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Tonya A.

18 August 2019

Great Saturday brunch place!! Totally love the Big Dipper sandwich!! I can never remember our waitress's name but she is AMAZING!!!! This is the spot for a Saturday lunch/brunch date!! More...


Blake L.

18 August 2019

The owner is a great guy.  We ate there for lunch and had a salad with their dill ranch and it was amazing.  The service was fast and impeccable.  I will definitely be back


Robert Schilb

14 August 2019

Great fresh salad and sandwiches!


Kitchen Staff

10 August 2019

It was a great place to work to learn new experiences of you want to be apart of the food industry. It’s a place where work doesn’t feel like you’re actually working.


Steven DuBose

7 August 2019

Some of the best sweet tea you’ll ever find!


Mary Dill Martz

6 August 2019

We visit PI frequently from Ohio and will definitely be coming back to Groucho's Deli. Not only do they have delicious food, but outstanding customer service. Coyt was the best!!!


Leah B.

5 August 2019

Very good food! My favorites are the Angel Salad and the My Wife's Salad. The Formula 45 dressing is the best! Everything is always fresh and nicely prepared,In the colder months, the gave a Chicken Tortilla soup which is delicious! And they carry Dr. Browns sodas!


Assistant General Manager

24 July 2019

I enjoyed my position at Groucho’s throughly. My manager was very caring and thoughtful and taught me a lot of things about customer service. I also enjoyed the environment and type of customers we attracted. More...


Alexandrea Daitch

21 July 2019

Great service and food! Would recommend!


Dorothy C.

17 July 2019

Place an order online the night before a business meeting.  The menu is one of the best in town and the meals never disappoint.  Piece of advise, when picking up, do not go through the drive through.  Parking lot is to narrow and busy.  Go inside because you will need to double check every order.  They missed the desserts on the order and the crackers for the salads.  I will say, the women running the counter is a firecracker and knows how to move the orders so the customer is not waiting endlessly.  I really wish they had a location close to FMU.  Running to McLeod for pick up orders is not convenient. More...


Chris Kerby

16 July 2019

Good food, fun atmosphere with great staff.


John Crook

12 July 2019

Good food. A little pricey for 1/2 sandwich. Too much USC stuff


Brenda Jordan

1 July 2019

We love the sandwiches and salads. The service is good, friendly, and fast. Eat inside or take out to one of the outdoor tables.


Mike A.

27 June 2019

Best food you can get in quick fashion. The sandwich sauces are amazing and cause you to dip everything in them (sandwiches, chips, even your pickle!). Great meat selection and the bread is extremely fresh and fluffy each visit. This is my go to for a fast, great lunch just off of main st. More...


Cook and Cashier and server

26 June 2019

I love my job at Groucho’s . However , since i’ve moved , they don’t give me as many hours as i used to get . I would definitely work there if they gave me more hours. I love the environment.Pros $8 an hourCons cut hours, compensation More...



25 June 2019

Loved working here. Super easy to catch on and the managers were super helpful and nice. Servers kept tips most of the time or else we split it evenly.


Aaron S.

20 June 2019

I have been back a few times since Opening Day, but what brings me to review them again is my most recent experience. I swung in one evening, less than an hour before closing time. I don't like doing that, but I needed something to eat and they are on the way home. I sat at the bar to make ordering a STP Dipper and a beer quicker. I had no idea how quick it would be. I will add that there were fewer than 10 of us in the place and I overheard a team member tell another customer that lunch, not dinner is their busy time. In less than 10 minutes I had a warm sandwich and cold beer in front of me. I ate it in even less time (I told you I needed something to eat). I was paid up and walking out in less than half an hour. That is amazing. Speed that doesn't compromise quality is always appreciated. Keep it on your downtown dinner list. More...


Craig P.

10 June 2019

Great fast lunch. I had "my wife's salad". It was a fresh salad piled high with toppings. I had the house 45 sauce for a dressing. It was spectacular. I am trying to watch carbs and this fit the bill nicely. More...


Kristin Jediny Lozon

1 June 2019

awesome food and awesome staff definitely returning


Sky Nunaya

1 June 2019

Great staff, yummy food!


Michael Grant

24 May 2019

Oh wow, what a awesome place! The bread is fresh and so soft, the sandwich meat is thinly sliced and served warm, and the dipping sauce is a sweet extra. I will be coming back again!


Renee Boyett-Gardner

23 May 2019

Good food. Nice environment. Great waitress!!! Friendly staff. I had a good time


Abbie Rhyne

22 May 2019

super fast service and nice staff


Emma Turner

12 May 2019

freshest meat piled high on your choice of Bread Great Atmosphere Friendly Staff parties welcome


Sali Fries

11 May 2019

Great deli. Convenient to Miller Theater.


Kelsey C.

9 May 2019

Sandwiches were delicious and the perfect size. I didn't care for the potato salad but overall, I would recommend. Customer service was good too!


Jim McDonald

8 May 2019

Great food and really nice clean place downtown!! Thanks for having us in today!


Lisa S.

24 April 2019

I ordered takeout online- I'm a huge fan of easily putting in an order and then heading over to grab it. My turkey Reuben was delicious! The turkey seems so fresh and I can't wait to go back to try more! The restaurant was lovely with huge windows and so much natural light! The bar looks like a nice place to grab a beer and delicious sandwich. The view of broad + imperial theater is something to bring me back in it of itself More...


Matt D.

23 April 2019

This spot was my goto every time I made a trip to Columbia.  I sat at the bar and the service was great.  I got the STP dipper which was delicious.  The bread was soft and fresh and it paired well with their signature sauce.  This is a great lunch spot for downtown augusta where you can get in and out quickly.  I will be back! More...


Dianne Egan

23 April 2019

Good service. Good food. Really was impressed.


Debbie Harley

18 April 2019

I was thrilled when Groucho's opened so close to my office! They have great sandwiches & salads, and the Chocolate Caramel Brownie is to die for! Service is always fast & very friendly. More...


Marsha Tucker Morrison

17 April 2019

My daughter and I stopped in Tuesday after her Dance Class at Tilley’s and the food and staff at Groucho’s Deli were AWESOME !! I was also pleasantly surprised that on Tuesday, kiddos eat free off of the kids meal menu ...... score More...


S H.

17 April 2019

I have loved Groucho's since my college days!  So glad they came to Greenville!  My go to is the White Moose.  Their sauces are the best.  Convenient location downtown and the service is great. More...


