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GYMGUYZ is proud to be the FIRST in Home & Mobile Personal Training and Fitness Company. As #1 in Home Personal Training, we offer individualized one-on-one workouts, group instruction and corporate fitness. GYMGUYZ has an amazing team of certified coaches that incorporate the GYMGUYZ philosophy of the 3 C’s during each workout.


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Fabiana Silvera-Farenga

26 July 2019

Thank you JC!! . Awesome work out



14 July 2019

I’m an adult woman with cerebral palsy. Training with someone who has a neuromuscular disorder requires, if not experience, a willingness to try things until something works. When consulting with Adebola, I felt genuine interest and joy in his work. I am excited that he is excited. That makes a huge difference when working around/with my physical difficulties. More...

Thanks Jessica for the great feedback! It was a pleasure meeting you and we are excited for you to get started and i can't wait to see your progress! You are one of the reasons I started this business...for people that really need it.


Allison Main

8 May 2019

My high school son has a crazy schedule and cannot make it to the gym on a regular basis. Gym Guyz works around his schedule and comes to our home. The work out is personalized and is better than any gym and is tailored to what he needs (which is to pass the CFA for USNA!) More...


Katherine Goodman

16 January 2019

Personally, my training experience has been considerable! Learning to walk again, in physical therapy at Lutheran General hospital, was just the start of my first challenges. Now having been apart of plenty of different fitness, wellness groups and companies I have seen and know multiple types of exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, Body Pump, Zumba, Shabam, Chair Yoga, Yoga, Running Clubs and the list does go on with all of the sports played but, I am not here to write a book. My GYMGUYZ experience has shown me that they are ready to train you to your best, at your speed, in the way that fits your fitness level. With admirable trainers, the company GYMGUYZ, has been the best decision I’ve made towards making a healthy lifestyle and making my goals a reality! My analysis is that if I want to maintain a healthy body, mind and no pun intended heart, I will train with GYMGUYZ for the rest of my life. GYMGUYZ has taken me to a new understanding of what maintaining health is and how to do it in every training session and how to make it a daily routine. More...



4 January 2019

I can honestly say that my consultation was the best experience and the happiest I have ever felt after a quick workout. I’m so so glad I am doing this!

thanks Nikka for the shout out! It was a pleasure meeting you (you are so bubbly) and i can't wait to see your progress!


Kc S.

20 August 2018

I just started as a client here. I have had personal trainers in the past and never got the hands on attention I needed. With GYMGUYZ they come right To my door which is super convenient for me because I work every day and I often came up with the excuse "I don't have time to go to the gym" they bring all the equipment you need and the encouragement you need to get through the day! My assessment with Adebola was very thorough and he went over every detail he may need to know to best match me with a trainer. I had my first work out with my trainer, Glenn, and he gave me one of the best hour work outs I have ever had! He set me up with some homework to do on our off days and he took the time to get to know me as an individual to best customize my work outs. It's affordable and doable again they come right to your house... so what's your excuse I'm sure they have a solution! More...


Marie Laird Jensen

10 August 2018

So great! The trainer took the time to find out about any injuries I might have had. Then set the workout based on that. He checked in with me several times to make sure I was ok. Also made sure I was drinking water, very attentive to me. I have worked with other trainers in the past and would recommend you check this group out, you won’t be sorry! More...


Ronnie Keene

23 July 2018

Great Service! I would recommend these guys if you really want to get In Shape


Adeolu O. Adewumi

23 July 2018

Adebola has always loved fitness; let him bring that same love and passion to your life!


Ben-Miriam Trolese

23 July 2018

Adebola and GYMGUYZ are the real deal! Get fit, have fun, be healthy. Love what you are doing!


Debbie Kim Morikawa

23 July 2018

We (my Head Coach David Patterson and I) met Adebola at Corporate's training program and he truly is awesome in his passion and commitment to helping others. He's a highly professional businessman and outstanding his sknowledge of personal training. It's an honor to be a part of the Corporate team and to be able to get to know people like Adebola! More...


Jessie Danner

23 July 2018

Adebola is awesome & super passionate about fitness! He helped get me into the best shape of my life before my wedding � He is very motivating and will definitely make sure you are not cheating yoursefl!


Cristi Millington

23 July 2018

Adebola is the best! He held me accountable for showing up for this past Saturday's Group Workout at Vista Brook Park at 10am. He sent me a message the day before, which made it feel like more of an obligation vs. a choice...which turned out to be the perfect push that I needed! His coach, Glen, was there to meet the group for our workout - he lead us through a CrossFit routine, which included lots of lunges, weights and even a fun competition between teams! We had so much fun that I plan to go back again this coming Saturday! Who do you know that could use a fun, yet challenging, workout in the park? Tell them about Gym Guyz, you can find all of the details on their Facebook page. More...


Daniel Van Horn

23 July 2018

Adebola is passionate, fun, but serious and dedicated to attaining your personal goals. I love that GymGuyz comes to you!



7 June 2017

Are is great trainer. You can totally tell he loves what he does. That passion totally helped me to think of fitness in a different manner.

Thanks Ron...we are trying to change lives :-)


Lets Make Adeal

11 December 2013

This is actually a good idea


Mannuell El Fresco Untouchableryders

18 July 2013

I think dat a great idea to bring da gym to who ever need it I think it's awesome

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GYMGUYZ is not like any other gym or fitness program. We have no gym membership fees, the first visit is always free and the initial assessment includes a body assessment, fitness assessment and a nutrition assessment. We welcome all individuals of all levels regardless of experience, age or ability. Each client is reassessed every 15 weeks to ensure that you are exceeding your goals. GYMGUYZ teaches lifelong habits that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Each van is stocked with state of the art fitness equipment enabling the GYMGUYZ coach to provide you with your customized workout. Our certified coaches are trained using the GYMGUYZ methodologies. We utilize the tools and techniques required for a creative exercise program with high quality service. No two workouts are ever the same so you will (and your body) will never get bored

There is no secret...it requires hard work and dedication. But we make that hard work far from boring by constantly changing up the workouts. That was your body will never adapt. We implement 3 of the most power exercise techniques that others overlook to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get in great shape. We also provide a meal plan to help you towards your nutrition goals as well.

Changing lives. My passion in life is to help people reach their goals and one of the main ways is through health and fitness. I enjoy bringing a refreshing approach to intense workouts doing it all with a smile on my face.

I worked in the corporate arena for ~15 years and have seen first hand the impact regular exercise can have on heath, wellness, and even injury prevention. I have a two-fold passion...1. to help and improve the life of others and 2. health, fitness, and nutrition. Even though I worked in a very corporate Engineering and Manufacturing organization, I was fortunate enough to utilize the two at work. In 2012 I helped start up the Intel Aloha group fitness program and my ‘coaching’ ranges from leading corporate fitness classes to coaching youth basketball. I decided to leave the corporate world and start changing some lives.

To get results at an average gym, you need dedication, motivation, and an overwhelming drive to get off the couch. If you’ve been trying to shed those irritating pounds but lack the motivation, then it’s time to try something different. It’s time to try GYMGUYZ and finally get results. We come to you eliminating the excuses. GUYZ stands for Genuine Unique You can do it Zero excuses.

Let Us Motivate You – Working with a GYMGUYZ coach will encourage you to stick with a consistent exercise program. A coach will provide structure and accountability to help you to develop a lifestyle that encourages health and well-being. Let GYMGUYZ find the right exercise program to get you in your best shape.