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GYMGUYZ is proud to be the first in home mobile personal training and fitness franchise company. As the leader of in home personal training, we’re redefining physical fitness by bringing the workout to you, when and where it’s convenient for you.


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Kimberly Reese Morrison

11 September 2019

We absolutely love the personal service we get from GymGuyz! Having a trainer come to our home and work with our schedule puts this service above any other. Thank you Jonny, Eddie and Rene.


Julie Jacobs

10 September 2019

My trainer is just right for my needs. I'm a senior citizen and he tailored the workout to my level. Highly recommend!


Kara Rogers

1 August 2019

Wonderful group. Super flexible and supportive. Love they come wherever I need them to and show me I can do what I didn’t think I could


Noel Popko

29 July 2019

My husband and I can't say enough positive things about our experience with GymGuyz. We love how our lives have changed for the better. Our trainer Nicole is so knowledgeable, guiding us through core strength, nutrition, hydration and cardio. She helped us learn new exercises and made us stronger without making it feel hard or undoable.The best is how she has helped us change our diet very subtly with guidance about what we should be eating and avoiding. We have learned so much.. GymGuyz has changed our lives. More...


Erica Hunter

29 July 2019

Gymguys is reliable and convenient. Our trainer challenged and encouraged us all at the same time!!! If you are looking for a serious fitness program, try Gymguys!


Fabiana Silvera-Farenga

26 July 2019

Thank you JC!! . Awesome work out


Dani Cohen

24 July 2019

There is nothing better than having someone come to your house, train you with a program fitted to your needs and around your schedule.


Mark Brooks

4 July 2019

The best personal training experience I have ever had! 10 stars.


Jeannette Taylor

4 July 2019

These guys are great! Responsive to scheduling needs/requirements, give an awesome workout that is VERY effective with results seen rapidly. Great to work with.


Allison Main

8 May 2019

My high school son has a crazy schedule and cannot make it to the gym on a regular basis. Gym Guyz works around his schedule and comes to our home. The work out is personalized and is better than any gym and is tailored to what he needs (which is to pass the CFA for USNA!) More...


Christie Bell

5 April 2019

Our whole family has been working with GymGuyz for several months and couldn’t be happier with the trainer (Kyle) and the work outs we do every week. Each session contains new and fun work outs, and we all have more stamina and have gotten much stronger since we’ve started. They bring all the equipment needed for the work out, and since they come to us all we need to do is be ready when they get here. GymGuyz is very accommodating of our schedule so we can always fit in the work outs during the week. Kyle is so good at keeping us motivated (even our teenager). We actually look forward to our work outs, instead of dreading them. We couldn’t be happier with the GymGuyz service! More...


Brian Dineen

26 February 2019

Very convenient option; better than joining a gym.


Alyssa Doman

25 January 2019

My coach Kristin is so motivating and inspiring. I have never felt so dedicated and motivated to not only work out but to go hard and push myself outside my comfort zone. I started seeing results in just a few sessions and she has me doing moves that I didn't even think I could do when I weighed less than I do now. Someone once told me that people come into your life when you need them, even if it's just to teach you a lesson. And I absolutely believe Kristin walked into my life because life knew I needed her! I've attempted to lose weight and get fit in the past with little to no results but since starting my training I've actually felt like positive things are actually going to happen and change for good! More...


Katherine Goodman

16 January 2019

Personally, my training experience has been considerable! Learning to walk again, in physical therapy at Lutheran General hospital, was just the start of my first challenges. Now having been apart of plenty of different fitness, wellness groups and companies I have seen and know multiple types of exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, Body Pump, Zumba, Shabam, Chair Yoga, Yoga, Running Clubs and the list does go on with all of the sports played but, I am not here to write a book. My GYMGUYZ experience has shown me that they are ready to train you to your best, at your speed, in the way that fits your fitness level. With admirable trainers, the company GYMGUYZ, has been the best decision I’ve made towards making a healthy lifestyle and making my goals a reality! My analysis is that if I want to maintain a healthy body, mind and no pun intended heart, I will train with GYMGUYZ for the rest of my life. GYMGUYZ has taken me to a new understanding of what maintaining health is and how to do it in every training session and how to make it a daily routine. More...


Dominic Maniscarco

11 January 2019

For any of you in this area looking to get into shape this guy will help!


Drew Kluger

12 October 2018

Working with the GymGuyz Triangle has been a great experience. I’d highly recommend them.