Abbey Moore

14 April 2019

Always our #1 go to for lunch! My daughter can’t get enough of the grilled cheese, and loves the staff ❤️


Suzanne F.

6 April 2019

Finally! My college dreams have come true! There's a freaking Groucho's in Augusta and I can go grab an STP any time I want without having to drive all the way to Aiken. I love this location. It's sleek and modern but still has the casual Groucho's vibe that I know and love.  The food is exactly as I remember it  Last time we went it was cold and rainy and we were the only guests. The hostess/waitress was attentive and nice.  I hope this location flourishes and stays a long while! More...


Joann Huff

25 March 2019

A fresh face to downtown & good sandwiches too


Anthony D.

23 March 2019

Went there today for lunch and it was so good that I ended up getting another sandwich to go for dinner. So good I ate it to fast to take a picture of it. Will be going there again though and will take a picture next time. The staff was really nice as well. Highly recommend Groucho's Deli. More...


Amy Friese Donahue

20 March 2019

We love their salads! Huge portions.


Kieran Burke

19 March 2019

Great food. The STP Dipper is delicious.


Terri Blackburn

15 March 2019

friendly and great service, clean!


Aubrey H.

2 March 2019

Shout out to Katlyn!! Awesome menu, great and attentive staff. Atmosphere very chill and kid friendly during the day. Will be going back.


Pam Carter

2 March 2019

Great sandwiches and atmosphere


Jerry Wanda Schultz

2 March 2019

just had lunch with my Husband was great food an great service love the downtown location


Linda Evans

24 February 2019

great place to eat in order to take out


Lisa Shuping Taylor

21 February 2019

Sandwiches and Salads are fantastic! Fast service, great food, friendly staff :)


Ozzy O.

21 February 2019

Best sandwich shop down town. Clean location. The only draw back is parking downtown, good. Luck.


Tip Nicholson

18 February 2019

Love their sandwiches and salads!


Jason Mohler

9 February 2019

First time coming here with my wife, and had a hard time deciding between the STP Dipper and the "My Wife's Salad" - we wound up getting the sub, and MAN what a great sandwich! Subbed the chips out for their herb slaw...whoa! Idk why I've never been here before, but this place is definitely doing deli right! Outstanding place of business! We'll definitely be giving more money to this place (in exchange for food, of course). More...


Beth Derrick Crigler

3 February 2019

One of my favorites since I was introduced to it in 1985 in Columbia, SC.


Nene B.

26 January 2019

Groucho's Deli is located among a strip of restaurants and bars in downtown Augusta.  It is very spacious. I visited with my friend and her two young children. The youngest was three and needed a high chair but it was taking too long for someone to come and address us, so I got up to get one. They were disgustingly sticky. All of them. We had to wipe them down before he could get into it.When the wait staff finally appeared, we asked that the children get their food fast, as they were growing cranky.  Everything came out at the same time, anyway. The boys ate hot dogs and chips. The bread was pretty big for the little one, but he enjoyed the hot dog itself. My friend had the chicken club and enjoyed it, as well. I tried the vegetarian baby bella sandwich with potato salad as a side. The potato salad was scrumptious! It had some kind of dill in it, I think. We all got crispy pickle spears, too! If it weren't for the service, Groucho's would have earned 5 stars. More...


Crystal Thurman Phillips

22 January 2019

They have the best food always fresh and very filling.


Selinda Tarver

20 January 2019

Love the food, need to bring one to Augusta Georgia.


Kandis A.

13 January 2019

This is the second location of this franchise that has been in Augusta. The first one was in the plaza on Agerton Lane in front of Regal Cinemas. I ate there a few times and actually enjoyed the food and services. I say a few weeks, if that, after my last visit that location was on the news for running drugs out of the kitchen, if I'm not mistaken!!! I was totally shocked and puzzled, I didn't know what to make out of that situation and they soon closed down after that. That had to been 10+ years ago. I was bummed for a while until I saw they were bringing this franchise back to Augusta, and I'm so glad they did!!! I love this place. This location is on Broad Street, which is in a perfect spot for any kind of business. I went the First Sunday of 2019 after church and there was a continuous flow of patrons coming and going, which is a great sign of what's to come. The place is super spacious, clean, and the employees are great as well!!! The food was just as good as I remember it and you get a great portion for the amount of money you pay. This place hasn't been open only a few months and they are already a hit again. I will be back here soon since they aren't far from my home and I travel Broad Street almost everyday!!! More...


Cameron B.

13 January 2019

Stopped in before we went to have our first child. Food was great, service was killer, and I love the location. Treat it right, Augusta. Don't let places like this come and go... More...


Latrese C.

13 January 2019

Walking into Groucho's, I was very excited about trying their sandwiches. I've heard great reviews on google and Yelp and was anticipating the day they open for business.  They're at the corner of broad and 8th street downtown Augusta.  A great spot between the Miller theater and the commons.  My sandwich was juicy and the 45 sauce was a great additive.  My daughters both had the STP Dipper and was very pleased by the presentation and taste.  Great customer service too. Oh and the brownie is a great desert after a great sandwich.  Definitely recommend! More...


Lorri Neel Johnston

2 January 2019

sandwiches are yummy, full of delicious meats and melted cheese


Anne McGowan

29 December 2018

Enjoyed the Apollo sandwich and pretzel crusted salted caramel brownie! Great restaurant.


Nannon Stiver

28 December 2018

I love everything from their salads to their inventive sandwiches and that special sauce that comes with! this place is the best quick to eat place right in the heart of statesville. try it out, you won't be disappointed!! More...


Christopher C.

28 December 2018

I crave these sandwiches. Such a great addition to downtown Augusta. Friendly people and consistently solid food.


Alwaysme Kay

28 December 2018

great food, service and atmosphere!


Lindsay Philip Thetford

22 December 2018

Nice selection of sandwiches and salads. My sandwich was meat plentiful and a fresh chocolate chip cookie. Great location .


Bruiser Mann

19 December 2018

This is a great place to eat and served by people who care!!


Eric B.

