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Gym Reb3l is a private fitness studio offering:


All our classes at Gym Reb3l are run by the best personal trainers Liverpool have and using the scientific approach of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) we can take you through the training zone increases your fat burning potential for up to 36 hours AFTER the class.

We offer a mix of classes that are based around strength training, HIIT training, stability and core work as well as muscular endurance.

Alongside these classes, we also offer Reb3l Yoga. This is a different twist on your traditional Yoga class and we swap the ‘ommm’ of yoga for some R ‘n’ B, Soul, Pop and Trance music.


At Gym Reb3l we have two types of personal training program’s available for you to choose from.

Semi Private Personal Training: Working in small groups of 3-5 people you can work with the best personal trainers Liverpool has and get your own personalized nutritional and workout plan to follow.

All programs are monitored through our personal training APP and each client who joins this program follows their own plan.

Or you can work exclusively on a 1-2-1 basis with one of our personal trainers in our Private Personal Training Programs.

In our 1-2-1 coaching programs, we have 3 main packages you can choose from but all our personal training programs start with an initial consultation


Our studio is a top of the range, fully equipment personal training studio in Liverpool. We have a dedicated personal training area where you get to work with the best personal trainers (just check out their results).

We also have a semi private personal training area as well as a dedicated studio built just for our group exercise classes.

We have a mixture of free weights, power racks, a full range of leg and glute machines, cable machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, ski erg’s and an s-line treadmill from matrix.

We only allow a maximum of 12 people in our classes and in our personal training area we don’t allow non-members.

Everyone who come to Gym Reb3l is either working with a personal trainer or working in one of our group fitness areas so no members just walking around wasting time.

Gym Reb3l Reviews

Gym Reb3l Reviews

Review of Gym Reb3l by John Fox
5 09/06/2018 John Fox

Friendly place to train, great team of knowledgeable staff and clients. Great range of classes as well

Review of Gym Reb3l by Sara Utley
5 02/09/2017 Sara Utley

I have been working with dave mercer for just over a month. The improvement in my fitness and mindset has been fantastic. I love the personal training sessions and the gym has all the equipment you need.

Also the one to one coaching and support from Dave has been amazing. Post baby I lost all confidence and was struggling to fit in exercise into my work and home life. I travel for work and this is an added complexity. Dave has given me home workouts which I can do easily wherever I am. The app which does this is brilliant.

The nutritional support has been invaluable to me. I had found that I had lost my way, so much different advice from multiple sources, a lot of conflicting advice too had left me feeling confused and unclear. Dave has cut through all this and given me a clear idea and support on what I should be eating to fuel my body rather than deprive it. As a busy mum I need energy to get through the day and I am feeling much more energetic and confident.

I am looking forward to how much I can achieve and progress. I can honestly say I love the sessions and it's the best investment in myself I have made.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Marita MacDonald
5 21/08/2017 Marita MacDonald

Superb training studio with all the best equipment and a great atmosphere! Dave Mercer is not only very knowledgeable as a nutrition and fitness coach, but he is very approachable and makes healthy living an easily achievable goal with his tips and strategies. Dave always keeps workouts interesting and challenging and his fitness plans are based on evidence instead of fads. I would highly recommend Gym Reb3l and Dave Mercer for health and fitness training!

Review of Gym Reb3l by David Mercer
5 20/08/2017 David Mercer

Liverpool Personal Trainer Dave Mercer at Gym Reb3l: The environment created by the trainers is professional, friendly and welcoming. It has a very much community based feel which sets up the right climate for people to succeed and reach their goals. The atmosphere is up beat, lively and it is a great place to work out and train. With a wide variety of trainers and classes the studio is suitable for all wanting to be educated about how they can become healthier, more active and to feel good. A great place!

Review of Gym Reb3l by emma swann
5 18/08/2017 emma swann

I've been training with Matt for about 2 and a half years now and I've never felt better.
As someone who suffers with anxiety the confidence and peace of mind it has given me is immeasurable.
Matt is always happy to tailor nutritional plans/work outs to what suits me most. The work outs can be gruelling but he always keeps me motivated in a calm manner and puts up with my constant moaning.
What I appreciate most is his understanding and want to teach rather than just dictate what I should be doing. He answers my millions of questions without hesitation.
Matt goes beyond being simply a personal trainer for me, I see him as more of a coach and mentor.
I highly recommended Matt and Gym Reb3l as a whole to everyone.

Review of Gym Reb3l by maria dixon
5 10/08/2017 maria dixon

I've been going to the gym reb3l classes for 7 weeks and have come on in leaps and bounds by the wonderful Matt my personal trainer, always encouraging whilst getting the best out of you in that calm collective manner which actually wants me to do the best is can. Highly recommend coming here all welcome all ages. I am now part of a fab group. Also a bonus dropped 14 lbs in weight and have much more energy.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Henrietta Carrington Yates
5 10/08/2017 Henrietta Carrington Yates

Liverpool Personal Trainer Dave Mercer at Gym Reb3l

Dave is the best trainer I have ever had. He motivates me no matter my mood and so have seen amazing results from his training sessions and nutritional advice. He's always happy to help, even outside of the sessions keeping me motivated through the week. I would never go to another trainer.