Ashley Michelle

4 October 2018

Gym Guyz Triangle is a fantastic choice for personal training! I started with Shonna in April and have seen incredible results all from home. As a person with chronic illness, it was important to find a company that would get me healthy in a safe way. Shonna has gone above and beyond to do this for me and is always bringing me great workout specific to my needs. She even used personal time to research all of my conditions which is way more than I ever could have asked for. I have lost several pounds and even more inches throughout my time with them! I have gotten so much stronger too, from barely holding a plank on my knees for 20 seconds to holding a normal plank for 30 seconds in just a few months! Even more important than that, I have seen a decrease in resting and active heart rate. My doctors couldn’t be happier and neither could I. I would recommend this company/Shonna to anyone looking for one on one training. More...


Ashley M.

4 October 2018

Gym Guyz Triangle is a fantastic choice for personal training! I started with Shonna in April and have seen incredible results all from home. As a person with chronic illness, it was important to find a company that would get me healthy in a safe way. Shonna has gone above and beyond to do this for me and is always bringing me great workout specific to my needs. She even used personal time to research all of my conditions which is way more than I ever could have asked for. I have lost several pounds and even more inches throughout my time with them! I have gotten so much stronger too, from barely holding a plank on my knees for 20 seconds to holding a normal plank for 30 seconds in just a few months! Even more important than that, I have seen a decrease in resting and active heart rate. My doctors couldn't be happier and neither could I. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for one on one training. More...


Kaitlin Daniel

25 September 2018

Joy is great to work with. She brings a new personal tailored maid workout each week, sends me reminders, and is so friendly! I started off using 15pound weights, but now I'm using 25 pounds! I also started off with a horrible dowagers hump, which is now gone 2 months later. In addition to that, I no longer feel dizzy when I workout. I highly recommend Joy. More...


April C Setzer

21 July 2018

Working with Shonna at Gymguyz has made a huge impact on my overall health and well being. Having a personalized, tailored training plan has been challenging and motivating. I look forward to continuing my journey with Gymguyz! More...


April S.

21 July 2018

I started working with Gym Guyz Triangle in May. From the first meeting with Jeff & Shonna, I have been completely comfortable with the overall process. I chose Gym Guyz because it's one on one and personally tailored to me and my fitness goals. The first workout made an immediate improvement in my energy level. I started working out twice a week, but have now moved to 3 days. I have gained an increase in energy, stamina, and overall well being. The encouragement I've received from Shonna, my trainer, has been uplifting and even more motivating. Thank you Gym Guyz Triangle for taking this journey with me! More...


Kathy Moats

22 June 2018

So glad I called GYMGUYZ! I love the fact that they bring everything you need to get a complete workout. The trainers are awesome and they give me the confidence I need to continue. Never thought I would actually look forward to working out - but I do. More...


Rebecca Krause

20 June 2018

I attended my first bootcamp with Coach Kristen and it was a blast! She made sure everyone knew what they were doing and how to modify the exercises for everyone’s fitness levels. It was a fantastic workout and a lot of fun! I’ll be back! More...


Christi Rebro-Pryor

16 May 2018

I bought an initial 3 pack deal back in May. After my assessment and 1st workout I had my hubby do the free assessment too. We immediately signed up for 30 1 hour sessions to do together. I was nervous to work out with my hubby because he knew his way around gym equipment and had always worked out as a younger guy. But it was AMAZING! Kristin modified weight and other equipment for me to ease my nervousness. She set up "boot camps" right in our driveway! My hubby and I both lost weight, toned our bodies, gained muscle, and had a bunch of fun! I now have a great knowledge of how my body best reacts to certain workouts and I can continue to motivate myself to keep going with health and fitness. We miss our weekly workouts with Kristin but who knows we may book her again in the future to change things up. More...


Kelsey Boggs

4 May 2018

I love training with Shonna! She does a great job mixing it up and challenging me. Jeff and Conner are also great to work with at the group classes I've been to!


Cassidy Skinner

1 April 2018

Im so glad I got the chance to have the trainers COME TO MY WORK! Residents that attended the class loved it and were telling their friends about it 2 hours later. Very friendly,caring,and motivational group. I work at Apple Blossom Retirement and when I look into someone for exercise class they say they will work with the residents needs and how fast or slow it needs to be. Usually they cannot hold up to that, GYMGUYZ did that 100% I'm very very impressed! Can't wait to have them back! More...


Graham N.

21 February 2018

We have been using Katie P. From GymGuyz for the past 6 months.  Together, my wife and I have lost over 50 lbs.  the fact that we have a dedicated trainer showing up at our house to workout (even when we don't feel like it) help keep us on track for a healthier life.  Katie has pushed us hard when needed, but also has understood when we needed to slow down or have an off day She has worked on nutrition with us when needed.  We both like that the workouts vary each time so we don't get board.  We highly recommend GymGuyz and Katie P! They have changed our life for the better! More...


Brigette A.

