the cash register get an assistant to take orders so the cooks could start preparing the food and the senior manager/ owner can ring people up as well as assemble the to-go orders, etc.   While I waited for my to-go I was able to watch 20 minutes of local news but noticed three (3) Amazon delivery workers a little pressured to pick up their called in orders and having the extra wait.   Since it was around 6:10pm when I arrived, I imagine height of dinner traffic as I noticed 4-5 tables with couples eating in and another 4-5 groups waiting for their to-go items.   I did find this restaurant through their buy one and get second one 50% off - which I love for new places I hadn't been to.  I will come back - hopefully when it isn't as crowded and hope the senior manager let's an assistant help take orders, etc.   I did see three (3) others working behind the counter/ cooking.  I think the down side was having to wait to get my order - it was about 5 minutes - feeling like I was standing ready to make eye contact for someone to take my order but only the senior manager was taking orders while also multitasking with the other controlling tasks.   I'll give it at least one more try. More...


M M.

19 April 2019

Wonderful, friendly and fast service. Huge sandwich!!! Everything seems home made, even the wrap for the gyro...


Diana K.

12 April 2019

First times I came here (~8) ... the food was out of this world. I totally recommended the chicken shawarma. Flavor is there ... great proportion of salad to chicken. Did I mention the flavor. Mmmm. More...


Jennifer B.

9 April 2019

I don't usually leave reviews, BUT this is one of our favorite restaurants for take out yet.... fresh, fast, and delicious! Price is amazing as well!! The meat mezzo is a go to as well as the lamb kebab and gyro wraps.... their hummus is perfection More...


Leslye G.

23 March 2019

Perfect just the way it is. The name says it all, you can taste how fresh it is. Some of the best Mediterranean food we've ever had. My husband and I shared the meat Mezza platter for $14 and it was plenty. The flavors were all on point. I noticed other customer got giant salads. I'd like to come back and try those. More...


Lisa W.

28 February 2019

Delicious, fast, and fair price - who could ask for more?  Both my toddler and I loved loved loved the chicken shawarma.  We will be returning (soon!) to try their other options.


Jordyn P.

20 February 2019

The food was fantastic, and great portions for the price. I ordered the Greek Gyro and the Tzatziki sauce was perfect, not over powering with dill like I often find in others Tzatziki sauce. Would definitely recommend!


May V.

19 February 2019

Authentic, fresh and fast. Food was flavorful and real!? Portions were good and great value for what you pay.


Ratestuff J.

14 February 2019

Oh my gosh! Probably the best Greek Fast Food I have ever had. My Chicken Schwarrma was da Bomb!!Just amazing!!


Shae D.

11 February 2019

Love this place. We try to make it here weekly. Owner is super sweet, the music is good, the restaurant is clean. Definitely recommend getting the loaded fries. It's a 2 person meal unless you're really hungry. Generous portion sizes here. Baklava is also super good here, they have about 3-4 different kinds. I will be sad to move away from here More...


T S.

24 January 2019

Stoped in by happen chance as the location was convenient. Fast friendly help and the food was super good, hot and fresh. I have a new lunch spot in my repertoire.


Daryl S.

23 January 2019

These guys have great service and great fresh food,,mmmm oh man please go in and order some great food....thank you so much


Ranjana S.

3 January 2019

New restaurant very close to our home . One of the best middle eastern restaurant in Portland. Tasty and amazing food . We ordered kabab plater , meat meza platter  with extra naan and chicken shawarma.Their rice is super good , I am doing an Extra  rice order every time .Meat meza platter  comes with hummus , baba ghanoush, tabouleh, falafel,grape leaves, chicken shawarma and gyro meat .what a heavenly combination that goes well with pita bread . Kabab platter comes with rice salad and chicken kabab skewer . Well marinated juicy kababs .Very well made food and it became one of our frequent to go place lately . More...


Mark B.

22 December 2018

I love their food! They have really friendly people work there. The portion is good too.


Raja S.

22 December 2018

Meat mezza platter was great (baba ghanoush great, hummus fine,lamb gyro meat was awesome, chicken shawarma great as well). Even got extra shawarma (good quantity) for $5 worth it. The highlight of all the dishes is the rice the kabob dish comes More...


