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Rebecca B.

29 July 2019

They have the best guacamole I have ever tried! And the chips are also just as amazing. Everything tastes so fresh, and the chips are perfectly salted. And the owners  are such kind people. Definitely recommend! More...


Jeff A.

22 July 2019

This guacamole is not only the BEST I've ever had, it's the ONLY one I will eat!Let me share a story. I grew up on Southern food. Not only had I never tried this growing up, I didn't even know what it was.  When I did get the chance I found I did not like it at all. The consistency and taste just wasn't for me. Oh, I gave it many chances as I Love Mexican food and usually it's a staple as a side on my plates.Nope...I honestly did not find any I liked!My Wife heard about Guacamole King from a friend and tried their product. She LOVED it! So naturally here we go off to San Dimas to get some. I decided to give it another try as this quacamole just "looked" a little different. One bite...ONE BITE later changed my whole opinion.  1 hr later the container was empty and I haven't looked back.We have tried all the items and have NOT found anything that isn't delicious!  The owners absolutely care about their product and their customers! If you like guacamole you have to give this place a try...just once. I can guarantee it won't be your last!    (Hint) The spicy is absolutely addictive! More...


K C.

9 April 2019

The very best guacamole and chips I've ever had! I cannot wait until they are available in grocery stores near me!


Dusty M.

6 April 2019

Very good guacamole, try the spicy. Husband and wife owners are very nice. Chips are good and not greasy. This place is not a restaurant, only where they make it. You can sample and pickup at this location. More...


Bryan M.

30 March 2019

Best guacamole I've ever had. They were very promt is responding to my email order. Extremely pleased with everything. Pro tip: use their website and order via email. They run out. Thanks!


Michael E.

27 March 2019

Just go in and try it!I stopped in after getting my hair cut, the spicy gauc is great! I immediately bought two pounds and took it to a family event where everyone love it.


Li Mei C.

22 March 2019

Exceptionally great guac and chips, however costly when you stroll in to purchase, so can't state I will surge back in to purchase more.


Christine G.

8 February 2019

Perfection! We love the chips and guacamole from here. The owner is super nice. Served it at a family gathering and it was gone immediately with everyone talking about how good it is. Thanks Guacamole King!


Diana V.

7 December 2018

Doesn't get any better.  This family owned guacamole biz gets a 10 from me.  I find myself craving their crispy crunchy organic tortilla chips fried in avocado oil and out of this world salsa.  The quality is in the taste.


Ray R.

15 November 2018

Their guacamole, salsa, and chips are pretty good. When I feel like eating guac, this is the first place I go.


Eric B.

3 November 2018

I've been waiting for this store to open for some time. I enjoyed their samples at the Grand Opening and went back for  more for a party tonite. Easiest way to impress your guests, some of the best guacamole i've ever had. The owners couldn't be nicer and their chips and salsa round out a great menu.Have used the King for a party and now they are pairing with great beer two doors down from their location (High Point Brewing) which is a match made in heaven. The King continues to impress. More...


Ron C.

13 October 2018

Cool hidden gem. The women who helped me was very nice. More importantly the guac was great and so were the chips. I got the hot guac and it had a nice spice to it.


Ivan T.

12 October 2018

People have got to come try this place out. The owners are so cool. This family owned business uses the best ingredients. Everything is so fresh. I've been here 3-4 times now. The spicy guac is too good it has me coming back for more. More...


Naedi B.

6 October 2018

I have been to this place twice.The guacamole is REALLY good.  It is fresh and made on site.  You can customize the spice if you want a little more heat in your guac.  The chips are also fantastic.  They make them with avocado oil and they have a nice clean crisp to them.  I am not a huge fan of their salsa and found it rather bland.It appears to be a mom and pop run establishment.  They offer you free samples before you buy, which is nice.My only complaint is that they don't give you a discount if you buy in bulk.  For example, 1lb of guac is $9.99, 2 lbs is $19.98 and 5 lbs is around 49.92 or something close.  There is no incentive for buying in bulk for their guac.Overall it is really good and I will be visiting here once a week. More...