The classes are great too! A great way to mix with people but the class sizes aren't too big!

Review of Gym Reb3l by Bharat Grover
5 10/08/2017 Bharat Grover

Great place if you are looking for a relationship based, dedicated PT service via Dave Mercer! Not only you get dedicated time and sessions, bonus is all the insight, information and understanding of your own body! You get to try and understand what works for you and focus on strengths with "off the grid" help from Dave! The result, not surprisingly, is an excellent state of mind and body!

The whole place is friendly with good vibes! Give it a try.....

Review of Gym Reb3l by Joe Neill
5 09/08/2017 Joe Neill

Great equipment, great environment, but more importantly great trainers. No advice given is done so without proper thought and reasoning and the results show! I personally trained with Dave, but it was clear all trainers are there to help you reach your goals.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Simon Smith
5 09/08/2017 Simon Smith

Liverpool Personal Trainer Dave Mercer at Gym Reb3l:

I have been a client of Dave for a number of years now. He is an excellent motivator, technically adept and well read around the topic of training and nutrition.

I find that training with Dave helps keep my diabetes under control through being fitter and stronger.

I am probably fitter now than I was when at the height of my rugby playing days over ten years ago!

Nice one Dave!

Review of Gym Reb3l by Kelly-ann Wynne
5 02/08/2017 Kelly-ann Wynne

Personal Trainer Dave Mercer. Liverpool Reb3l gym.

I have been going to this gym for the last 6 months. Dave Mercer is a highly professional, skilled personal trainer. He has always given me support throughout my training. He is highly knowledgeable in both training and nutrition.
I have previously had bad experiences with personal trainers. I walked into this gym with no confidence. 6 months later my confidence has been rebuilt. The workouts are challenging but are also achievable. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Review of Gym Reb3l by John Baird
5 01/08/2017 John Baird

Liverpool Personal Trainer Dave Mercer at Gym Reb3l:

Really enjoying training with Dave here.

The gym has loads of equipment and is always clean. Good atmosphere with the other trainers too.

Dave is a fantastic trainer whose enthusiasm is clear. We created an easy to follow nutrition and training programme and have adapted it as and when over the next few months. Couldnt be happier with the results im seeing.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Charlie Yates
5 01/08/2017 Charlie Yates

Liverpool personal trainer Dave Mercer at Gym Reb3l.

Having never been a big fan of going to the gym Dave puts you at ease straight away. The studio is a bright and spacious place, making it a pleasant experience.
As a trainer Dave is both pationate and knowledgeable. His constant encouragement and reminders by text and email are a great help.

I can't recommend him highly enough.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Rebecca O'Donnell
5 01/08/2017 Rebecca O'Donnell

Liverpool personal trainer Dave Mercer at Gym Reb3l.

I owe everything I have accomplished to this guy. Including my current career as a personal trainer.

I started to train with Dave once i left university. He fully educated me on diet and exercise. At first i didnt believe how eating more and weight training would help me reach my goals but i put all my trust in him and the results were substantial.

I enjoyed our sessions that much i actually decided to become a trainer myself. I would get all soppy but he knows how truly grateful i am.

The difference in my diet and body are huge thanks to this miracle worker. Could not recommend him enough.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Dan
5 29/05/2015 Dan

Great PTs and really personable. I've trained with a few of the guys there and would highly recommend all of them

Review of Gym Reb3l by Dan
5 29/05/2015 Dan

Great PTs and really personable. I've trained with a few of the guys there and would highly recommend all of them

Review of Gym Reb3l by Karla
5 25/05/2015 Karla

Very pleasant and enjoyable. They make you feel comfy, welcome and motivated. All in all, a great studio

Review of Gym Reb3l by Jackie McEvoy
5 25/05/2015 Jackie McEvoy

Training with Matt is always a joy. He provides encouragement at every level, pushing you to reach targets that at times you think are impossible. There's no such word as can't with Matt!!! He has certainly changed my lifestyle for the better without feeling it to be a's now a way of life which I thoroughly enjoy!

Review of Gym Reb3l by Dion Padan
5 24/05/2015 Dion Padan

I have been training with Matt for a good few years now, he motivated me and coached me to enter my first ever fitness competition. It was something I never thought I could do. He provided me with all the training and diet plans so I could focus on my goal, all of which were changed frequently specifically to achieve the best results.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Stephanie carr
5 23/05/2015 Stephanie carr

Matt is one of the best trainers in the north west by far. He never fails to give you amazing results.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Julie Cox
5 21/05/2015 Julie Cox

When I first started training with Matt I was two stones heavier,had no confidence and was de motivated. Matt was so patient and really motivated me and has given me my confidence back. He really cares about his clients. I know I will never go back to my old habits .I am now doing boot camp with Matt and absolutely love it.