Leilah A.

20 November 2018

Incredible and fresh middle eastern food. I didn't expect to find food like this in the US- let alone OREGON! The chicken shawarma sandwich is amazing (I get mines with extra pickles and an extra side of sauce for dipping). I can't figure out if I love the hummus or baba ghanouj more so u should just get both. I also highly recommend the knafeh, it's a cheesy and crispy baked desert. Even if you are lactose intolerant- it is worth the stomach ache. The business is family owned and the owner is incredibly passionate about his food. Highly recommend this place! More...


Brian A.

31 October 2018

You have to go there and try it. It's such a bummer it's hidden in the dead strip mall where places go to die. Love the chicken shawarma, the sauce is SO good.


Marlo M.

20 October 2018

Fantastic food!  I had the Chicken Schwarma plate and it was so flavorful.  Falafel was perfect.  My daughter is vegetarian and there were lots of options.  She had the veggie kabob plate which was huge portions!  Perfectly grilled veggies.  Will definitely be back. More...


Yuli L.

6 October 2018

I came here because the near by hardware store was having a out of business sale. Exhausted by all the browsing and shopping, and actually got kinda hungry (I know, life is hard)!  That's the moment I saw Gyro fresh across the parking lot and decided to give it a try.The first impression I got is: it's quiet and clean. It was a Friday night and there were 5 tables worth of people dinning in. Lot of people called in and take to go orders as well. It looks like they got some regulars and the business seems good. I went to the cashier, and a warm and friendly staff took my order. I ordered a Gyro wrap and a side of fries to go. I checked in with my yelp and received a big cup for a free fountain drink (first time only) as well. When my number was call, we realized they didn't put it in the to go box. The staff apologized and offered to pack it for me. I told him: nah, I'll just eat here~Did i mention the restaurant was clean? Have you ever visited a restaurant to touch the sticky table and crumbs on the seats. I always sigh when that happened. However, Gyro fresh is sparkly clean. Which makes my dinning experience instantly better already.My gyro wrap was filled by fresh lettuce, slice meats and tzatziki sauce, and the fries was hot and crunchy. While I enjoyed my wrap, I thought I needed to come back and order a rice dish because Only then I'd know if I truly found my new favorite Greek eatery. Hmm I'd need to order some falafel too! More...


Joe O.

27 September 2018

Whatever I had for $10 was hands down best dish I've had in a while. A bit pricey but worth the taste and the amount I get. Delicious :)


Kristin P.

25 September 2018

I usually don't leave reviews for many restaurants in the Beaverton area but this place is truly amazing, from the seasoning to the way the meat is cooked to the customer service, this place is a 10/10, and the girl at the register is always super nice and friendly. Highly recommend the chicken shawarma sandwich, this is definitely the last meal I would eat before I die. Love love love. More...


Dina A.

25 September 2018

Everything is halal, and the lamb kabob is so good. GRILLED chicken shawarma sandwich is what I tried last time and it's my new favorite.


Jim S.

14 September 2018

Just tried their food. I had the Veggie Mezza and others has the Gyro sandwiches. Really good!  Nice family business.


J E.

13 September 2018

Really great food, clean restaurant and friendly owners. We have been here several times and the quality is consistent. The fries are surprisingly good!


Mona A.

6 September 2018

I have tried so far the hummus, gyro, lentil soup, and chicken shawarma. All were delicious so far! Place is very clean too. Happy to support a local family restaurant. I think the owner and son are usually working too they are very kind. More...


Vikki E.

18 August 2018

I had the new spinach salad with lamb.  So good!  Everything is fresh and tasty. My husband had the gyro salad.  He was also very pleased.  We will be back again. If you are low carb, everything here works for your diet. More...


Abeer S.

2 August 2018

The food was so tasty and the service was awesome really really recommend specially the falafel


Sarah E.

31 July 2018

Freakin' ridiculous, this place... I haven't had such amazing Greek food in a decade. The tzatziki has more garlic than a really good Caesar. Everything was amazing. The only thing I DIDN'T love about my gyro plate was the fact that it's gone.New favorite. Hands down. More...