Gina E.

2 October 2018

I just randomly stopped by because my son and I wanted to check out the new barber shop next door. I've been eyeing their Guacamole King sign since the summer and I'm so glad I stopped in. Their doors were locked but the owner came out and offered me in for a tub. I was lucky enough to meet Mark and his sweet wife Cynthia. Such welcoming people! I told them I love supporting local businesses. Ok and now for my review on their guac'.... omg amazing. Mark was able to throw in an extra tub on the house and I made sure to buy a bag of their chips as well. Perfect ratio of tomatoes, onions, limes with CHUNKSSSSS of guacamole and you can taste the freshness. I'm very particular with the cooking oils and I noticed their chips are cooked with avocado oil! Freaking amazing and highly recommended. Thanks again!!! More...


Joe C.

1 October 2018

If a great yelp review was able to be explained with one word the word would be... WOW! Product: This guac is absolutely amazing. Forever people have always said that they have that one aunt, grandma, uncle or parent that makes the worlds greatest guac (myself included) but man does this place really give all traditional family recipes a run for there money. I've been to this place about 6 times now (i wanted to make sure it was consistent before leaving a review) and every time this place is just as good as the last. Always made fresh and you can tell every ingredient they use is quality stuff. Location: it's located on arrow hwy which is a Main Street, plenty of parking and right next to a barbershop and soon to be brewery. Doesn't get any better than that! Owners: the couple was awesome. They were very nice and you can tell they really love what they do and are truly out to make a name for themselves. A lot of pride in their brand and that always huge. More...


Jasmine H.

21 September 2018

Finally a good place to get guacamole and they are hands down the "Guacamole Kings"!I could taste the freshness in every bite. Like it was made table side. Always consistent.The love they put into their product is clear. The ingredients were all cut the perfect size which gave it that perfect texture and the right amount of heat!They also have homemade chips cooked in avocado oil. I've never had anything like it. Perfect crunch, incredible taste and the right amount of salt.I also found their product at a few local breweries that we like to frequent including Arrow Lodge. Great combination with a beer.Prices are really good for the ingredients they use. Owners are such sweethearts and very welcoming. More...


Jason R.

5 September 2018

Hard to spot driving by on arrow hwy but it's there.. the first time I had this delivered from grub hub.. it was a nice having fresh guac and chips show up to your house for you and your guest.. everyone enjoyed them..


Mathue S.

3 September 2018

Noticed that this place had opened up recently and decided to stop by for some guacamole and chips. I expected the place to be an actual store, where you went in and ordered. It's actually a catering/supply type store where they sell to businesses. I was still greeted however and they explained to me everything that I listed above. The people who own the place were very nice and all had smiles on their faces. They sold me a 1lb container of their spicy guacamole and a bag of chips. They said sometime they don't have small supplies on them like that, but if they do they are happy to sell them. I went home and dipped a chip to try. Wow!! This guacamole is the best I've ever had. And when they say spicy they mean it. I was sweating after about 10 bites and that's not a bad thing. I will definitely be back for more guacamole soon. And they cater, so if anyone is having a party and wants some table guacamole for the guests, don't go anywhere else! More...


Blake N.