Review of Gym Reb3l by Julie Cox
5 21/05/2015 Julie Cox

When I first started training with Matt I was two stones heavier,had no confidence and was de motivated. Matt was so patient and really motivated me and has given me my confidence back. He really cares about his clients. I know I will never go back to my old habits .I am now doing boot camp with Matt and absolutely love it.

Review of Gym Reb3l from the Web
5 20/07/2009 Colette Williams

Liverpool personal trainer Matt Ibbs provides an excellent personal training service. As a regular gym user I thought I was fit but I was bored doing the same fitness routine day in day out. I saw Matt's advert and signed up for 10 training sessions in September 2008 - and nearly a year later I am still training with Matt! My weekly sessions with Matt have made a real difference to my fitness level, my body shape and my enthusiasm for training. I've lost weight, toned up and generally have more energy. Matt's training programmes are interesting, varied and, more importantly, really work. He is responsive to specific fitness requests and works with you to design a fitness regime that works for you and delivers results. If you're looking to tone up, improve your level of fitness or you just want a change to your normal training routine try Matt Ibbs personal training services.

Review of Gym Reb3l from the Web
5 16/07/2009 Alison Jones

I've been training with Lee and have always found him to be motivational and supportive. My fitness levels have improved and I am losing promised! I initially took advantage of a promotional offer and have enjoyed it so much that I will be continuing to train with Lee

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Gym Reb3l Q&A

Gym Reb3l Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Personalised Plans: All of our personal training workouts and nutritional plans are personalised to the individual. Before you can join any of our personal training programs we take you through a complete assessment and also book you in for an assessment with our physio.
This means we can check for any muscle issues, injuries and potential problems before structuring your programs.
Support: We have built an amazing community at Gym Reb3l of people, just like you, who want to lose weight, drop inches and tone up - while having FUN!
Alongside our support at the studio we also have a monthly social night for members because we believe that having a strong support netowrk of like minded poeple is just as important as having the right program.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Consistency: The results you have right now are a results of what you have been like with your food, exercise, mindset and lifestyle.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing people who generally dislike exercises (as a private studio this is the majority of people we help) who then suddenly develop a love for it and for something that was never important to now something that plays such a crucial role in their life and mindset is amazing.

What inspired you to start your own business?

It allows me to work with people who i want to and help people who need it the most

Why should our clients choose you?

Because they want to.
We honestly don't mind if you choose us, weight watchers, herbalife or other personal trainers.
What matters is you finding something that works for you and at Gym Reb3l our personal trainers understand this. Which is why we do not give out generic diet plans or workout programs.
It is why we focus on COACHING rather than just beasting people on their workouts.
Everyone is an individual who has different needs when it comes to health and fitness and different issues they need to overcome to get the results they want.
If you do not choose us and the personal trainer you do choose chucks you straight in to a workout after a consultation and then tells you to 'Use My Fitness Pal'... get a refund...
Before you can put a program together you have to be fully assessed otherwise you run the risk of future injuries and... if you do choose another trainer:
Ask them who their longest serving client is
Then ask them to see ALL their workouts and notes...
If they cannot show you this it means they make the workouts up on the spot :)

Services provided by Gym Reb3l

Gym Reb3l Services

Personal Training Liverpool

We offer 1-2-1 personal training in Liverpool at our private personal training studio

Weight Loss Specific Personal Program Liverpool

We are a weight loss specialist personal training studio in Liverpool and our personal trainers will provide you with personalised, bespoke nutritional and workout plans.

Semi Private Personal Training Liverpool

Working in groups of between 3-5 people you are can work with one of our personal trainers in our semi private personal training programs at Liverpool Personal Training Studios.

Work history from Gym Reb3l

Work History

Personal Trainer

Liverpool Personal Training Studios

From September 2002 to present.

Providing 1-2-1 private personal training to people in Liverpool on our weight loss personal training programs. All of our personal training is held in our private personal training studio in Liverpool.


Make Weight Loss Easy

Losing weight is hard. If it was that easy then we wouldn't have any obesity. People could still enjoy their treats but know how to lose weight at the same time. When i set up Liverpool Personal Training Studios i had one clear goal. To Make Weight Loss Easy. I wanted to show, educate and motivate people in to healthier lifestyle while showing them they can still enjoy the treats they feel they need to sacrifice. That is why my personal training studios is the largest private studio in Liverpool and why 1000's of people have gotten fantastic results through my company working with what i believe to be the best personal trainers in Liverpool

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