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Never Drive to the Gym Again!

Mobile personal training franchise providing individuals, groups, classes with Convenient, Customized and Creative workouts in the setting of the clients choice by nationally certified fitness professionals who thrive on changing the lives of our clients one session at a time.


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Lauren Schwartz Enders

3 August 2019

Mark is incredibly professional and does a spectacular job of listening to his clients’ needs, concerns, and goals. He makes it clear that my safety and goals are paramount. He pushes me just enough but not too much. Next week I start with Ellen 3x a week and have every expectation that she will be equally as wonderful. Both Ellen and Mark are super responsive to emails. Mark emailed a very thorough recap of my assessment and first training session to Ellen prior to my first meeting with her next week. First rate professionalism all around! I feel that having a trainer come to my home is the solution to my repeated pattern of starting a fitness regimen and giving up within two weeks. The combination of not having to travel and having someone identify exercises, watch my form, and push me to keep going is perfect. I’m thrilled that I chose GymGuyz! Highly recommended! More...


Heather DiPrato

8 September 2018

Mark and his team are extremely motivating, professional and work hard to help you reach your goals.


Carolyn Neisser

17 August 2018

GYMGUYZ Greater Bucks enhances the quality of life of so many people. I'm proud to work for Mark as he consistently guides his employees to rise to challenges, provide excellent service and tap into our best selves. We respond by doing whatever it takes to bring valuable, purposeful, convenient and seamlessly excellent fitness and wellness programs to the customers we serve! >>Wherever they so desire!! GREAT PLACE TO WORK!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO HELP YOU CONVENIENTLY COMMITT TO YOUR FITNESS GOALS!! More...


Samantha Jo Williams

23 July 2018

So far on my fitness journey with GYMGUYZ I have met Mark and Sara. They are fantastic at what they do, energetic and passionate about getting people back on the right track! Working out is fun with GYMGUYZ and that is hard to find! Feeling very blessed! More...


Cecelia Gavinelli

23 July 2018

Mark, Joe and Eddie are excellent at this profession. Their honest, sincere nice guys to work with. They're motivating and help you attain the results you are looking for. So glad we chose GYM GUYZ!! Thank you!!! More...


Dan Scheetz

23 July 2018

To all my Friends and Family in the Bucks County area, please check out my very close friends Mark and Ed, GYMGUYZ. I know it can be scarry to invite strangers into your home for a personal session or need. Please know these two are two of the best GUYZ I know. I've known them for years and they can literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE and put you on a path of Good Health again. When it comes to Motivation these GYMGUYZ will get you to your Goal with your very own Personalized Programs. Please give them a call and change your life for the better. More...


Glenn Carey

23 July 2018

Stop reading this and call. Unless you like being tired, out of shape, and lazy. Mark and his team make it fun to get your sweat on.


Seth Goldstein

23 July 2018

Mark is a top notch business owner and exercise coach. He is passionate about helping people get healthy where they want. Great concept and great guy.


Chris Halber

23 July 2018

Genuine. Unique. You can do it! Zero excuses!


Erin Simmons

23 July 2018

Gym Guyz are Awesome! Mark and crew are Energetic, Friendly and Fun group of people. They are incredible with the amount of community service they participate in. They have come to events for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County for the past year and I am always amazed on how they can get kids out on the field in the hottest of weather participating. I am always seeing them on face book participating in community events. I would highly recommend if you are looking for home personal training where you do not feel judged, or not listened to that you give the Guyz a call. More...


Patti Miller

23 July 2018

I can't say enough about Mark and his team. They are professional, knowledgeable and passionate about your health. They create a motivational environment that pushes you to new levels, but within controlled limits. Mark is sensitive to my bad knees. He makes recommended modifications to the exercise routine. It keeps me active and I am glad to be in a judgment-free zone. When he says he's gonna make you sweat red -- he means it! It's always a great workout. Mark's GUYZ are your GUYZ to help you reach your personal goals! Highly recommend. More...


Jennifer Eckfield

23 July 2018

I am so excited for my journey with GYMGUYZ! Sarah and Mark have been fantastic with every workout, and what's better than they come to you? No more excuses that I don't have time to take care of my body. They hold me accountable and push me to go harder, encouraging me along the way. Are you ready to #SweatRed? More...