18 December 2018

First time visiting Groucho's on Friday night, ordered three sandwiches: Apollo Dipper, Ruben Variation and the Chicken Power Pita to. Walked four blocks to drop the pita off at the wife's work then home to gorge my meal. Both sandwiches looked exactly like pictures on the menu but the warm Apollo roll was chewy as if warmed in the microwave. Plenty of meat and flavor on both sandwiches well worth the price. Will definitely return many times over since it's in the neighborhood. Fifth star deduction was $2.99 for a salted caramel brownie that never made my to go bag. Not the type to open takboxes and second guess a restaurant but if it's going to cost me a tasty-looking desert I may start checking my order.So we made another visit on 12/17/18 and this time chose to dine in. The place was spotless and our server was there to greet us immediately. After studying the menu I ordered the Club for Two (don't judge) and my wife had a salad with marinated chicken. The club was HUGE and packed with ham and turkey on toasted bread with herb slaw and a pickle. The manager/ owner stopped by our table and greeted us while I (alone) beat up the club for two. Another great visit and this time I finally sampled the pretzel brownie which the server suggested having it warm. I hope it is homemade because it was a wonderful gooey unique brownie that hit that sweet/salty just right. Groucho's is a wonderful addition to "burger friendly" Broad st. More...


Cecelia Thompson Flanders

12 December 2018

Goucho's catered our office lunch today. Fresh baked bread and delicious sandwiches...the cookies were an office favorite. Looking forward to trying other menu items..such a variety. More...


Vickie Gough Hendrix

9 December 2018

wonderful food.. great place to eat at a reasonable price


Helen Miller

9 December 2018

wonderful people. FANTISTIC food


Chris N.

3 December 2018

I've always wanted Downtown Augusta to house a chain restaurant and Groucho's Deli is a great start! Good food for a great price! It's nice to have a deli that is able to house a large group. They chose a very happening location, right across from the Imperial Theatre and 2 blocks from the Miller Theatre. Formula 45 sauce, STP Dipper, crushed ice, and beer on tap make for a good simple outing. More...


Dan Ruhs

25 November 2018

Great traditional Reuben if you ask for it.


Chesley C.

23 November 2018

Groucho's was a staple when I was in college in South Carolina. Beyond excited to have one in my hometown of Augusta. Awesome atmosphere with great service and the always amazing formula 45 sauce! Can't wait for this to be a go-to spot each time I come home! More...


Chesley Cannon Bolick

23 November 2018

Amazing service and atmosphere! Such a great addition to downtown Augusta. Will absolutely be back!


Emily B.

17 November 2018

This was our first time eating at a Groucho's Deli and it was SO good! The food was great and so was the service. We will definitely be back.


Katie Holt Tracy

17 November 2018

This place is a staple in South Carolina, and the Augusta restaurant is even better! Best deli sandwich in town! Kid friendly AND grown-up friendly. Run ‍♀️, don’t walk to Groucho’s and get yourself a white Moose. More...


Bubba Helton

12 November 2018

Favorite lunch spot - like having Five Points Columbia in your home town. STP and Cole Special are unreal sandwiches of course with Apollo 45 sauce. Sweet tea amazing


Thom Garrick

12 November 2018

Love Groucho’s we love Apollo with 45 sauce- so good we have never tried any other- have had their soup and delicious brownies- fantastic food yummy - glad to see one in Augusta will definitely go!!-Stacy and Alyssa


Rosie Warren

10 November 2018

Omg! Pastrami and Swiss on rye made my native New York heart so happy! Food was great! Staff was very nice. Can’t wait to come back and try more! (Only 1/2 the sandwich in the pic because the other half was already in my belly!) More...


Gail Erlitz

9 November 2018

Just had lunch an hour ago and the pastrami on rye was the best I have had since leaving NYC! Yum! Took a takeout order of the classic reuben home to my husband and he said it was really really good as well. Well done Groucho's!


Egan Kelly

8 November 2018

Great service, food, and staff


Kathleen LaFontaine

8 November 2018

We ate in yesterday for lunch & today we are doing a pick up order. It is very nice inside, and the staff was great. The owner himself waited on us - I hope the happiness he was spreading yesterday is always present in his establishment. The food was awesome too!


Jodi Potter

31 October 2018

We were on a road trip and decided to get off the interstate. Sandwiches were delicious , service was great, and the kitchen was quick Very reasonably priced. We definitely will try to stop back. More...


Caitlyn T.

21 October 2018

The sauce is everything - dip your sandwich in it, dip your chips in it, take it home and find new things for it to go with - it's amazing.My favorite is the Mid East Special, served warm with chips and a pickle. Great for catering too! More...


John Landis

16 October 2018

Great Food, can't wait for the Broad St location to open!


Melinda Louise Myers

12 October 2018

I love y'all because when you call in your order it be ready when I get there love y'all n yes I will recommend y'all to any one


Dave Reid

8 October 2018

Love the new Grilled Chicken on Salad! Low calorie, but the flavor is so good it'll fool you into thinking it's not!!!


Viki Long

8 October 2018

It takes me back to my days at Carolina when I was a student at USC in Columbia! It was my favorite hang out back in the mid-70s when I was in school, and it still is to this day! I’m so glad they have one in Greenville, and my husband and I go as often as we can !! Last night we used thebitesquad app ( A friend had given it to me as a gift )& we were so excited to use it and it was as delicious as going to the delicatessen . It only took a short time for them to bring us our order! We both got my wifes salad and also purchased some of the 45 dressing because we LOVE IT!!! I could have a salad every day at Groucho‘s!!! I never get tired of going!❤️ More...


Ronak A Ptel

28 September 2018

Always great!


C B.

25 September 2018

Legendary for a reason.  Service is always friendly-  sandwiches are consistently good- there's a reason they've continued to expand locations..


Kelli Collins

9 September 2018

Indescribably delicious!


Joshua G.

6 September 2018

The service was very fast even during the rush lunch. The Apollo was a very good and warm sandwich and probably one of my favorites if not favorite. Will be coming here again


Kevin Mahoney

3 September 2018

Loved it. big sandwich Great price


Sarah Hamrick Earnest

24 August 2018

My husband & I came in for lunch today. I have to say we were VERY VERY PLEASED!!! I got the mammas salad (I believe that’s the name),and my hubby got the pastrami on Jewish rye, with hot brown mustard. It was so DELISH!! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone! You won’t be disappointed ❤️ More...


Richard Jouaneau

23 August 2018

Good food and great prices


Jennifer C.

28 July 2018

What a cute place to stop at off the hwy down to Fl for a quick salad or sandwich for lunch. Quick and friendly service with a good selection on the menu. Cleaner option than a drive thru!


Margaret L.