27 January 2018

Katie P with GymGuys really changed me, for the better!  My overall strength has improved dramatically.  And I would have never believed how much better I would feel with a strong core, but it has helped so much, including back pain that I had almost every day!  Katie pushed me, challenged me, and made it personal - and I thank her for it. What a great program. Thanks GymGuys More...


Margaret Leitinger

20 January 2018

These guys are professional and extremely knowledgeable. Top rate service!


Joe Niklasch

16 January 2018

This is the best thing since sliced bread! Nick and Benji will get you motivated and in shape in your own home! I had a sneak preview workout when I was back in Wisconsin and it was great! For your health! Give it a try!!! ‍♂️ ‍♂️ More...


Katie Olson

1 November 2017

Dan was great!!! Fun and challenging workout today.


Melissa Marie

1 November 2017

Great work out today with Dan. He kept me motivated and kept pushing me. The weekly bookcamp in Darien is awesome, affordable and convenient. I highly recommend GYM GUYZ and Dan. Come check out a weekly bootcamp session. More...


Melissa Melvin

31 October 2017

I have been using GYMGUYZ for 3 plus years now. In fact I just bought another 20 session package! It is the only way to work out. It is convenient , tough, tailored and best of all, the greatest trainers I have ever found across the country. If you working out in a gym, you aren't dong it right! Use GYMGUYZ! More...


Debra Aiello-Grandinetti

31 October 2017

Even though I just started training with gymguyzs I cannot believe how knowledgeable and professional my trainer Daniel is. His knowledge of what it takes to be on the road to a healthy fit body blew my mind. He is patient and all around a very Nice young man. My advice is to give him a call and try it he leaves you wanting to workout and not making you feel like it is a chore. He is AWESOME!!!! More...


Anthony Grandinetti Jr.

30 October 2017

Daniel has all the knowledge to help make someone’s physique be what they want it to be!


Jim T.

18 October 2017

Scott listened and gave us really good feedback on what we need and what we want. We look forward to our continuing training.


Barbara C.

27 September 2017

Our trainer, Karen, is superb!  So encouraging. We have seen excellent results --  in strength, flexibility and balance. It couldn't be more convenient, as she comes right here to our building. I think that's why we've found it possible to stick with our fitness program. More...


Lea Jabieski Shulman

27 August 2017

I've had a handful of sessions with Dave this summer and I look forward to continue his guidance when working out. He has a great way with people; he will light the fire within yourself to keep you motivated and inspired. Talk to Dave at GymGuyz. - you won't regret it and you will be amazed at your transformation mentally and physically! More...


Ginny Jamison

25 July 2017

Dave is wonderful with working out individuals and groups! He makes working out fun for adults and children. My son and his friends worked out with Dave and couldn't wait to workout! Great job Dave!!


Alex D.

23 July 2017

Highly recommended easy and convenient great trainers. Knowledgeable staff that get results


Sandeep S.

15 May 2017

Great team of trainers. We were lacking motivation to stay active and needed a jump start...gymguyz came to our rescue. Polite yet tough group of trainers who were very flexible to accommodate our schedule and needs. My wife and I trained with Leslie and she is fantastic! Before you know it, those core muscles start strengthening...And a fun group. More...


Laura I.

26 April 2017

I have really enjoyed my experience. GYMGUYZ is the only reason I've been able to stay consistent with a workout plan over the last year. I'm always motivated for my workouts because they are new and my trainer holds me accountable. More...


Cherryll LaChapelle

9 February 2017

Amber is absolutely amazing!! Highly recommended!!


Ruth M.

4 February 2017

In house personal training, exercise can't get any easier than that. And it's no more excuses working out with these guys. They have a total of 8 personal trainers all with their own unique style of exercise. You always get something different to each session.Today I got to try a class for free that they offered at Athleta in westfield.  They offered 15 minutes of core, 15 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of strengthening.  It sure kicked my behind but what was nice was it was a fast 45 minutes with all the different exercises. What's nice is they teach you exercises that you can also do at home instead of running to the gym.All the trainers were super nice and maybe I can get my parents to exercise at home with them! More...


Vincent B.

10 November 2016

Only had 2 sessions so far but like it a lot!  Carlos is no nonsense with a sense of humor. Solid trainer who gets to know this clients and their specific needs. Highly recommend trying GymGuyz if you have a crazy schedule and need someone to motivate you. Signed up for 2 more sessions and will decide after if I jump in for 10 sessions. Their no cost evaluation was comprehensive. Scott spent over an hour with me to help connect to the best trainer. More...


Karolyn R.

