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GYMGUYZ Atlanta is # 1 in Home Personal Training! Our coaches focus on individualized one-on-one fitness, group sessions, and corporate fitness. GYMGUYZ has an amazing team of certified coaches that use a unique philosophy that targets all aspects of health and fitness.


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Lori Medley

2 June 2017

Working with GYMGUYZ was a great experience! I liked the variations in the workouts so I never got bored and the intensity was just right. The trainers were knowledgeable and very personable which made the workout fun but still challenging. Lastly the best part was that they come to you on your schedule, which eliminates the excuse of not finding time to go to the gym or the gym being overcrowded. More...


Kim S.

2 June 2017

I love the convenience and versatility of GymGuyz! The trainers are great at customizing the workouts toward my individual fitness goals, challenging me to do more than I would do on my own, and encouraging me to push hard toward my fitness goals. I highly recommend GymGuyz for anyone at any fitness level who is ready to get into the best shape of their life. More...



2 June 2017

Great personal service! The staff was very professional, friendly and on time. They worked areas that fit you and pushed in a positive way! Cardio workout without all the running...Love the fact that they come to you with a complete gym! More...

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Working with a GYMGUYZ coach will help you focus on results and stop wasting your time performing inefficient workouts on your own. We have a plan and will help you get maximum results in minimum time. A running record of your weight, measurements and body fat percentage will be taken periodically and kept in a private file. GYMGUYZ has a support service which includes follow up text messages, emails or phone calls to make sure you’re staying on track. In addition every 15 weeks, we will come back to re-assess your progress. Based upon your results, we will either modify your current program or start you on a brand new program.

Working with a GYMGUYZ coach will encourage you to stick with a consistent exercise program. A coach will provide structure and accountability to help you to develop a lifestyle that encourages health and well-being. Let GYMGUYZ find the right exercise program to get you in your best shape.

The opportunity to change peoples lives in a positive way by helping them create better healthier lifestyle habits.

To get results at an average gym, you need dedication, motivation, and an overwhelming drive to get off the couch. If you’ve been trying to shed those irritating pounds but lack the motivation, then it's time to try something different. It’s time to try GYMGUYZ and finally get results.