22 July 2018

During a visit to Florence in May, my daughter and I met up with an old friend and had the best salads ever. We are from California and my teenage daughter asked me if we could go to Groucho's in California. The food was great and the salad dressings were super delish! Our waitress knew what we wanted before we even asked. Excellent customer service. Please let us know if a Groucho's ever opens up in San Diego.Ü More...


Dale Gipe

21 July 2018

We were impressed with the menu selection. Our server was a doll and very attentive. I had the hot pastrami on rye and my wife had the triple decker BLT, both were very good.



18 July 2018

Groucho's Deli is a relaxed paced environment that I would recommend to anyone looking for work in their filed. The employees are carefully picked to work well as a team.


Lindsay Spindler Stuntebeck

17 July 2018

I love the STP Dipper! Don’t even get me started on the miracle condiment that is the Formula 45 sauce. So good.


Davis W.

8 July 2018

Great sandwiches and had this place for lunch a few times at work. No complaints..... sandwiches are a nice size, great flavor and fresh ingredients....  This place is now my "go-to" for my sandwich fix..... More...


Linda V.

30 June 2018

So driving up I-95 N near Florence, SC I checked Yelp for a good lunch spot other then the usuals and Groucho's Deli came up.  In general the reviews were good so we drove the 4.5 miles off the interstate to try. We are so glad we did! It is in a strip mall, one could easily not see it; we arrived 12:20 on a Sat so were a little concerned with waits-there were none.  I wanted a salad but sandwiches had such good reviews I asked did they have a half n half and our waitress said I could get a Jr. sandwich half any salad...hello...perfect! Four inches of packed shaved ham and turkey with melted cheese on top WITH their famous dipping sauce #45. Very nice and filling-my salad was like a chief salad with plenty of meat, bacon and cheese with a delectable home made ranch dressing! My husband had Brown Moose which was a huge roast beef with melted provolone cheese; he said the beef was very good! He topped his off with  a Dr. Brown cream soda; he was very happy! It is worth the drive in, staff was friendly and helpful! More...



25 June 2018

For any college school kids this is a great place to work. They are very flexible and great people to be round! A normal work day would be coming in at 10 to get the store ready for the day. Making sure you are stocked for the day and ready for the lunch rush More...


Bob Eakle

10 June 2018

Delicious sandwiches and good service.


Treena Ghi

4 June 2018

It was the first time I had it and continued to eat there.


Amanda O.

14 May 2018

This spot is one of my favorites for a quick sandwich or salad.  The portions are huge and the quality is great.  I could eat the chef salad every day.


Hannah Stikeleather Elsenboss

29 April 2018

Fantastic service and food is always good! Plus you can have a window seat and have a wonderful view of the square downtown!


Chenedra Caldwell

25 April 2018

Because I'm a creature of habit, I've only had a few different things but I absolutely loved them all. Turkey pita, turkey club, and my most favorite, My Wife's Salad Bowl are all amazing. The girls are always very friendly and attentive! More...


Wes P.

20 March 2018

I eat here semi-regularly for lunch.  The sandwiches are great.  My favorite is the STP with 45 sauce on the side.However, bring your parka and snow boots...I have never (I mean never...winter, spring, summer or fall) been in this place when it's not absolutely frigid.  I'm not sure if they are trying to turn tables or what?Having said that, they will adjust the temp if you ask.The food is good, and I think it's worth braving the arctic temperatures for a mild case of frostbite and a side of 45 sauce. More...


Vinnie Van Cour III

18 March 2018

The food is great and friendly staff. I try to go every weekend.


Michael M.

3 February 2018

Perfect sandwich shop with friendly service. Plenty of tables and booths, but I like sitting at the counter top. Menu has a large variety of subs and sandwiches, all served on wonderfully soft bread! I enjoy the White Moose, thinly sliced turkey, provolone, lettuce, and their formula 45 sauce. Chips and a pickle on the side and it's a great lunch. They also have salads, BLT's, and other deli sandwiches. But their specialty sandwiches are really good and make it better than other sandwich shops. I like coming here during the work week, and it seems so does a lot of Florence, as it gets busy. So busy they even operate a drive thru window that is non stop. Groucho's is a friendly local sandwich shop, and I am a fan. More...


Jennifer Richards Carr

29 January 2018

Always consistently good service. Great food! Friendly staff. ��


Lane Burnett

21 January 2018

Groucho’s is one of the best delis in Greenville, awesome food, awesome service, and our server Naomi is the sweetest. She was very attentive, polite, and a joy. Recommend Groucho’s to anyone in the Greenville area. More...


Mitch Cooper

13 January 2018

Groucho’s of Greenville is great. The staff is very attentive. The food is always great. The servers are friendly and make you feel welcome!! You won’t be disappointed!!


Sarah B.

21 November 2017

First time here and it was amazing. Staff was friendly and helpful. Food came out fast. Me and hubby shared the deli club for two and it did not disappoint. Even came with chips and a pickle for each. Will definitely be back! More...


Amy Landry Fuhrman

2 November 2017

Love Groucho's! Amazing food and service every time!


Helen Washburn

2 November 2017

Best Club sandwich we've ever eaten... we never order anything else!


Sherri Johnson Moore

1 November 2017

The team at Groucho's helped us at a moment's notice to provide catering for an event. The staff went above and beyond to save the day! Thank you Groucho's!!!


Craig M.

1 November 2017

Brought a team of 20 with me and there were only two staff members on duty. However, they did an amazing job, the food was amazing, and the food was timely despite only two employees.I will definitely come again.


Robyn Lee

2 October 2017

The Chicken Soup...OMG! It's definitely a must have...


Tim Harrelson

30 September 2017

Absolutely loved the atmosphere! The food was fantastic and the waitress my family and I had was great, super helpful, and knowledgeable of the food and menu options! Food came out very fast and it was crowded for lunch. All in all a great experience! More...


Gaye Du Frane Lee

24 September 2017

I loved the salad I ordered! It was low sodium and tasted incredible! Hubby said his sandwich was very good! Wish you were in Texas! Great service too!!!


Sally Eller

13 September 2017

One of my favorite places for lunch. You can't beat "My Wife's Salad Bowl" with the Formula 45 dressing. Great for dining in or take out!


Cheryl Matthews

12 September 2017

We love Groucho's! My favorite is everything but especially My Wife's Salad Bowl!


Kimberly Cleveland

3 September 2017

Great food, nice atmosphere...and super friendly and attentive service. Two thumbs up!�


Jonathan Upright

28 August 2017

Delicious food, great service, and the "45" sauce is awesome! Will most definitely be back! Yummy!