Derek B.

27 July 2018

Quality beyond belief from a strip mall Mediterranean restaurant. The veggie mezza platter is fresh and very tasty. The falafel is crisp and seasoned very well! Also I've had a few meat dishes that topped other more pricey Mediterranean restaurants. Go check it out!! Well worth it and a bit undiscovered. Quick, healthy, quality food! They make awesome baklava too! More...


Kerry S.

26 July 2018

I was reluctant to try this place due to it's location, in the strip mall near Orchard Supply. I'm glad a friend referred me and that we did! It's so good. This will definitely be in our take out rotation, and often. I had the chicken shawarma wrap and it was delicious. The pita was very fresh and the chicken was flavorful. My son had a falafel wrap and enjoyed that as well. The hummus was tasty and the service was quick and friendly.  So glad to have this nearby! More...


Karen T.

20 July 2018

Very good gyro.   Nice little mom and pop restaurant conveniently located by The Orchard.   And reasonably priced.   Happy to have them in the community


Virlie B.

22 June 2018

Super friendly, and the gyro is delicious. Ordered the gyro salad for $10. Mostly lettuce, some cucumbers and I think 1 slice of tomato cut-up, it also had a very salty peperoncini and a sliver of pickle. They did not skimp on the meat though. I should have asked for feta cheese to be added, but all in all, I thought it was good. If I'm nearby, and hankering for a gyro, I'll come back to this place again. More...


Anuja S.

2 June 2018

Superb food- loved the touch of pickle in falafel wraps! The food was very tasty, huge portion sizes and friendly staff! This place is kid friendly and they do have high chairs for those who need it.Lots of vegetarian options! Can't wait to try out other things on their menu! More...


T J.

24 May 2018

Wowzers.  This place is amazing.  All made fresh and homemade, not that frozen stuff.  Very good quality gyro meat and the sauces were amazing.  I'm from Michigan and we had lots of middle eastern food places because of the high Lebanese  population and this is the best tasting. More...


Zoe M.

17 May 2018

Yummy! Great to find a family owned Mediterranean place off of Barnes & Cedar Mill. I saw the small sign at lunch time & thought "Let me check it out" fresh salads, piping hot entrees, savory plates. The owners prepare every meal that comes out of the kitchen. From the digital display it looks like the pita is house-made. Hummus is thick & flavorful with whisper of olive oil & sumac.The hummus was tucked into the Kafta Wrap. Crisp lettuce, pickle, onion & tahini sauce were a perfect foil to the char grilled Kafta. The parsley & onion were evident& obviously this was made to order... & worth the short wait for biting into the piping hot sammie.I didn't try them but ther's several versions of loaded fries & the falafel incredible. I'll be back to check it out & bring friends to share one or several of the mezza platters.I stopped in for lunch but it might be a good dinner choice too. The menu has 10 platters including a lamb stew that looks drool worthy, served with rice & a salad.A nice selection of sweets: tried the baklava with pistachio. Delish. Only thing missing from the menu was a turkish coffee or fresh squeezed juice.  Great little find tucked into the Barnes Cedar Mill strip mall. More...


Sara B.

8 May 2018

Hands down, best gyro wrap I've had! Not sure why anyone would say this place has bad service or bad food. I've been at least 10 times and each time the staff was super friendly. The spicy sauce is awesome, not too spicy for the faint of heart. Meat is delicious! Had the shawarma once and even that was friggin' delightful! More...


J D.

1 May 2018

Excellent Food!!!! Gyro sandwich was Fantastic!! Such a great price & it was Huge!!! So Super Fresh, Amazing flavor & tender meat. Very nice people! Dessert with pistachios was Amazing too. Very convenient location near Hwy. 26 in shopping center next to Ups store. Must try!!! More...


Enas A.

22 April 2018

This is probably my new favorite place to get some delicious shawarma. The wait wasn't long, food was fresh, and the service was as good.


Sg S.

21 April 2018

lamb kabob is delicious!! tender meat, flavorful & sizzling off the grill with generous serving


Rania Z.

