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Growing Tree Counseling Center, PLLC

Hickory, North Carolina

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Growing Tree Counseling Center, PLLC

Hickory, North Carolina


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Emily Caudill

27 December 2018

Kevin is fantastic. I highly recommend this place. I have been able to find more peace from my trauma than ever before since going here. They also do Alpha Stim, which I highly recommend for insomnia or anxiety and depression. More...


Lynda Ramirez

26 May 2018

Kevin is very knowledgeable and has great insight as well as tremendous compassion. He clearly cares about his clients and I am so grateful to have him as my therapist. I highly recommend Kevin!


Al and Lynda R.

14 April 2018

Kevin R***** is a very caring and compassionate therapist. He works with us both individually, and as a couple. He does not take sides, but rather is always on "our" side. We have learned and grown significantly through working with him. He weaves his life experiences into therapy which helps us understand what we need to do in our lives. We highly recommend Kevin R***** as a therapist and he is a great blessing in our lives. More...


Deanna Watts

4 June 2017

We absolutely love Kitty, she has helped my son so much. He looks forward to his vista with her.


Christie Wild

26 May 2017

Kevin Rutter is kind, understanding, helpful, and listens. He provides feedback and insight with a solid Christian foundation. The services I have received through therapy have been miraculous and profound, yet simple. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! (By the way, he STAYS booked!) More...


Elizabeth Branning

26 May 2016

Best counseling services I have found in the area. Made more progress in 2 visits than in a year at other places.


Nikki Washburn

4 June 2014

The counselors here are very knowledgeable and understanding!! They genuinely care about their patients and it shows through every step of the process.


Sally Stevens

4 June 2014

Kevin is a wonderful therapist. He knows what he is doing! I highly recommend him for individual, couple and family counseling!


Ben Rutter

27 May 2014

These counselors care enough to get to know you personally, listen to you and try to understand you as much as possible before giving expert unbiased counseling. Truly a healing experience!


Randall D. Frost SAP LPCC-S

27 May 2014

I have found Kevin to be a caring person and a good therapist. He takes a professional interest in his clients and he makes a commitment to be professional and help them achieve their goals. I have referred clients to him and I trust his judgement. More...


Hiram Aranda

27 May 2014

It is easy, simple, and great help in solving my problems. I would highly advice coming here. It has helped immensely in relieving stress and helping out with family issues, as well as being very flexible with appointments.


Chrissy Helton

27 May 2014

I did my internship for grad school with Kevin for a little over a year. Kevin was always professional, punctual, and taught me many things. He was challenging as well as understanding. I truly enjoyed the time I spent learning under him. More...


Leila James

27 May 2014

I have benefited from my visits with Mr. Rutter in many ways. I have met and worked with several therapists, and found that Kevin possesses a rare mix of insight, true principles, and therapeutic knowledge. These combined with his gentle, non-judgmental style really enhanced my growth in my professional, marital, and parenting roles. He listens empathetically, offers objective observations to help focus treatment on the most needed areas for growth. Then he applies proven therapeutic approaches, such that, if you are motivated for change you can be confident that you will realize your goals with Kevin's help. I highly recommend Kevin Rutter for individual or family needs! Sincerely, Jason & Leila James More...


Melinda Rutter

27 May 2014

I am a 36 year old female who has struggled for years to sleep without a nightlight and a noise maker. If it was too quiet or too dark an overwhelming feeling of panic would come over me. I didn't know why until I was age 32. During a heated discussion with my ex-husband a dam broke in my memory bank and flooded my mind with horrible childhood memories. I had mentally blocked out the trauma. As the memories came back my anxiety grew worse. I now understood why I couldn't sleep. I went to Kevin for help. He recommended the EMDR route. I admit, the first attempt I was very skeptical and it took no affect. Months later I decided to try it again and went back with an open mind. As Kevin talked me through the experience I wasn't sure if it had helped. I decided the only way to know was to test it. So I pulled all the curtains until the room was pitch black and turned off the fan. I laid in bed and fell right to sleep! I couldn't believe it! The results have been permanent and I have had no issues since. I was amazed and humbled. Thank you Kevin! More...



11 October 2012

“I appreciate your time and genuine care and concern for me and my family. Thank you for being who you are! I can not imagine any other therapist!!! Next to you, the rest are all.....seconds.” - client (name kept confidential) More...

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