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At the initial assessment, we’ll review your medical history including your family history. We’ll discuss lifestyle factors like your nutrition habits, sleep patterns and ability to manage stress. We’ll generate your body fat and muscle mass percentages, your Body Mass Index, visceral fat and body age. We’ll get baseline inch measurements of your upper body, midsection and lower body. Lastly, we’ll assess your strength and power, endurance, flexibility and balance. Once we have a snapshot of where your fitness level is, we’ll determine exactly what you’ll need to reach your goals with a Customized workout.

Our coaches are extensively trained in several different formats specifically designed to include 3 critical components for achieving fat loss, increasing muscle tone/strength and improving your core condition. Those components include interval training, functional strength training and core conditioning exercises. Our approach to weight loss and muscle toning is hormone based. Most weight loss approaches are about cutting calories and doing lots of cardio training. That approach has been proven over and over again not work. (close to 70% failure rate). Our training methods are designed to ramp up production of fat burning and muscle building hormones. Our workouts also cause your body to burn a tremendous amount of calories not only during your workout but as importantly up to 48 hours after! Basically, our training formats ramp up metabolism over the long haul allowing your body to sustain fat loss and truly transform your physique!

Commitment to yourself to transform the current you to the next version of you by exercising properly, healthy eating, and wise choices 24/7.

Our passion is helping people reach their fitness goals and we enjoy hearing how our programs have helped our clients feel better about themselves. Making folks of all ages improve their health is very rewarding!

I was tired of being tired, tired of being out of shape, and I enjoy service to community that started with my Navy career in 1989.

The difference is reflected in the experience and professional service you receive from a GYMGUYZ coach. We pride ourselves on what we call our 3 Cs. (Convenience) When you’re trained by a GYMGUYZ coach, you save time and money because you won’t waste time driving to the gym and you don’t pay membership fees like you do in a gym. Your workout is brought to your doorstep! (Customization). Our coaches provide a professional experience and customized training program tailored to your specific needs and goals. Your program will be based on a very detailed assessment taking into account your medical history, nutritional habits and other lifestyle factors. We’ll also take into account any orthopedic concerns you may have like preventing/managing knee or back pain. (Creativity) Your coach will design a program that is science based (hormone) and highly creative based on your assessment. Your coach will integrate a tremendous array of equipment pieces into your workout and do it in a way that your body was designed to function (functional training). You’ll never get bored and your body won’t plateau from the same old routine.



GYMGUYZ is a mobile personal training franchise operating in the Greater Bucks area specializing in one-on-one fitness, group sessions, and corporate wellness. The “GUYZ” in GYMGUYZ stands for Genuine, Unique, You can do it, and Zero Excuses. We provide Convenient, Customized, and Creative workouts in the comfort of your own home, office, place of worship or any setting of your choice. Convenient – you name the time and the place, we bring the gym to you. Customized – provides a thorough body and fitness assessment to baseline your starting point and design workouts tailored to meet your fitness goals. Creative – workouts are hormone based, fun for our clients, and we don’t use the same old routine session after session. GYMGUYZ changes the lives of our clients, one session at a time and is revolutionizing the fitness industry • No gym • No membership fees • No judgment • No stress • No excuses Our personal trainers are called coaches because they take more interest in your wellbeing than just during the GYMGUYZ workout sessions. They provide suggested workouts as ‘homework assignments’ in between our sessions as well as check in occasionally to see how you are doing throughout the week. I will share that as most of our workouts are in-home, I only hire personal trainers that I would feel safe taking care of my six year old girl at home alone. I set the bar very high with my coaches and have 3 male and 3 female coaches/trainers. GYMGUYZ also provides meal plans that complement the workouts and they are designed to ensure clients achieve their fitness goals as our bodies respond to both what we eat as well as our activity. Our hours of operation are from 5 am to 11 pm during the week and 6 am to 6 pm on the weekends. If there is a time that works better for a client outside those times, I will find a trainer willing to support the requested time. So how does it work? We conduct a body assessment and take physical measurements including the use of an OMRON machine to measure BMI, % Fat, % Muscle, Visceral fat and Body Age. We review medical/family history, diet, stress levels and fitness goals. A fitness performance test is conducted to determine a person’s starting point. This helps us tailor the program to the individuals skill set and fitness goals. The body and fitness assessment are free and there is no obligation.