Ryan W.

27 August 2017

Groucho's is a staple in our go-to places to eat. Service is quick and the food is great. Great place for lunch.


Sandy Whitley

24 August 2017

My daughter took me it was my first time eating there I will have to say I was very impressed the food was great and the service was wonderful will be back!!!


Tony Spinnato

20 August 2017

Food was awesome as usual and service was awesome as usual


Lisa McBroom Mcbroom

4 August 2017

Quickest Service! Brandon is always smiling and the chicken chilli YUMMMMMM!


Tammy Bishop Slade

22 July 2017

Mommas salad was delish!! Service was fast and friendly!


Lauren M.

22 July 2017

I had a group of 15 that I needed to feed lunch today during a recording session. I called in the order close to closing time last night. The morning of, I had 3 more people show up so I called Groucho's to add to our order... no problem, the person who answered the phone took care of that right away. 18 box lunches arrived on time. The young lady who delivered was very patient; she called me twice (as I asked) but since we were recording I couldn't answer her calls. Every order was correct. Everyone in the group raved about the food. We had several guests from Columbia who were happy to learn that there is a Groucho's there as well. Thanks for making us a great lunch and making my event easier to manage today! The 95 bean salad was a hit for my vegan guests (including me!) More...


Nikki R.

16 July 2017

Groucho's is fantastic. Their service is perfect for a casual place and their prices are reasonable and reflect the fact that they are just basic, delicious sandwiches. Tons of options, including healthier and low fat choices. More...


Theresa Miller

1 July 2017

In from Ohio and we stopped at Groucho's because we wanted a simple/lighter lunch. Subs were delicious and our server was so so so super sweet. Thanks!!


Jaime Cox

23 June 2017

Amazing service and suggestions of menu items! Great location and food! I will definitely be back. The salted caramel brownies are to die for! Yum!


Tamika Jackson

22 June 2017

Absolutely love this place!! The food is always good an fresh!!



13 June 2017

Really enjoyed this job through high school and college. This job does not ask too much and a great way to make good money. Even after I graduated high school, I was able to return on breaks and long weekends to pick up shifts which is amazing! Really enjoy the people I work with. More...


John G.

13 June 2017

What a fantastic deli. My wife and I ate here and truly enjoyed it.  Their special sauce is very good and the roast beef is rare which is perfect for me. Our order was prepared quick and accurate by a courteous young lady.  Two weeks later we had an office meeting and they delivered on time and affordable.  Set up was fast and professional.  Their prices and sandwiches were better than Panera Bread. I will continue to use them for office meetings and will also get my deli fix on. Enjoy yourself here. More...


Alexander G.

12 June 2017

Just discovered this little gem for lunch. What a wonderful hot sandwich I had, will be returning shortly.


Kitchen Staff

7 June 2017

Work as a unit to provide fast paced customer service, preparing customers orders. During this job I learned to handle the pressure of working in a fast paced environment. Management was fantastic, always checking in making sure everything is ok, very accommodating. Workplace culture was laid back, able to have fun while still focusing on providing excellent customer service. Hardest part of the job was specific days (holidays, festivals, etc.) the lunch rush would be overwhelming, so it was important to work as efficiently as possible. Most enjoyable part of the job was the environment, it was a fun place to work. More...


Cheryl D'Ailey

15 May 2017

Always enjoy coming here...especially when Ashley's working lunch! She makes sure our orders are correct, we get our drinks promptly and our food in time to enjoy on a short lunch.


Cashier and Customer Service

3 May 2017

Poor management and no recognition to the employees. Pay is okay and they don't give you many hours it was over staffed and work environment is layed back but very fast paced during lunch hour.Pros 50% discountCons No breaks


Erroll Jacobson-Sive

30 April 2017

A pleasant surprise to get a great corned beef sandwich in Statesville NC. I hope the locals know how lucky they are.


Lauren Goodson Neely

19 April 2017

I am pleased with the service and food here! Beautiful building in a beautiful downtown location. Keep up the good work!


Jenise Hylton

11 April 2017

The hot pastrami is awesome, especially with the 45 sauce. Also server named Ashley is an awesome server, awesome service Ashley. I'm from NC, was in SC 3 months ago, I ate at Grouch Oscar and was sooooo impressed. I just came back and went back to grouchos for lunch, and the server Ashley remembered my order. I'm impressed More...


Kim Pettus

7 April 2017




21 March 2017

I absolutely loved this job. The people were fantastic. The managers and owner workes with you when needed. This waa my all time favorite job and id advise anyone to work there. Youd make more money there than any other restaurant I'm sure. It is great!Pros Free lunch. Good break. Alot of prosCons None More...


Trey Norton

12 March 2017

Wonderful people and great food. The service was really good


Cameron C.

12 March 2017

This is my favorite sandwich shop in the Myrtle Beach area, the food and service are great and the food is very inexpensive. I believe they now moved their location to Conway but I'm sure it's just as great. More...


Hill B.

2 March 2017

Great sandwich shop. Location is kind of cramped and dated...but clean. Nice selection of sandwiches and salads without being overwhelmed. Their potato salad, and pasta salads are really great too.My go-to sandwich is the "white moose", simple and perfect size.  It's not a big sandwich, but with sides, your appetite will be fed.If your man appetite creeps up, they can fix that issue with their club sandwich, it's huge! More...


Jonny Etherington

1 March 2017

Wow, this place was buzzing tonight. So cool too see so many people in such a nice location.


Mark Stewart

22 February 2017

Always great food with great employees and always great atmosphere!



18 February 2017

I would highly recommend this job to whom ever that has a good personality and that is great with customer service. I always went into work with a positive attitude. Not only were they my employees they were more like a family. You grew great relationship with the workers as well as the customers. I really enjoyed working at Groucho's Deli on forest drive. More...


Debbie Hudson Cleary

5 February 2017

I love this place... Best food and service... I love to sit at the window... It is so peaceful


Dorothy Eyrich

29 January 2017

Omg the chicken chili was amazing!!! I ate here for my birthday lunch. I just had a bowl of chicken chili but it was so good that I can't stop thinking about it! Great place and great food! Thank you More...



11 January 2017

We open at 11 am so i was able to get things done before work like errands, sleep, shower etc. Everyone has a "team work" attitude so if you need help just ask.


Gabe LaNeve

6 January 2017

Delicious food. The Formula 45 Sauce... I put that s#!$ on everything!


