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GYMGUYZ is # 1 in Home Personal Training! Our coaches focus on individualized one-on-one fitness, group sessions, and corporate fitness.
As #1 in Home Personal Training, we offer individualized one-on-one workouts, group instruction, classes, and corporate fitness.


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Julie Jacobs

10 September 2019

My trainer is just right for my needs. I'm a senior citizen and he tailored the workout to my level. Highly recommend!


Fabiana Silvera-Farenga

26 July 2019

Thank you JC!! . Awesome work out


Allison Main

8 May 2019

My high school son has a crazy schedule and cannot make it to the gym on a regular basis. Gym Guyz works around his schedule and comes to our home. The work out is personalized and is better than any gym and is tailored to what he needs (which is to pass the CFA for USNA!) More...


Katherine Goodman

16 January 2019

Personally, my training experience has been considerable! Learning to walk again, in physical therapy at Lutheran General hospital, was just the start of my first challenges. Now having been apart of plenty of different fitness, wellness groups and companies I have seen and know multiple types of exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, Body Pump, Zumba, Shabam, Chair Yoga, Yoga, Running Clubs and the list does go on with all of the sports played but, I am not here to write a book. My GYMGUYZ experience has shown me that they are ready to train you to your best, at your speed, in the way that fits your fitness level. With admirable trainers, the company GYMGUYZ, has been the best decision I’ve made towards making a healthy lifestyle and making my goals a reality! My analysis is that if I want to maintain a healthy body, mind and no pun intended heart, I will train with GYMGUYZ for the rest of my life. GYMGUYZ has taken me to a new understanding of what maintaining health is and how to do it in every training session and how to make it a daily routine. More...


Emille E.

21 December 2018

Great personal training. Gymguyz team is versatile. They can provide training in different age populations.


Josh Grinstead

23 July 2018

As good as it gets! On time, prepared, effective, fun, creative, customized, and convenient! Best investment you'll ever make!


Milena C.

10 February 2018

Amazing workouts!!! I have been training with GymGuyz for the past 2 months what a great experience. My body is definitely transforming. Great workouts! I love My trainer Josh S. He takes his job very serious and put together great workouts. Always different. Highly recommend this company. The best part you don't have to drive anywhere. They come to you. More...


Andrea N.

19 May 2017

I wrapped up my 3rd session last night and couldn't be more complimentary of the personal training provided by Ari Sofer.  My husband and I are trained in tandem and we love Ari's innovative approach to circuit training. My hubby is a frequent gym-goer and has learned something new each time. Ari is always prompt, respectful, and no-nonsense.  No wasted time with this guy! Separately, GymGuyz is run by Josh who is also wonderful and diligent with the follow-up.  All-around solid business. More...


Mihir C.

5 May 2017

It's great fun working out with Gymguyz trainers. I work out with my wife and we try to push each other to become fitter and stronger!


Fisher J.

5 August 2016

I have been working with Josh and Kevin for 9 months. I enjoy the one on one training at my home. We have worked out in my apartment, the garage and our on-site gym. Having someone come to my residence is just what i needed.  My results are great, I am eating and sleeping better and have a positive outlook on fitness. The one on one time is great because you are in constant communication with your trainer. Not only have I been learning safe ways to train and exercise, i have been learning about nutrition and diet. Thoroughly enjoy this service. More...


Lets Make Adeal

11 December 2013

This is actually a good idea


Mannuell El Fresco Untouchableryders

18 July 2013

I think dat a great idea to bring da gym to who ever need it I think it's awesome

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Genuinely, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. And we say this as fitness pros. You simply HAVE to eat well.

GYMGUYZ has an amazing team of certified coaches that incorporate the GYMGUYZ philosophy of the 3 C’s during each workout. Our workouts are Convenient, Customized & Creative.
For your convenience, we travel to you in our GYMGUYZ van to your home, office, park or setting of your choice, at a time that works best for you. Each van is stocked with state of the art fitness equipment enabling the GYMGUYZ coach to provide you with your customized workout. Our certified coaches are trained using the GYMGUYZ methodologies. We utilize the tools and techniques required for a creative exercise program with high quality service. No two workouts are ever the same!

Truth - nutrition is 80%. Fitness is the silver bullet that ignites the metabolism to become a fat burning machine. This is best achieved with resistance training and interval training.

Genuinely helping clients get amazing results! There is nothing better than helping someone truly change their life and express how happy they are!

The chance to do something I love, that makes a difference in the world.

Proven results locally and nationally. 5-stars on Yelp, Google, and Facebook - and a Net Promoter Score of 93 versus an industry average of 74.
Independent Coaches are unproven. Are they insured, are they reputable, can they get results? Investing in your body is THE most important investment you can make. Go with someone you can trust with references. Our coaches are vetted, certified, often degreed, experienced, and have all passed a criminal background check and drug screen. You get professionals, you get customer service, you get accountability, you get variety, and you get results. The best return on investment in the industry!



We cover all disciplines, ages, and fitness levels.