21 April 2018

Wooow very delicious food and friendly staff, thank you. Everybody should try it. Chicken shawerma is my favorite.


Mohammad K.

20 April 2018

If u want to try good middle eastern food, then this is definitely the place there gyros and shawarmas are so delicious! Besides just the food, the people working are super friendly and nice! More...


Nura E.

28 March 2018

Such delicious fresh food! We loved every bite. The prices are reasonable and the restaurant is clean and inviting. My new favorite place in this part of town and I am so happy that I have a place to eat when I am in the area. Highly recommend if you like Middle Eastern food. More...


Sarah T.

16 March 2018

I personally don't understand what the bad reviews are all about.First off, this place is definitely not owned by the same people as Boardwalk Burger - which was ran by a Hispanic family.The owner and family of Gyro fresh are Middle Eastern...Personally, we loved Gyro fresh and we have had plenty of bad middle eastern cuisine. This place is far from bad.The falafel wrap was top! We also had the loaded fries which are topped with gyro meat and Tzaziki sauce, the Kids gyros plate, kids cheese bread as well as the hummus with pita bread.Everything tasted amazing and was very visually appealing. Bonus for the portions being super big for what you pay.The owner was also super friendly and welcoming. He made sure we were 100% satisfied with our order. My favorite dish there was definitely the hummus! Give it a try! More...


Bert F.

7 March 2018

Delicious, got a gyro with extra meat. It did not disappoint. Friendly staff, plenty of parking prompt service.


Reshad K.

14 February 2018

We've tried almost everything on the menu and it was all amazing. I have to say that out of all the quick-serve Middle Eastern restaurants, this is my favorite. The food quality could be in a fine dining establishment. More...


Basi S.

7 February 2018

People, you need to try this place!They have the best lentil soup I've had had in a looong time. So that's my first recommendation: don't leave without trying this soup.Everything tastes excellent! So hard to find genuine shawarma around here, but we don't need to look further. Super nice customer service and the place is impeccable. Thumbs up! More...


Kelly I.

22 January 2018

Absolute best falafel in town. It's not the frozen kind that other places end up reheating and they turn into rocks. I literally saw him forming the falafel then frying it. Everything is made fresh and you can tell they care about giving the best quality. We were in desperate need of a good restaurant around this area, thank you Gyro Fresh for being just that! More...


Scott F.

5 January 2018

Even if the food wasn't great, which it is, the pleasant nature of the proprietor and the staff is worth supporting this business. I'm looking forward to trying the fries with Gyro meat next time! More...


Anne D.

29 December 2017

Don't let the low key location and layout. The food is flavorful and delicious. The lamb stew is amazingly rich and hearty. For those who want a quick sandwich-style item, the Chicken Shwarma sandwich is great. More...


N B.

1 December 2017

Love this place. We always get the kabobs/hummus/tabbouleh/lentil soup. The pita bread is always made to order and fresh. The owners and employees  are super nice. We finally have some delicious and healthy options at Peterkort. More...


Saheeba S.

1 November 2017

The owner and staff is super nice and friendly! The service is very quick as well. We ordered chicken shawarma and fries, the bread was amazingly soft and fresh! The chicken was good too! Definitely one of my new favorites! Great place with ample parking! Keep up the good work! More...


Larry H.

12 October 2017

I just ate here for the third time, and have tried the gyros sandwich, the "veggie' mezza and just now the meat mezza. The only complaint I have is that the portions are large, and the food is so good I can't stop eating it. So full! I give them five stars because aside from the great food, the people are super nice. If you like Middle Eastern and/or Greek food, you gotta try this! More...


Summer A.

10 October 2017

New place close to St. Vincent's with really great food. Try the falafel and hummus! Quick service too.


Nichole S.

5 October 2017

My coworkers and I have been excited for this place to open ever since we saw the new company listed.  Have to say we weren't disappointed.  The falafel sandwiches were amazing and their hummus is super delicious as well, and quite big for $7, definitely going to be a new regular stop. More...


Aiaa D.

3 October 2017

The food is so yummy, and the people are very friendly.It took them just few min to prepare our order.Highly recommend it!