Raylla Murray

29 December 2016

The food was great the service was excellent. Nice family restaurant


Kathy Weatherford Teodorovici

17 December 2016

We had excellent service. I got the Junior STP dip & it was delicious. The sweet tea was awesome! We will definitely be back!


Dawn Dale

7 December 2016

Good food, but no guest access WiFi. Service was good, as well.


Carr Gilmore

3 December 2016

Great place, better people, good salads and sandwiches.


Kaila J.

21 November 2016

I love this place. I go every time I'm in Greenville. The all-turkey STP and special 45 sauce is my go to. About to go there now!


Holly Culver

19 November 2016

This place has the best chicken salad sandwich. Oh my. Delicous


Addie Carter

23 October 2016

Amazing food, awesome customer service and the best sweet tea around. You can't go wrong with the Turkey BLT. They are always so helpful in making your experience great!!


Lloyd S.

22 October 2016

Good sandwich.  I had turkey w Muenster cheese on pumpernickel bread w some of their sauce, it was good.  Came w chips and a good pickle.  A lot of people came thru while I was eating so they obviously have a decent following.  Not a bad little sandwich shop for the area.  I am from out of town so it did the job for a quick lunch break between appointments. More...


Susanna K.

24 September 2016

The STP is always great, but today I tried this location's special, the Blazin' Pacer. It's delicious, with a unique peppery hot sauce.


Erica Nichols

12 September 2016

The food was delicious and the staff was super friendly. My family and I just moved here from Kentucky and the staff made us feel at home! Would definitely come again!


Shift Lead

11 August 2016

My time spent at this company was well worth every long day I put into it. I loved the management team who worked closely with us.


Sandra White

3 August 2016

My Wife's Salad is the bomb! I have had it several times and it has been awesome every time!!


Daniel Ringler

28 July 2016

My Fiancé and I come here Every Thursday for lunch. The service has never been shy of perfect and our food is always great. Keep up the good work guys.


Brent N Meredith Fulton

8 June 2016

Just got the My Wife's Salad Bowl with the formula 45 dressing an it was AMAZZINNGGG !!! will definitely be my new spot for lunch


Mason R.

6 June 2016

Just last week, my great-uncle called me en route to Greenville on a business trip. He asked if I had any suggestions on places to eat while in town. As a sixteen-year resident of this lovely city, I felt well equipped to answer the question. I rapidly shuffled through the hundreds of restaurants in my inventory: the country road barbecue joints, the local hotspots, the best pizzerias. Then I remembered the deli that stole my heart. I told my Uncle Jamie, "You have to eat at Groucho's." And lucky for him, Uncle Jamie did eat at Groucho's. In fact, Uncle Jamie ate Groucho's for lunch and dinner for the entire trip. Groucho's isn't just a sandwich shop.  It is the best sandwich shop in the Palmetto State (plus the forty-nine others).  The staff functions like a well-oiled machine, but with the southern hospitality you just can't get anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon. Every single day since I have started working downtown, I have left my office at the same time, walked the same two blocks, and eaten the same sandwich at my favorite restaurant. Groucho's always has a crowd, but there's never a wait. My drink is never empty and tables are always clean. Either the wait staff sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for perfect efficiency, or they truly are the most talented and hard-working group of young ladies in existence.  From Ant in the kitchen to Emily, my daily waitress, there isn't a single employee that doesn't take seriously the satisfaction of each and every customer. Groucho's--hats off to all of you. You are the driven men and women that keep my faith in this country alive. More...


Dana R.

1 June 2016

Ok I am going to review this joint as if this was the first time I have ever ate a sandwich. I got the brown moose which is roast beef lettuce cheese on seeded keiser roll. It served with chips and their signature dipping sauce which is almost like 1000 island. The beef has good flavor and very chewable not tough and the bun was soft and the sauce worked well with the sandwich. The place resides in what use to be bar so with its college decor it looks like a college pub. Theur style of sandwiches are not the way I like sandwiches, but they tasted good. More...


Michael Dale Couch

3 April 2016

It's Great all around. Great service and the food well come in and try it for yourself..


Dick T.

28 March 2016

STP dipper is one of the best things to get. They've mastered the melted cheese sandwich but I wouldn't say they have any more variety or flavor than a firehouse subs. Could definitely be improved with hot sauce. Price is reasonable and sides are limited. But they have the good chopped ice. That is all. More...


Julie Levans Campbell

10 February 2016

Groucho's is the best deli in Greenville! Be sure to get an STP dipper!


AliciaJason Underwood

9 January 2016

I tried for the first time when work bought dinner for us, absolutely loved it....i had a turkey on wheat, chips and cookie.. The sauce that comes with it , I want a whole jar..that good More...


K D.

6 January 2016

Awesome small business in Aiken, SC. We get delivery for our group every time we are in town.  The food is delicious but the service and quality is what sets this establishment apart!! Good place to support! The Formula 45 sauce is pretty fun too! Good portions at a fair price. You won't regret giving Grouchos a try!! More...


Tammy Wyatt

11 November 2015

Love love love, great food quick service and I have enjoyed meals at every visit. Eaten at 3 locations so far.


Jinny Pizzuti Wilson

9 November 2015

The food is delicious, the music is awesome, the art is local, the staff is friendly and Adam is a great host. Each time I go, I'm reminded of my early teen years hanging at the original Groucho's in Five Points. Love this place.


Todd Pittman

6 November 2015

Great food and fast service! My favorite sandwich is the Ruben.


Eric Gilliam

5 November 2015

Groucho's Deli has the best BLT club I have ever had


Kimberly Duncan

5 November 2015

Great place. Great food. I eat here at least once a week, and I'm crazy for the My Wife's Salad. Adam runs a tight ship. Customer service is always excellent. Love. Love. LOVE. More...


Cyndy Simpkins

25 October 2015

Good food, great service! Would eat there again and again.


Tasha Jones

24 October 2015

Great place love the "My wife" salad but they should but 2 dressing add instead of charging you for an extra dressing the salad is too big for just one dressing!!!!!!!


Chris Covington

22 October 2015

Food and service was excellent! Would recommend to anyone looking for a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with great service and food.


Hope D.

15 October 2015

My daughter took me here for lunch and i never knew this place was here. I loved it i had the broccoli soup and grilled cheese sandwich and it came with chips dipping sauce and a pickle. It was delicious and i also had sweet tea which also was very good. Can't wait to eat here again. Highly recommend. More...