21 August 2018

So after spotting these guys on Yelp a few weeks back, the family and I decided we have to try this out.  As we are big enthusiasts when it comes to chips, salsa and guac, our bar was set pretty high honestly.  Come on, if you're gonna call yourself the "Guacamole King", there will be high expectations.Before I go into the food items themselves, I'm going to speak of my experience in the transaction.  I walked into their space and it kind of threw me off, I was thinking it was going to be more like walking into a restaurant than an office.  There's a rack full of chips, a board with their offerings and pricing etc, some pamphlets and literature.  I was then greeted by Mark and his wife, the owners.  They explained to me the options on the guacamole comes in mild and spicy (Serrano peppers) and that the chips were cooked in avocado oil to keep the chips like and not as greasy/oily as some tortilla chips can be.  They then took me to the back of the office to show me a giant kitchen where everything they make is prepared fresh daily.  They were so warm and inviting and they didn't treat me like I was just a transaction, an experience all too common in the food industry these days.Now for the food, I purchased one bag of chips, one small container each of the mild salsa and guac (next time I'm getting the spicy, I didn't want to burn any family members mouth out right out of the gate).  First off, kudos to the containers they package the salsa and guac in.  They're of very high quality and the seal on them is so tight it takes actual effort to not only open them, but to close them too.  This is not a knock, it's appreciated, as anyone who eats avocados know, they turn fast and these containers make sure it's stays as fresh for as long as possible.Chips:  As advertised, in the avocado oil they are light, crispy and will not leave your fingers feeling oily.  The white corn was a great choice as well.  The other thing is that they are lightly salted which we appreciate.  You can always add more salt if you need it but if there overly salty it's hard to go back. They're good.Salsa:  Very refreshing, all the components work well together between the tomatoes, onions, cilantro, etc.  The onions are crisp which supplies a slight crunchy experience which was nice.Guacamole: Now this is the money maker and it did not disappoint.  Great flavor and texture, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly creamy it tasted but it was still chunky.  Once again all fresh ingredients like the salsa but here's the real deal, mix them together.  I'm not joking, this does for chip snacking what chocolate and peanut butter did for Resses.  AMAZING when mixed together, like a Christmas in your mouth.  My brother is one of the pickiest people when it comes to food and he was blown away, and trust me, he's hard to impress but he was.  I wish they actually had an offering that did put them together instead of having to do it myself (lazy right?).You want a promotion at work?  Bring their food to your next work party or function, they'll put you on their shoulders and make you the CEO.In general, I try to do my best to support single owned or small family owned food businesses, especially when they can put out a finished product like what they offer.  Honestly though, their guacamole, chips, and salsa stand on their own but it's their personality, care, and love for the freshness and quality they've created which will have my family coming back again and again.  We can't wait to try the spicy versions.You are truly the reigning Guacamole King & Queen.Blake More...


Veronica J.

11 August 2018

The guacamole, salsa and chips are absolutely amazing!!! The chips are cooked in avocado oil. If you haven't tried this and you love guacamole you're missing out!! Place an order now and you will be back for more!! Also, I had the pleasure of meeting the owners Mark and Alice, they're sweet people and have made it a mission to produce a homemade quality product! More...


Windy A.

3 August 2018

Very impressed! The guacamole is delicious and the chips.. well they are too! Can't wait to try the salsa! Guacamole King will be my go to place from now on! Mark and Anthony are great too! Highly recommend! More...


Amy S.

25 July 2018

Family owned and freshly made chips, salsa, and guac using only natural ingredients! The owners are so nice. I unknowingly went on a day they were closed but they opened the door just to help me out! Their guacamole comes in mild or hot, both are thick chunky, and delicious! It takes the perfect chip to survive good guac without being a brick to bite down on and their chips get it done! They cook their chips in 100% avocado oil so it's a healthier option as well. Their salsa is chunky like Pico de Gallo and complements the quac and chips wonderfully and would probably taste amazing with tacos. Can't wait to add the guacamole to my meal prep dishes!! More...


Jenna M.

19 July 2018

Guacamole King is definitely my new favorite place. I was lucky enough to go to their grand opening. The owners were all very kind and very welcoming. The guacamole was so fresh! I liked the flavors of the guacamole and it was thick, not thinned out like store bough guacamole, you can really taste the difference. Also, their chips are so fresh and they're made with avocado oil as well. They're some of the best tortilla chips I've had. They're salted but not salty and they taste really fresh. The guacamole comes in spicy and mild. I tried the mild and loved it. They have different sizes for sale in the guacamole, chips, and salsa. I definitely recommend trying out Guacamole King! More...