28 July 2016

I've been working out with Gym Guyz for almost a year now. For the first time ever, I'm noticing significant and positive improvements in my strength, flexibility and endurance. Additionally, the workouts have helped me get into proportion with upper and lower body strength. Aside from the very positive physical improvements, our amazing trainer Carlos has become an important coach and friend in not just my life but, in my kids life as well. They regularly ask, "When is Carlos coming over?" In a house with three kids and two dogs, Carlos brilliantly helps clear the way for our workouts by engaging everyone - even the dogs! While I'm doing three sets of medicine ball lifts, he has my kids doing push-ups and the dogs practicing "sit" and "stay." I never imagined that having a personal trainer would actually get our entire family healthier. Working with Gym Guyz has been completely worth the investment and has ultimately probably saved me a lot of time and money. More...


Mary K.

13 July 2016

I am on my 12 th session of personal training with Chris at Gym Guyz.Chris has made my sessions challenging but staying within my capabilities.I have made steady progress toward my goals. Chris motivates me and I look forward to the training sessions. Gym Guyz fitness program is helping my balance and to gain strength. I nowrealize that having an active lifestyle will keep me healthier. More...


Faon B.

3 July 2016

I know it sounds corny, but GYMGUYZ seriously put the "personal" back into personal training. From the very beginning in my personal assessment with Scott, my workouts with Kevin, to the follow up from everyone, I feel like they are interested in me and reaching my goals. I have worked with a number of personal trainers in the past where I felt like just another client. My desire to work with a personal trainer is to have someone help hold me accountable for my workouts and that is finally what I found! The fact that they come to me means no excuses. Kevin kicks my butt every time and I absolutely love him for it! In just over a month, I have noticed a significant change in my body and physical endurance. Thank you GUMGUYZ! More...


Maggie J.

3 June 2016

I used to be very active, but lost the time for it.  I didn't know what to do to get back on track, then I came across GYMGUYZ.  The convenience of the service, where trainers come to you on your schedule made it possible for me to make time for working out again, and I'm finally getting back to my old self!  Very convenient, workouts are tough and different every day, with new equipment to keep things interesting.   Kevin, my trainer, has been accommodating at keeping things quiet while others are still asleep in the house, but still pushing me.  I would highly recommend this service if you're looking for a way to get fitness back into your routine. More...


Kevin K.

10 May 2016

One of the best investments I ever made. Finding a personal trainer that could provide personalized sessions in-home, flexibility and also take the time to explain technique and nutrition were important factors to me. My trainer, John, is awesome at all of that. More...


Jason V.

18 April 2016

Highly recommend GymGuys. If you live in the Northbrook area they will come to your home, bring all of the equipment and put you through an awesome workout. I appreciate the flexibility that home training offers. I called after seeing one of their red vans on Lake-Cook Rd. More...


Ernie C.

12 April 2016

This is a great way to go for personal training if you are a busy professional or need to workout from home for any reason.The in-home fitness assessment was a huge eye opener and Norm and Scott were both very helpful in setting up a plan of action.The trainer brings everything you need and even knows how to modify your workout if you live in a small home with kids you don't want to wake up too early.The workouts were intense and definitely left me exhausted with a significant feeling of accomplishment.I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for at home personal training. More...


Ryan J.

3 January 2016

I must say, this a great fitness program.  I had heard of the of GymGuyz while living in the North Jersey area, so when I found out there was a GymGuyz in my current area, I decided to check it out.  I was able to attend one of the free circuit workout sessions at the Metuchen Sportsplex and I was all in after that.  The trainer was professional, attentive, and knowledgeable.  Each of these is a "must" before investing in a personal training.  If you can't have a comfortable relationship with your trainer, you won't get the most out of the workouts.  The meal plan includes ideas and recipes for all meals of the day.  The fact that the the workout comes to me makes my life so much easier.  I am a regular distance runner and before GymGuyz, I would go to the gym but I've never had these kind of results.    In my opinion, the varied workouts are the key. These are things I would have never been doing on my own.  I've been able to workout so many different areas of my body.  I plan to update this with some more sessions under my belt but so far I can definitely endorse GymGuyz Metuchen. More...


Krystal K.

5 August 2015

Anyone who is like me and hates actually going to the gym would love Gym Guyz! They come right to your home or desired location so it is super convenient + they bring all the equipment with them! Love that their trainers hold you accountable to your nutrition and push you through your workout even when you want to give up. My trainer Natalie is amazing at keeping the workouts fresh and is available anytime I have questions. One of the things I like most is the Natalie has a bachelor's degree in this and years experience as a personal trainer, so I am not just getting someone who earned their trainers certificate online.I would highly recommended to anyone who has a busy schedule, or is ready to make a change in their health! More...


Lets Make Adeal

11 December 2013

This is actually a good idea


Mannuell El Fresco Untouchableryders

18 July 2013

I think dat a great idea to bring da gym to who ever need it I think it's awesome

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