Missy Shook

14 October 2015

i love the marinted roast beef!! it was delicious. the 2 ladies were super nice as well!! thanks 4 a great 1st visit. i will be back.


Drew L.

6 October 2015

I would have never located this place without the recommendation from a friend. I am not the biggest fan of sandwich shops so I usually have to rely on the advice of others when choosing a place. This was a great find. It is actually a small chain but it has the feel and attitude of a small, locally owned business. For me, that means great service and a level of engagement by the staff that tells me I am not just a number on the bottom of my register receipt.We went for lunch and the place was packed inside as well as at the drive-thru. Nobody seemed to be waiting very long for anything here. The food came out quickly and was some of the freshest deli I have had in quite awhile. There is certainly nothing local (sandwich shop) that I have had so far that surpasses the sandwich I had here. I ordered the White Moose and my co-diner had the Big Dipper. We both loved our choices. Every ingredient on each sandwich was fresh and the flavors we pretty much perfection. This was one of those dining experiences where I just ignored my usual calorie-carb issues and enjoyed life. It was worth it. p.s. Do yourself a favor and try the Salted Caramel Brownie. It's one of the reasons God created the gym. More...


Leslie Warner-Maloney

5 October 2015

We love the sandwiches and the special sauce!! We go there every time when we are in Pawleys Island


Cyndi Lou

1 October 2015

Groucho's salad was great!!! Greenville location was so helpful.


Linda Colvin

29 September 2015

I had the turkey Reuben. It was delicious ! Love the downtown location !


Whitney Martin

21 September 2015

I have had many wonderful experiences at Groucho's in PI! The people are always friendly and service is fast! :)


Charles M.

11 August 2015

I've gone here about once a week for the past 2 years.  Food was is always on point and service is friendly and attentive.  They can fall behind at times during the lunch hour rush. More...


Melissa Custeau Crooks Murphy

27 July 2015

Omg!!! Great food, great staff and great service!!! And the best sweet tea!!! ♡♡♡


Terri Rizzi Engel

26 July 2015

Fabulous food and great service! Always friendly staff!


Anna P.

9 July 2015

Great food, friendly service. I got the low fat turkey international. It's very good, however the side options are limited and people either love or hate the potato salad. Food came out quickly. Excellent tea! More...


Kristin Eubanks

10 June 2015

Soo good. Awesome service as well!


Tripp C.

6 June 2015

Great sandwiches and friendly staff. Service was a little slow for the lunch rush. They did not have enough staff but where advertising for new wait staff. The club sandwich was great. The bacon was full of flavor and crispy. The pickle was crisp and tasty as well. Looking at forward to my next visit More...


Joseph F.

12 May 2015

Stopped in today after walking Main St. and exploring downtown Greenville.  The first impression of Groucho's was great.  They've got an amazing brick and mortar building with some old school classic hardwood floors.  There are two dining areas, one nothing but tables and the other with tables and the bar.  Our waitress was very helpful in helping us figure out what we should order.  I ordered the Apollo dipper: fat sub roll with hot ham, turkey and Swiss cheese. Damn that was a really tasty sandwich and just the right size for a lunch.  It came with a dipping sauce called Formula 45 sauce which was a herb blend of spicy Russian and thousand island. it paired perfectly with the sandwich, and the glutton that I am finished it with the chips and pickle spear that same with the sandwich, all for $6.59.  Great jobs Groucho's!!  A blessing and a curse that there isn't one in the DFW area because this place would be a staple for sure. More...


Candice Dotson

20 April 2015

Loving the Apollo Dipper! The place is amazing with its atmosphere and well priced food.


Jeanne Jackson

14 April 2015

I loved it! Reminds me of home! Great service! I pulled out another buck for the tip!


Food prep and sandwich maker

6 December 2014

proficient environmentgood foodhelpful coworkers.good management.


Melissa E.

19 November 2014

I had the chef salad for the first time tonight. It was very filling. I ate half before I went to bible study. I tried to eat the rest when I got back, but it was too much meat left. It was delicious! I would definitely go back for another one! I did pick up a menu and my son wants to try the tuna melt! We may have found a new place to eat on a regular!!! More...


Recia Reavis

1 October 2014

Freshest best sandwiches I ever had! We go at least 1 time a week!


Kayleigh D.

6 September 2014

Groucho's is literally the best restaurant in the world. I used to go weekly in Columbia and now I live in Atlanta and make sure to go by one every time I can! The STP dipper and formula 45 sauce is heavenly! Doesn't get any better than Groucho's! More...



2 September 2014

Clean place with super helpful staff.. My wife and i have eaten here several times and have always had good service and good food. The negative reviews are surprising to us both, to say the least. Please go and see for yourself. We find the staff to be hard workers and wanting you to enjoy your visit. The food is different from other Aiken sandwich shops and well worth the effort to find it. More...


Angela Carter

13 August 2014

Great food and great Service! !


Ashley Poirier

10 August 2014

Love this place.


Coty M.

6 August 2014

Found Groucho's while on vacation in Pawleys Island. Did not even know that there was one in Greenville until the waiter told us. So they definitely need to advertise. The food is outstanding. The hot subs are amazing, as are the brownies. The homemade ranch is to die for. It's one (if not the) best ranch sauces I have ever tasted. More...


Ashley W.

15 July 2014

Right by my work, super convenient!  One of my favorite sandwich shops!  Call in orders are quick and price is average compared to surrounding sandwich shops/delis.


Stacy Powell Pope

1 July 2014

Love, love, love!


Troy Lottchea

25 June 2014

Great place to get a sub and admire some local artwork.


Shawn Lambeth

18 June 2014

The moose


Bobbie Jo Brooks Ricks

13 June 2014

Great Food, Friendly Service!



4 June 2014

I really enjoy this place, as it is conveniently located and offers what I consider a unique sub-shop experience in Aiken.  I've always received quick service and friendly attitudes from the staff and the place is always clean.For a town the size of Aiken, we have more than our share of sub-shops (Subway, Firehouse, Quiznos, Blimpies, Which Wich, and on and on...lol), Groucho's has a unique formula with it's Apollo, STP, and Big Dippers leading the way, their menu is quite different from the average sub-shop.  I have tried all of the Dippers and can't say I have a favorite but the Big Dipper is a meat and cheese lover's dream sub!Their dipping sauce is great...can't say I've had anything like it at any other sub-shop I've been to.  The prices are very reasonable and the sandwiches are more than a meal for lunch.  Plus, the pickles and chips come with the meal (unlike Jimmy John's who charges extra for the pickle!).  They have a bunch of other items on the menu, like deli and specialty sandwiches, salads, kids' meals, low-cal items and other things I haven't tried (so I can't review them); but their 'big 3' Dippers are good enough for me! More...


Wendi Eaton Nantz

30 April 2014

My favorite place for sandwich love their BLT and the turkey club and the 45 sauce


Kim Milton Massey

29 March 2014

Our favorite lunch spot in Statesville. Fabulous food & service. We've never had a bad meal here. I highly recommend!! And the cookies are yummy too.


Ashley Stevenson

14 March 2014

I love the STP dipper and my wife's salad bowl with 45 sauce! The staff is always wonderful to work with for events if you need large orders and have yummy cookies! Thanks Brandon and Cindy!


Bruce Moore

27 January 2014

Brown Moose!


Jaclyn D.

29 July 2013

I love Goucho's, having always gone in Columbia during college, and was thrilled when they came to Greenville. Always get the cole special. Hubby gets the STP. They even have good soda because they use "baseball" ice. Same yumminess in Greenville. More...


Jody S.

29 July 2013

Love Love Love the Apollo!  I'm so glad I work at Aiken Regional and its so convenient to stop by.  Friendly staff.  Have always had a good experience.


Melencia J.

13 July 2013

They have a loyalty card now! I usually get the White Moose, but their chicken salad is pretty good too.


Anna S.

2 July 2013

We stopped by here on our way to Myrtle Beach. I called ahead for our order so we didn't have to wait She told me 20 minutes. When we got there we gave them a little extra time by using the restroom. When we were done I went to get our order. The girl couldn't find it. she was looking on every note pad drawer and counter. She finally found it and put the order in. She told me it would be a few minutes. 10 minutes later the order was ready. She apologized for out order because the computer was messed up. The sandwiches' are always great there but a little organization might help. More...


Emilie W.

29 April 2013

I loved going here in Columbia when I was in college.  I always get the STP.  Great cheap lunch with quick service.  Crushed ice a plus as well ;)


Anna B.

10 August 2012

Such a guilty pleasure. I lived in Columbia for years and Groucho's was always a staple - good for a casual dinner, hungover weekend afternoons, and even business lunches. I was happy to see that they had made the jump to the Greenville market.Definitely get the brown moose (roast beef and melted cheese, dipped in their addictingly-good special sauce). The ice there is exceptional, so make sure you refill your drink as you're walking out of the door.Only complaint about the Greenville restaurant is that they could use some major publicity- I've talked to multiple people who had no idea there was now a Groucho's in town. Perhaps they should put their name on the plain black awning outside? Would certainly help their visibility. More...


Gloria S.

1 July 2012

Traveling with dogs? Perfect quick stop, order healthy food, eat outside with your furry babies.Vegetarian options, nice staff.


Dj D.Souff

19 April 2012

Best Sandwiches in the world Craig...the world!


Catherine A.

14 December 2011

Cheap, historic, and FAST! Locals autographs cover the old ivory walls; located downtown Spartanburg near other boutiques & Wild Wings Cafe...great value for food quality & price. I ordered turkey & cheese, melted...nothing else. They looked at me like i was crazy. Received the food and custom Groucho's chips within minutes and devoured it even faster than it was put in front of me. I ordered a pretty boring option but it was quite tasty. Fresh meat melted on simple bread in a red plastic basket. They must have known I was from Atlanta; I ordered, ate and left quickly. $6.99 is their average price...I left a $10 tip - great establishment and friendly service..she told totally deserved it. More...


Katherine M.

28 November 2011

Great sandwiches and good service. Definitely worth the drive off the highway to get away from fast food. Would definitely go again.


Elwood S.

1 November 2011

This place is amazing! First of all----most important part is that it has a great owner and sunday staff. We called in to say we were 20 minutes away and we had 30 people coming to eat. We were told, thanks for the call and they will make it work. When we got to the restaurant, only two people were working (and they were working hard). Within 10 minutes of being seated---3 more people came in to help, including the owner. Secondly, the menu and food is not like your common sub or sandwich restaurants. If you are visiting Florence, you need to try Groucho's. Food was perfect size, great taste, and the staff do a good job of fixing you up with what you like. The FORMULA 45 is simple and excellent!We will continue to go back to this restaurant, and we appreciate how great the food is and how wonderful the service was. Thank you for a great experience! More...


Jeff S.

11 August 2011

Wow, what a pleasant surprise.  We stopped by this deli while on a road trip.  It's a few miles off I-95 with a little bit of traffic, but WORTH IT!  The prices are VERY reasonable and the sandwiches were delicious.  I got the Brown Moose and the Formula 45 dressing made it unbelievably good.  We sat outside on the sidewalk patio and the waitress brought our puppy a bowl of water. The place, although it's a small chain, seems to have some history-opened in 1941.  I recommend it for a quick lunch. More...


Rach G.

19 June 2011

Really great place to stop on way to the beach! Went with my grandparents and there is something for everyone! The "formula 45" dip is awesome! I could eat it on cardboard. Daily specials on sandwiches. Try the Apollo dipper. Really nice waitress. Seems to be a very friendly place! I'd make this a regular lunch stop if I lived close. More...


Tim C.

23 April 2011

Great little deli. We stopped down there on our way to Florida. Food was great, service was great. Definitely a nice break from the typical fast food you find along 95.


Kevin T.

2 November 2009

Really tasty sandwiches and salads. Dip your sandwich and chips in the 45 sauce; its great! Service is decent and friendly. Roast beef was a little more rare than I like, but to each his own. Everything else I have had there has been super. To add on to AMD's review, Trip is a Florence native who graduated from West Florence High. Its good to see natives starting successful local business; especially with all the chain restaurants out there. Would have been a 5 review if they had more on the menu besides sandwiches and salads. More...


Ann Marie D.

6 September 2009

YAY!!! Groucho's in Florence!!!  This is one of three locations in town now thanks to former South Carolina Gamecock Baseball Player, Trip Kelly and his wife.   Now I love Substation II, as they were a staple in my high school diet, but I would choose Groucho's over them any day.  They have great hot sammies, my favorites are the "Dippers".  The service here is pleasant and we did not have to wait to terribly long for our food.   I would recommend people stopping here on their way to the beach! More...